Back Pain During Pregnancy: 2 Causes, 4 Remedies & 5 Signs

back pain during pregnancy

Are your pregnant? And are you suffering back pain? Pregnancy is about every happy and discomfort thing. One of them – back pain during pregnancy is one of the annoying discomfort you may suffer. Here are 2 causes of back pain, 4 remedies to ease the pain and 5 signs to know when to seek for doctor.

How Common Is Back Pain During Pregnancy?

Why did I say “may” at the beginning of this article? The US National Library of Medicine has given out the fact that 50% of pregnant women suffer from low back pain. If you have history of back pain, your chance of getting this while pregnant is super high. So, while not pleasant, back pain in pregnancy is completely normal.

When will you suffer back pain while pregnant? Pregnancy related backache usually begins between the 20th and the 28th week of gestation. You may feel achy in your lower back, which could be around the lumbar vertebrae or somewhere lower than that – posterior pelvic area.

2 Main Causes of Back Pain During Pregnancy

There are many factors leading to lower back pain in pregnancy (the normal one I mean). But there are two obvious main causes (which make the pain common and normal):

  • Additional weight: Your spine has to support the weight of your growing uterus. So, sharp back pain is inevitable. Moreover, blood vessels and nerves in the pelvis and back gain more pressure. Therefore, the pain can become sharper.
  • Hormones increasing: For birth preparation, it happens to loosen your joints and relax the ligaments in the pelvic area. This process brings instability. As a result, your back is expected to get pain.

Above are just the two main reasons. Posture changes and stress are also worth to blame. But not in all cases is pregnancy the cause for severe ache in back. Sciatica, for example, would have come whether you are pregnant or not.

4 Remedies to Ease Back Pain in Pregnancy

Are you feeling relieved now? Rest assure, the pain you’re suffering is not something abnormal. But, it’s still a discomfort we can’t ignore. Here are 4 useful remedies to ease your back:

#1 Mind your posture

It’s time to get rid of some daily habits and discipline your body. Good posture really matters. Your spine will become more bearable and stable, which certainly helps ease the backache.

  • Sit up and stand up straight with your shoulders back. The less slumped you are, the less your back area gets hurt. Because more room is created, your back is easier to “breathe”.
  • Get up and take a short walk after sitting for a while. Setting yourself stable for too long just worsen your problem.
  • Sleep on your left side if your pain is in your right low back area. Also, avoid sleeping on your back. If not, back soreness will be aggravated due to your body weight.

#2 Stretch the body

When experiencing pain, you are easily enticed to rest. Well I tell you “Don’t”. Any exercise is better than none. Low-impact stretching movements help decrease muscle spasm and restore improved spinal function, resulting in decreased pain. Other pregnant pains, such as rib pain or breast pain, can also get great relief. Try these:

  • Take a walk. Even a 10 minute walk at lunch time is beneficial.
  • Take five large breaths in and out. Imagine every part of your lung expanding and filling, and each and every joint on your spine opening.
  • Rest on your hands and knees with your head in line with your back. Pull in your stomach, rounding your back slightly. Keep your pull-in time for about 10 seconds without holding your breath. Then relax your stomach slowly and repeat more 9 times.
  • Join yoga class if you can. Remember to tell your instructor everything about your health status. Your pregnant stage and your painful areas are normally required.

#3 Soothe the muscles

Perfect way for making back pain occurs less often and milder! Let me tell you some good measures.

  • Get a massage. Ask your husband or midwife to gently rub or knead your back while lying on your side. You are about to enjoy backache relief and relaxation. If you can, a professional trained massage is the best.
  • Don’t be so afraid of very thin needles inserted into your back area. Find a well-trained practitioner to prevent risks of side effects.
  • Apply hot or cold compression packs. This tip is no doubt for short-term relief in back pain. You can buy these from your local pharmacy. Or a hot water bottle will work just as well.
  • Try aromatherapy. Relaxing in a warm bath with no more than two or three drops of lavender oressential oil (like tangerine or neroli). This may help to ease the muscle.

#4 Use supportive products

How can you forget pregnancy products! Such little things can help ease the discomfort of lower back pain in pregnancy. Here are some you can’t live without:

  • Maternity pillows. A body pillow, for sure, is always needed. Do buy other kind of pillows that works to you. For me, a leachco back n’belly pillow is the best. It gives such appreciated support for your back area. Try asking other pregnant moms. They love it!
  • A pregnant belly belt.
  • I would buy it instantly if I were you. Actually, I did! Light, small but able to provide almost instant alleviation. It’s super wonderful for your back, and for moving around with a weighty belly.

5 Signs When to Seek Doctor

In some cases, back pain while pregnant can be worse. You will need further medications than above remedies. Call your doctor immediately when your back pain:

  • Is intense and constant. It may be diagnosed as a result of trauma.
  • Spreads down one or both legs, especially if the pain extends below your knee
  • Occurs with vaginal bleeding or uterine tightening. It’s usually recognized when you pee.
  • Occurs with a fever.
  • Causes new bowel or bladder control problems such as lack of control over urination.

In conclusion

Keep in mind that you’re not suffering alone. Back pain during pregnancy is definitely a source of distress. But tips are always beside you. I believe with what I’ve shared, you are about to enjoy a healthy pregnant period. Though it’s expected with challenges, your happiness can outweigh all other things.


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