Complete Reviews for Best Glass Baby Bottles in 2017

Because we can’t be an expert on everything including buying a baby bottle, a lot of parents feel this as a challenge when they don’t have any information for what is so-called the best baby bottles. As a result of poor knowledge of baby products, particularly baby bottles, they bring home a baby bottle that soon sits in the bin or their baby doesn’t accept the bottle. Another point is that the matter is how to choose the best baby bottle for your baby that can minimize all the problems parents have often experienced, and here the glass baby bottles reviews for you, which focus on what features of the best glass baby bottles should have and as recommendation which brand names of baby bottles are currently becoming the best-selling products.


1. Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle

Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle is the first one that should be on your list when deciding to buy a glass bottle for your baby. The Avent bottle is really great for containing BPA-free, so the material is safe for your baby’s health. In addition, the shape is designed with a slightly curve to enhance the better hold and grip. Plus, with wide neck, the bottle will be easy for cleaning both with brushes and sponge, and the filling liquid is quicker as well.

How about the nipple of Avent bottle? The nipple is designed to be wide and breast-shaped for natural latch-on, so your baby would love it as much as his moms, which can help you combine both breastfeeding and bottle feeding easily. Plus, the petals inside the nipple are the smarter design of this model, which gives an extra softness and flexibility and reduce the nipple collapse.

Moreover, the Avent bottle is also excellent for its system with twin anti-colic valves. These valves work as a system to keep air back in the bottle in order to not to get in the baby’s tummy, so your baby is protected from colic and discomfort. You are looking for baby bottles that are compatible with baby accessories like breast pumps or bottle warmer? The good news is the Avent bottle works with all natural bottles and components. For all of those great things it owns why don’t you vote for Philips AVENT Natural Glass Bottle for being the one of best glass baby bottles?

2. Dr. Brown's Natural Flow Standard Glass Bottles

Dr Browns is really a great choice for those who are going back and forth between breastfeeding and bottle feeding. But before giving the best features to prove this fact, let me describe it for you the great things in the Dr Browns’ design.

Firstly, the body bottle is designed as quite longer and smaller shape and somewhat has the classical shape, which is a great feature to support the baby’s tiny hands to hold it better.

Secondly the material is contained no BPA – a harmful chemical often found in many baby bottles. Finally, Dr Browns is made in USA, which can guarantee about the quality of the product.

Back to the mentioned thing above, although many baby bottles are highlighted with “slow flow” nipple, not all of them really prove it and the products often cause baby to choke and cough due to being sucked in too much milk. However, Dr Browns can handle this problem with its perfect design of nipple, so the flow is controlled better for both newborn and older babies.

Moreover, the venting system is excellent for the task of keeping air from getting into the bottle and mixing with milk as well. You can see the small straw is attached inside the bottle, when feeding, the bottle is held upside down and this straw keeps the air moved into the bottom instead of mixing with milk, so the common problems such as colic, spit up, burping and gas are handled and your baby is completely protected from any harmfulness.

3. Lifefactory Glass Baby Bottle

Many people hesitate to choose a glass baby bottle due to the breakable feature, so knowing of the major concern of customers, the inventor of Lifefactory glass baby bottle offers you a solution for this problem, the bottle is equipped with a protective medical-grade silicone sleeve which can reduce the breakage and also gives it a better grip, especially when you need to place it in the hot water for sterilized task.

Another perfect thing to know about this product is all the parts of the bottle are made in USA, and even the sleeve is also the FDA-proved material which means it contains no PDA or phthalate, so any concern about the harmful chemicals are got rid of. In addition, the all the parts of the bottle are safe to be in freezer or boiling water, and also, they can be washed and sterilized as well. Plus, the bottle is also compatible with the breast pumps, so moms will be easy to carry on breastfeeding. However, the shortcoming may be the price of the product which comes with a bit expensive, but why to consider too much for a best product like Lifefactory bottle?

4. Born Free 9 oz. BPA-Free Premium Glass Bottle

Born free BPA free premium bottle is another one that should be voted for one of the best bottles for breastfed babies, this model comes with dominant features that a baby bottle should have.

Firstly, it is made of BPA-free material, so it would be safer to baby’s health. Secondly, the leak-free vent comes as the upside down of this product because it can help your baby to control the flow of milk better. Also, the patented ActiveFlow Venting Technology is known as air pressure and vacuum build-up reduction, which can prevent the problems such as colic, burping and gas.

Especially, “just like mom” nipple is an ideal one for those who are looking ways to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding because the problem of nipple confusion doesn’t matter now. Finally, the cleaning job for this bottle is also easy and simple. If you doubt it, experience it!

5. Evenflo Feeding Classic Glass Twist Bottles

There is no reason for not to be in love with Evenflo feeding classic glass twist bottles, but what are those things as dominant features of this bottle?

Firstly, the bottle is designed with a modern twist on an iconic classic shape which can support a better grip.

Secondly, the silicone nipple is equipped with a micro air vent, which is aimed to do two tasks, one for preventing it from collapse, another is to help reduce gas, so your baby can avoid the colic problem during feeding.

Although it is made of glass, it doesn’t mean the bottle will be break easily and many customers who have experienced the products have proved this. However, the shortcoming of the product may be the narrow neck of the bottle, which will be a little difficult for cleaning and filling tasks.


In fact, choosing the best baby bottles isn’t easy as many people might think, it also needs to be knowledgeable in the products, so why reviews of products like the best glass baby bottles reviews become the necessary things to accompany with the customers in order to give them the best information they need and trim down the list for best baby bottles, and then you can come with the last choice quicker and easier but still suit your requirements.


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