Best Bottles for Breastfed Babies: A Buyer’s Guide in 2017

Bottle for breastfed baby is among the baby’s gear that every mom needs to have as they want to move from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. Plus, today there are more moms choose bottle feeding from the start as the alternative to the breastfeeding as the way to take back their shape as soon as possible after giving birth to a baby, why the number of sales of bottle feeding is increasing.

However, there are a variety of bottles for breastfed babies out there, and often, all of them are said as the best bottles for breastfed babies, which seems to be overwhelming and confusing for buyers. Plus, like other baby products, buying a bottle feeding also needs to be wise, which means you have to know clearly about the baby bottle. Which one is the right one for your baby at his age and even his favorite?

Therefore, which are things that are so-called “the right and favorite one”? You must keep in mind these things. The bottles that closely mimic the flow, motion and feeling and even the looking of the mommy’s breast are the ones your baby would love. In addition, the prices of the bottles are also the things that many people care about. But the problem is not all the brands will meet all your requirements, in fact, as a human being, you can’t be good at everything, so let’s get help from us with our reviews to get clues, to take considerations and make a wiser choice in the end.

Baby Bottle Comparison Table

Different Types Of Products

Generally, all the bottles look the same in the basic design, which consists of a milk container (bottle body) and a nipple on the top. However, they also come in a variety of capacities, shapes, and the nipples. Some of them will be good at speed of flowing while some others will be easier to hold. Even some are made of the materials that allow you to keep your milk warmer, so to know different types of baby bottles which each type comes with pros and cons is really an important task. Here are 4 common types of bottles for baby.

Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are usually light in weight, so it is easier for your baby to hold it by himself. The bottles made from this type of materials are often inexpensive, which seems to be friendly to the pocket of every mom. Plus, the unbreakable material makes it more preferred by moms and plastic bottles are easily found anywhere. But there probably one thing may bother parents when choosing plastic bottles for their baby, that is whether it is made of BPA plastic? So just go with BPA-free plastic bottles.

Glass Bottles

Glass baby bottle is another popular bottle we can easily see in the stores. It is safer to baby’s health due to BPA-free, but it is heavier than a plastic bottle, which is a little hard for your baby to hold by himself. In addition, the bottles made of this type of material is also easier to be broken, especially when you pour the very hot liquid inside, or pour the hot water as way to kill bacteria inside before using. Plus, as an upside, glass bottles often allow to keep your milk warmer longer.

Stainless Steel Bottle

Stainless steel is a little heavier than plastic but the material is very durable, so you can keep it for a long time without wasting any money to replace another bottles as using glass bottles. Also, the material is safe to baby’s health due to non-BPA. Some of them may come with silicone sleeves which are the same as glass bottles. But as downside thing, stainless steel bottles are often more expensive than glass bottles.

Silicone Bottle

The silicone bottle comes with a lot of nice things that easily fit the requirements of buyers. They are light in weight, non-BPA and shatterproof. But what are those things which make silicone bottle become uncommon products among parents? The answer is they are often very expensive and quite hard to find out in stores.

Top 5 Best Bottles For Breastfeeding Baby

Being good at flow, safety to the baby’s health and good price are the most factors that buyers would give priority when they are looking for the bottles for breastfed baby. And these features also make them become the list of top best-selling products at any sellers.

Therefore the review of top 5 best bottles for breastfed babies will give you the clues for which product you are looking for. From that you can trim down your list of best bottles for breastfeeding baby and make a wiser choice when buying a bottle for your baby. With all the helpful information given to each product, this review will provide you all the best brands and models that most customers currently preferred.

1. Comotomo Baby Bottle

Are you fed up with worrying about BPA may contain in the material of baby bottles? And also you really dislike the material that can be easily broken like glass bottles? Think of Comotomo baby bottle as alternative, both of the bottle body and the nipple of this model is made of 100% safe hygienic medical grade silicone, so you can stop thinking about the harmful chemicals which can affect your baby’s health.

Moreover, the silicone material is well-known for being very durable and flexible and because it is safe in microwave and boiling water, the reheating and sterilized job to the Comotomo becomes very simple and easy. Plus, the wide-neck bottle is also really helpful when you want to put your fingers in for scrubbing with a sponge as cleaning task. Of course, silicone material also makes Comotomo lighter in weight and unbreakable as well, so your baby can hold the milk bottle himself easily.

