Does Apple Juice Make a Pregnancy Test Positive?

Does apple juice make a pregnancy test positive?

A pregnancy test with household items is considered less reliable than that taken in other types of place. After going through many website results and pages, you may see some speculation under the possibility which certain liquids can cause the false positive. This fact made me extremely curious about “Does apple juice make a pregnancy test positive?” Simply do a small experiment yourself to check if this type of drink can yield a potential false result.

What People Think

Scientifically, your pregnancy test is only positive if the hormone named hCG presents in your urine. As far as I know, a popular Facebook forum sought to assist women to try with some substantial ways in order to trick their pregnant test by turning it positive. Scores of some people gave accurate accounts of the way they dipped the pregnancy tests right into their apple juices. The strip may turn positive by dipping in the urine, giving your life lease to all women requiring to tell a lie of being pregnant.

Does Apple Juice Make a Pregnancy Test Positive?

The mechanism of a pregnancy test is that it will turn positive if your hCG hormones were already registered in your urine or some other fashions and forms. However, this hormone need to exist there and apple juice seems not to own any hCG inside, following my own knowledge.

As a matter of fact, lots of women dip their pregnancy test into their apple juices and the strip turn positive. After giving other juices a try, you may see that it actually works. Even though drinking these juices may not change its verdict on a pregnancy test, you will see a surprising outcome by dipping your result directly into them. As pregnancy can be your superb gift, you can contend that using one trick positive test is somehow cowardly.

Three Common Ways to Turn Your Pregnancy Test Positive

The main purpose of Pregnancy tests is to distinguish your pregnancy hormone named hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. If you are pregnant, the body creates it and your tests will lift this hormone up. In the case you want to have a positive result of your home pregnancy test or pull the prank on some people in the April Day Joke; there are some ways you may do this. However, it is indeed hard for you by not knowing the way to make your regular result of a pregnancy test positive, but others figured out. Here are three simple yet efficient ways to do this:

Let Your Test Set

Your pregnancy test usually contains some evaporation lines which sit next to its’ positive lines. By the time your test starts drying out, its evaporation lines are darker as well as look like a positive test. Allow it to sit for at least two days before drying out. Its evaporation lines may show up while it is dry. However, you should do a prank quickly because they tend to fade.

Test During the Period

As a matter of fact, blood can contaminate your pregnancy test as well as give your reading of “false positive”. Try testing whenever you are in the middle of your period.

Utilize an Expired pregnancy Test

Nowadays, many people complained about using an expired pregnancy test then, received a result of false positive. This situation scared them as such test result made they thought of being pregnant unexpectedly. You can utilize this tactic if you are trying to have a false positive test result. As you cannot buy an expired test directly at any store, you should ask around in order to check whether your friends keep any of their old tests.


Until now, no medical research or fact has been noted to the concern of “Does apple juice make a pregnancy test positive,” so it worked for some women who did it and said that. Nonetheless, you may see that many pregnancy tests were read “false positive” and “false negative” for some reasons. In the case, you are thinking of the way to turn a test positive, try out these suggested ways. Only ensure such lie is thoroughly considered then, your goals will not hurt anyone before attempting them.


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