Should You Try Apple Cider Vinegar While Pregnant?

There are lots of things pregnant women need to care about, such as prevent indigestion, control blood sugar, control cholesterol, improve bone health, or relieve arthritis pain, etc. However, it is right or not to use apple cider vinegar while pregnant, that is not an easy answer. Let’s read this article to know more about this concern.

What is Apple Cider Vinegar?

It is sold on the market with two types, the pasteurized apple cider vinegar, and the unpasteurized apple cider vinegar. Both these kinds are made of cider or apple. And because it is a product of apples then it can be believed to be much sensitive for HCG hormone of women, why is that?

Can I Drink Apple Cider Vinegar While Pregnant?

I remember one of my colleagues has shared her wondering about “does apple juice make a pregnancy test positive?” I totally have no idea about that. And she shows me the experiment that she dips the pregnancy test to apple juice. And how surprised it is! The result comes out with the fake positive one on the pregnancy test.

Do you believe that? As a matter of fact, the pregnancy test (include homemade pregnancy test) works basing on the finding whether HCG hormone exists in urine. Then, no one knows how in some ways this test collaborates with the apple juice. You can try once and make your April Day Joke as the most fun you can get with your boyfriend. I make sure that he will be totally knocked out by this joke on that day.

Now you understand why many people wonder about apple cider vinegar during pregnancy, don’t you? Moreover, the pregnancy can be considered as the most unforgettable period in the whole life of any women.

Is It Good to Drink Apple Cider Vinegar When Pregnant?

If you are pregnant, your taste may totally change to a strange eating habit style. You can feel hungry at any time and how lucky it is if you find out your favorite food in time. You would also starve something that you have never thought you could eat before. You may feel a craving for something sour like lemons, raw passion fruits, while other pregnant want to escape from these and suddenly love the stinking of seafood. Apple cider vinegar, therefore, can also be one of the favorable eating and never be forgotten in the shopping trolley of the pregnant.

Even there is no much evidence to show that apple cider vinegar is harmful to the pregnant, or no one suggests you should keep off it during pregnancy. For this reason, it will be better if you consult the doctor instead of the recommendation from your friends or your family.

Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy

Typical advantages

Addition to the pros of apple cider vinegar that I have posted in the past such as providing relief from obesity, skin diseases, osteoarthritis, other chronic illnesses, etc.  By consuming apple cider vinegar during pregnancy, the women can gain many other benefits as analyzed below.

Giving birth to smarter babies

According to a country doctor, Dr. D.C. Jarvis, as he highlighted in his book named Folk Medicine: “the pregnant women who drink apple cider vinegar every single day will give the children born with a great chemical pattern. They will adapt faster to the changes of the environment condition”. Moreover, many women who experienced at least twice the time of pregnancy share that you would totally get rid of the biggest problem that almost expectant mothers get if you drink apple cider vinegar every day. Such issue was called the morning sickness. They also talk about the benefit of apple cider vinegar in restricting the development of bacteria, or the infections of urinary will be stopped too.

Release the symptom of a heart attack

Also, when the baby grows that means the mother tract has to stand an increasing pressure, that is the reason for the symptom of heartburn makes the mother tired. However, using apple cider vinegar, these symptoms will indeed be released, that sounds imaging isn’t it? In some recent researches, they nearly reach the conclusion that apple cider vinegar plays an important role to neutralize the glucose levels in the blood and the equilibrium of the body. Furthermore, the breath will be more normal, and the sleep is more peaceful than usual. Moreover, thank apple cider vinegar, the acne caused by the changes of hormone is also adequately cured, the swelling of the veins or hands or feet during pregnancy is reduced significantly, the circulation of blood works better.

Disadvantages Of Apple Cider Vinegar During Pregnancy

Even there are so many benefits of apple cider vinegar, is it entirely right for this type of drink to go well with women during pregnancy? In fact, it is evident that the unpasteurized foods are truly unsafe for pregnant.

Apple cider vinegar combines with several medicines will make the level of potassium lower. This type of drink can reduce the effectiveness of other medications. In some circumstances, it is harmful to both mother and baby. It is known with a highly acidic level causing the tooth enamel eroded.

Personal Recommendation

As you know, while some kinds of food are known to be healthy, sometimes they also attach with the unexpected results. Particularly, when you are pregnant, it should be taken with caution. Then, to be safe, let go to see your doctor and follow his/her advice, don’t do what others tell you. You should remember that “no one fits all,” so what suits with someone may not suit you. Only your doctor is the person knowing exactly your medical and hospital history and what the best for your health condition is. The risks of apple cider vinegar mentioned above could not apply for you, but with much more its volume you drink every day, it can be another story. Now let choose the safer pasteurized version first. Then, ask your doctor for the appropriate quantity of apple cider vinegar while pregnant you should take.


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