Comotomo baby bottle is also designed as closely mimic of mummy’s breast, so it can reduce the rejecting nipple for the baby. Unlike other products, thanks to the unique design, Comotomo wouldn’t leak during feeding and the lid on top will be convenient for you to put the bottle in the bag to carry somewhere without leaking. As another upside, the nipple of this model works well for slow flow. Are the mentioned advantages enough to make you trust this product? If your answer is yes, Comotomo offers you two options in sizes which are 150ml and 250 ml and it also comes with two colors.

2. Tommie Tippee Bottle

Tommie tippee bottles are excellent ones for those who are looking for plastic bottles, so what are things of this model really excellent at? The thing that may draw the attention of buyers may be the shape of Tommie tippee bottle, it looks very eye-catching with its nice curve, and easy-holding design, of course, this is just for the moms who buy it not for babies.

In fact, Tommie Tippee is designed to closely mimic the feeling of mummy’s breast, so your baby would definitely be in love with it because he won’t take long time to learn to suck on this new nipple. It is a nice alternative, isn’t it?

And what are else? For those who care about the safety of their baby’s health, Tommie tippee is BPA-free. What about things that it will perform while using? This model comes with a nice vent system which has a small hole in the side of nipple base, so really simple but effective it is! In addition, wide-mouth bottle will allow you to clean inside easier. The material of glass also an upside, when it can keep the bottle warmer longer and reheat by placing in the hot water without worrying the bottle can be melted as well. However, the price is a bit higher than others, which may upset the future buyers.

3. Philips Avent Glass Bottle

As gathering all of the great features a bottle for baby should have, Philips Avent Glass bottle really deserve to be in the top best-selling products for babies, in fact, it has been the best selling product at many sellers for a long time and it will be continuously increasing the number of customers to look for it, so what Philips Avent Glass bottle is excellent for? Firstly, the shape is designed with a slightly curve and longer body, which helps to be easy to hold and have a better grip. The wide-mouth body is a nice thing for help to make it easier cleaning and filling milk inside.

However, the most excellent thing of Philips Avent must be the unique in design of the breast-shaped nipple which is more natural, softer, so your baby wouldn’t feel any big differences from his mother teats. Worrying about the nipple collapse? The unique comfort petals in design make the nipple more flexible and avoid being collapsed in your baby’s mouth. Plus, the nipple also varies in size, for the new-born baby, choose the teat of size 1 but if needing it has slow flow, choose the size 2.

Moreover, this model also comes in standard 4oz and 8 oz, which means more options for different ages of babies, so as your baby grows older, moms will easily switch the bottle sizes or teat sizes from the 4 oz to 8 oz, teats of size 1 or teats or size 2.

4. Dr. Brown's BPA Free Polypropylene Natural Flow Wide Neck Bottle

Dr. Brown's BPA Natural Flow Bottle Newborn Feeding Set won’t definitely make both you and your baby disappointed when experiencing this product. In fact, the Dr.Brown’s bottle is made of Polypropylene for the bottle body and Silicone for the nipple, which means that there are no BPA, PBC, lead and any other harmful chemicals contained in the products, so moms will never worry about the safety of the product. Moreover, with innovative vent technology, the Dr.Brown’s offers a positive pressure flow for vacuum-feeding system called the patented 2-piece internal vent system, which is more preferred for your baby because it is similar to mummy’s breast. Especially, with the design of Dr.Brown’s, it will be minimize the problems that often occur during feeding like colic, spit-up, burping and gas because air can’t get into the formula to cause the oxidation.

For such great features are mentioned above, it wouldn’t be understandable if Dr.Brown’s is the recommended baby product from lactation consultants for breastfeeding moms. And of course, become the best-selling product at sellers like Amazon. However, are these great features enough to make you want to be in love with Dr.Brown’s? The nice things are continuing, the set is included 5 bottles with different sizes – 4oz and 8 oz are available and each bottle will be attached the nipple of size 1 – type of newborn baby, but it also comes with nipple of size 2 as extra. Plus, the bottle also has a lid to cover for preventing from being leaked, so just cover the lid when it isn’t in use. How amazing it is!

5. Playtex Ventaire Bottle

Playtex Ventaire bottle is another baby bottle that deserves to be among of the best bottles for breastfed babies because it offers a lot of great features to users. The first wonderful feature is the unique anti-colic bottom vent technology, this help to prevent the air from getting inside the bottle and keep the air at the back of the bottom while you are holding upside down for feeding your baby, which means that no air mixed with milk and no colic, no spit-up or burping occurs. The shape of nipple is also great for the design, it looks small and closely like a real nipple, so your baby won’t hesitate to accept this fake nipple. Also, now you are happy to know that it is easier to switch your breastfeeding to bottle feeding, right?

