Which is the best bottle warmer in 2017? Complete Reviews & Guide

There is no replacement for originality. With technology, we have always come very close to reproducing the original version of different naturally occurring products. Overtime, mothers have made their jobs easier by having baby sitters look after their babies while they go on about other businesses and have handled the breastfeeding part by storing them in bottles.

However, one of the most important features of the breast milk is keeping it warm, and there is no other way than to use the bottle warmer for breastmilk. This article will guide you through the tips you need to know about the bottle warmer for your baby’s breastmilk.

Top 5 Best Baby Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk Reviews

1. Cuisinart BFM-1000 Baby Food Maker and Bottle Warmer

This brand also features a food maker apart from the baby warmer. The baby warmer is just as efficient as others can be, with an addition of the extra accessory. It features the following pros and cons.

  • Its portability makes it a less burdensome travel companion.
  • The food maker is of state of the art quality featuring an efficient steamer, a powerful motor for precise chopping bottle adapter ring, a spatula, an integrated measuring cup and
  • It comes with an 18-month warranty.
  • The food-making feature is the main feature and there is not many specifications in the warmer.
  • It is more expensive than other basic food warmers.

2. Kiinde Kozii Bottle Warmer and Breast Milk Warmer

The Kiinde Kozii brand features the water bath technology that allows a high-speed warming using a low temperature that is safe for breastmilk and a built-in timer to prevent overheating. The other pros and cons featured in the product include:

  • Safe and Easier Warming – The SAFEheat technology warms the content of the flask and keeps it at a temperature that is not detrimental to the nutritional health of the breastmilk. This gives it an edge over other conventional warmers as it works according to CDC and USDA guidance
  • Universal Warming Chamber – It consists of a chamber that is accommodating to most sizes of the baby bottle, storage bag, food jars glass or any container
  • Timer Included – It includes a timer with a simple interface that lets you know how much time you have before the meal is ready. It also allows you set the desired warming time which stops the warming completely the when the time is up. This helps to reduce the chance of overheating even if the bottle is still in the warmer.
  • It has a long lasting water reservoir that does not require you to top up after each use.
  • The warmer is not very portable.
  • Recent complains from customer reviews have shown many faulty purchases.

3. Tommee Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer

The Tomme Tippee Travel Bottle and Food Warmer is a portable and convenient food warmer that helps to store hot water you need to heat breastmilk and other baby’s food when you need it. This thermal flask keeps your baby’s food and water warm without any external warming source.

  • Easy to use – The product is easy to use as you can get the baby’s breastmilk warm in just three simple steps.
  • Holds the temperature for long - The bottle warmer keeps the water warm for a very long time without any external warming source.
  • Safe to use – The baby warmer is BPA-free so it is safe to use.
  • Portable – The food warmer is portable and convenient to use which is great when going on picnics and travels.
  • Does not require Electricity – It is a food warmer that does not require electricity or any external warming source for it to work. This means you can use it anywhere and anytime of your choice.
  • The warmer is bulky and heavy.
  • Some find the product’s design poor and causes leakage.
  • It requires extreme care during use as it might cause burns.

4. The First Years Quick Serve Bottle Warmer

This bestseller compact bottle warmer heats baby food bottles in minutes. Its effectiveness is not limited to the warming feature as it also sanitizes pacifiers in its basket. It includes a measuring vial that helps to anticipate warming duration with an alarm component to alert you.

  • Easy to use – The warmer is not so complicated that it needs you to read the instructions on the pamphlet every time you want to use it.
  • Fast Warming – The Quick serve brand warms baby food and breast milk in just a few minutes.
  • Works with different sizes of bottles – No matter the size or type of bottle you have, the First Years Quick Serve works with it. A warmer’s versatile capacity is very important.
  • Regulator - The product comes with an auto shut-off feature for added safety, which reduces the risk of overheating.
  • Even distribution of heat - The safe steam heat helps eliminate the formation of hotspot and even distribution of heat around the flask.
  • Reviews have shown that the heating technology in the warmer gets faulty occasionally.
  • Bottle not included.

5. Philips AVENT Bottle Warmer

The Philips brand has been around for a very long while now and they remain very dominant and relevant in the market today because of their unwavering quality service provision. Their motive features a focus on the personal use of innovation and technology for households and not just on a general scale. Their bottle warmer for breastmilk features the following pros and cons.

  • It features a fast and even heating process without any possibility of hotspots, heating 4 ounces of milk in 3 minutes.
  • ​The convenient defrosting setting conveniently defrosts breast milk and other liquid baby food.
  • The bottle warmer is easy to operate with a straightforward instructional manual.
  • This small bottle warmer design is a very portable compact sized travel companion for you and your baby.
  • It works with different containers including food jars, toddler cups as well as the Philips Avent glass baby bottle featured in the purchase.
  • The absence of a timer in the design makes it almost impossible to multitask while warming your baby food to prevent it from overheating.
  • It does not have an on/off switch. To switch it off, you have to unplug it from the socket to turn it off.
  • There is no temperature gauge. If you do not have much experience with bottle warmers, you might overheat your baby food.

