Does Alcohol Affect Pregnancy Tests? Think Carefully About It

Does alcohol affect pregnancy tests?

As a matter of fact, pregnancy tests can be very sensitive, and you certainly have your positive test only some days before the missed period. In the case you have already done one then, the false negative symptom is indeed common. The case here is the test says that you are not pregnant even you might be and your hormone level is not adequate to conclude. How about other factors? Does alcohol affect pregnancy tests? Some people believe that this type of drink may cause the negative result while others do not agree at all. We should look into further details over this concern.

Alcohol May Not Affect Your Pregnancy Test

It is our very first affirmation as alcohol does not involve directly in your chemical reaction which performs when you take your pregnancy test. For this reason, the amount of alcohol presented currently in the women’ body will not take any effect to your final result. So, do not worry much about it.

Alcohol May Affect the Pregnancy (the Syndrome of Fetal Alcohol)

Well, it might be true that this type of drink is not recommended for all pregnant women. Although alcohol may not affect the pregnancy test, you should not continue to use alcohol regularly since you discover about your unborn baby. Drinking alcohol during pregnancy is not a good habit. And if you do, try to remove it or reduce the daily amount as soon as possible. In fact, Alcohol intake while pregnant may affect the pregnancy in some ways, such as:

  • Learning Disabilities
  • The Syndrome of Fetal Alcohol
  • Low Weight of The Baby
  • Premature labor

And so on…

Common Factors Affecting the Pregnancy Test

  • If you currently use a medicine related to your hCG hormone.
  • Taking Pregnancy test extremely early, i.e. before your missing period.
  • In the case you do not perform the test according to the described instruction.
  • If your hCG level was too low.

Homemade Pregnancy Test That Works

If you understand the way, your pregnancy test actually works then you will not doubt about this problem. A pregnancy test with household items which require the urine sample in order to determine your current status is accurately checking a particular pregnancy chemical directly in the urine.

This pregnancy chemical is the hormone which was produced by the women’s body when there is at least one fertilized egg inside. This hormone can be medically understood as hCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Our body can start producing such hormone right after one of our eggs fertilizes. hCG amount can double after each two to three days. All accurate homemade pregnancy test may react with it and produce the different colors according to used chemical in your pregnancy test.

You should perform your pregnancy test on the morning of your first day of the missed period. It is considered the best time as urine sample at that period have the highest hCG level. In several cases, it is possible that the level of this hormone is insufficient to produce an accurate result. So, you need to consult with the doctor about this issue. Overall, a sample taken in the early morning might improve your chances of knowing the correct pregnancy test, as urine can be often more concentrated.


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