What are else? The shape of the bottle is also excellent for its angled design which can support effectively the semi-upright feeding position, and then it allows you to prevent from any ear infections while feeding your baby. Plus, the term “slow flow” may be the thing that most moms are looking for, don’t worry about it, Playtex Ventaire bottle works really well for this task. But does it leak while feeding? No need to worry because Playtex Ventaire is really good at preventing being leaked, even you fill the bottle full of liquid and try to toss it strongly, the leak doesn’t still happens.

Other Recommended Baby Bottles

In fact, each brand of baby bottles comes with pros and cons, but the products that have more advantages than disadvantages will have their ways to achieve their dominant position in the market and also in the heart of customers. Here are 5 other baby bottles that have dominant features for you to choose.

Medela Breastmilk Bottle Set

Medela Breast milk bottle set is the best one for moms who give their baby priority to the breastfeeding because the Medela bottles that can be compatible with the breast pump, so moms can store the milk for the later use. Therefore, just give it a try to experience this set and see that Medela bottle really deserves to be the one of best bottles for breastfeeding.

Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

Going back and forth from breast to bottle is really a struggle for many moms because their baby often rejects the fake nipple of the bottle. To help the mother face this challenge better, Lansinoh Momma Breastmilk bottle is well designed for feeling of “just like mom” when the nipple is made of 100% of silicone. Plus, this bottle is also attached air ventilation system, which can stop air from getting into the bottle, so it also makes sure for the ability of preventing from colic and spit up.

MAM Anti-Colic Bottle

MAM Anti-Colic bottle is good at cleaning task when it is designed with wide neck, so filling the liquid into the bottle or cleaning is easier and quicker. Also, the nipple is made of ultra soft silicone, it gives the baby the feeling of “just like mom”. Plus the nipple also comes with anti-slip texture, which to prevent it from slipping out of the baby’s mouth while feeding. And the Base ventilation system will allow a nice flow, which can reduce the uncomfortable gas bubbles and burps.

Munchkin Latch Baby Bottle

The Munchkin Latch baby bottle is designed for more excellent latch with the nipple can be moved or stretched as the way baby moves his head. The bottle is also attached with a valve which helps to prevent air bubbles and reduce gas, so your baby will say goodbye to colic problem when using this product.

Born Free Breeze Baby Bottle

The Born Free Breeze is a baby bottle that deserves to win an award for the safe product for babies because this model is BPA-free and Lead-free. Especially, the “just like mom” nipple is really ideal for moms who are try to wean their baby from breastfeeding. Moreover, the shape of the bottle is also designed for better hold and grip.

The Baby Bottle’s featurers Moms Must Have

When there are numerous products so-called the best bottles for breastfed babies out there, which is going to make you overwhelmed, that why a buying guide on this topic is really helpful, so what things to consider when looking for a baby bottle?

The nipple – The first thing that you need to consider is the nipple. There are a variety of nipples out there, each brand comes with its own unique design, but keep in mind that, the more similar to the mummy’s nipple look and feeling, the more your baby preferred, and your baby won’t like the firm and large ones.

BPA-free – The second thing which is considered the must-have feature for a baby bottle is the safety of the product to baby’s health, so make sure that the baby bottle you choose is BPA –free. There are a lot of brands offering you this features, just check it carefully.

The durability and flexibility – For those who are looking for the flexible and durable bottles baby, just check the baby bottles which are made of plastic or silicone. These two materials are shatterproof, but keep in mind, silicone is the better and the price is also better, which means a silicone baby bottle would cost a bit more expensive.

Keeping warm – You need a baby bottle for keeping bottle warmer longer? The glass bottle and stainless steel bottle work really well for this. Plus, these types of baby bottle are also easy to reheat, just place the bottle in a warm water, but it might not be a good idea to reheat a glass bottle in the microwave, just don’t do this.

The price – The last thing is about the price of the product. You must know from the beginning that whether you are looking for an affordable baby bottle or the quality is the first requirement you need. If you are a person who always thinks the best way to save money, just search for the plastic bottles as your way, these often comes with the nice prices for you. Those who give the priority to the quality of products, just start your ways with the best-selling and well-known brands for it, check google for help with these key words. Still needing other considerations for a baby bottle? See this video.


As being parents, who always want to bring the best things for your baby, the task of buying a baby bottle is really a challenge and because baby bottles come with a variety of brands, models, and prices, the task of choosing the right one for your baby is really difficult. Knowing how hard this job is, our reviews is aimed to give you close considerations in order to help you make the best choice for a right baby bottle.


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