Benefits of Bottle Warmers for Baby Breastmilk

It is not very likely that most people ask this question, but it is necessary to reassure you of your decision to buy it. Bottles are for storage, so, it is cool to say that you need them to keep your baby’s breastmilk hygienically stored while you go on about your business.

However, the different storage features featured by the breastmilk bottle warmers for your baby are:

Appropriate Temperature Storage

Warming breastmilk has to be done rightly so to prevent the reduction of the minerals and vitamins in them. Breastmilk is stored at 37°C or 98.6°F to keep it warm and healthy but begins to lose its immunological and nutritional value at 40°C or 114°F.

However, it is almost impossible and time wasting to take note of these figures every time you warm your baby’s breast milk. The best breastmilk warmers for breastmilk take care of this for you.

(Note: Never microwave your baby’s food; neither should you use an unregulated medium like boiling water and the inserting it in)

Safe Storage

Food storage is a very delicate business. Apart from keeping it contained, you also want to be sure that it is safe from germs that might crawl up through the tiny spaces in the covers. Since the bottle warms your baby’s breastmilk, it also operates at a temperature that is intolerable for germs. Therefore, your baby’s health is covered.

In addition, at this temperature, you can be sure that the nutrients needed for your baby’s health is contained and its deterioration speed is minimal.

Considerations for the Best Bottle Warmer for Baby Breastmilk

Considering the fact that your baby’s health is in question here, you need to be sure of the product’s authenticity. However, it is no news that the bottle warmer has to be of good quality, and whatnot, but that is not what the focus of this section.

The various features you need to look out for to get the best out of the warmers include:

Heat Technology

This category deals with the heating speed in relation to the preservation of the breastmilk. Bottle warmers differ in the type of heating technology used in them. However, after interviewing some parents based on this, they had different opinions. There are two major types used today, namely; the water bath and the steam heat technology.

The water Bath: has a water tank that supplies water to the major container of the bottle warmer. It circulates this waterround the warmer as it gets hot and radiates this temperature to it. The process takes a lot of time but it warms the milk at an even temperature and can remain at the best warming temperature for as long as you need because water is a stable medium for heat transfer.

In addition, this gentle warming procedure is best for keeping the breast milk at a high nutritional value.

The Steam Technology: uses air as a medium of heat transfer as the name implies. In this case, however, the heat generated from the steamed water in the reservoir transfers to a heating element, like in electric cookers. The heating element, which is in contact with the bottle warmer, transfers the heating temperature to the bottle.

One major con of this tech is that the heat is hotter at the bottom of the warmer because that is where the generation of heat occurs. Therefore, unlike the water bath, there is no guarantee of an even distribution of heat.

In Addition, before the heat gets to the top of the warmer, the bottom of the flask and its contents is overheated, hence compromising the quality of the breastmilk.

Water Reservoir

Irrespective of the heat technology employed in the warmer you buy, make sure that there is a water reservoir, so that you do not have to get water each time you need to warm your baby’s breastmilk. However, do not forget to change the water occasionally, else, that would just be grossly unhygienic.

Versatile Capacity

For babies, you cannot stick to one accessory for too long, because they require maintenance and in most cases, replacement is a better option. Breastmilk bottles are of different sizes and it is not fair to have to be overly conscious about the size of the bottle you should get on the account of the internal width of your bottle warmer.

Make sure that the warmer is wide enough to contain a particular range of bottles for breastfed babies (or two, conveniently). An oversized one is no good either. Be advised.


Travelling with your baby is not something you can completely avoid while you are a nursing mother even if you are a full homemaker. Daring these occurrences, the most important thing is convenience. The portability of the bottle warmer you buy gives you a better chance at having it with you without having the weight and size of this extra-luggage bother you.

Therefore, as much as you want a larger capacity for other obvious reasons, it has to be portable too for travels and other occasions.

Temperature Regulator and Indicator

The temperature component is responsible for this feature. This component may consist of an auto-off feature and a sound component for alerts. Like in microwaves, the auto-off feature switches the bottle warmer off after a particular period that you have set or a particular temperature. This helps you monitor the breast milk in the warmer while you go about other businesses.

The sound feature can also give you an audible beep at shut off or when it reaches the time or temperature, you have set. These features make yourbaby-sitting job easier as a mom orbaby-sitter.

Ease of Use

As cool as all these features are, they must be easy to use. You should not have to refer to the manual every time you want to use the bottle warmer. Apart from that, it must be easier to clean. None of these might seem as important as the previously explained features, but they just as necessary.

Cost Effective

It is cool for your baby warmer to feature the majority of the above-listed components. However, the best warmer for breast milk will do just that and come at an affordable price too. That defines cost effectiveness.


With the right information, shopping becomes easy. All you have to do is match the details explained here to the information on each product reviewed and choose the one that suits you. It may take a few tries to get it right, but any of these reviewed products would do you justice.


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