Best Gripe Water for Your Fussy Baby

Babies are small and sensitive, especially vulnerable to some health issues. For that reason, mothers always try their best to bring the best to their newborns – but there appears nothing to prepare them for the babies’ late cries and colicky feeling at night! These issues cover stomach ailments, fever, cold, diarrhea, reflux, hiccup, and even teething pain. To deal with this, my writing today is done to shed light on which one is the best gripe water for newborns in 2017.

Also, there are still many people questioning how to make the buy easier and better informed. Thus, we do not just cover the best gripe water for babies without wasting much your money, but also offers the parents some tips on how to choose the right gripe water for their newborns:

How to Choose The Best Gripe Water for Babies

When buying in store

Are you planning to buy the best gripe water for colic relief now? Note that you won’t be able to do much research on it. Therefore, it’s recommended to make a call in advance and check which brand they’re carrying. By the time you head to choose the bottle of gripe water, please have a look at it online and read about its reviews. It will make your whole buy easier and better informed.

When buying online

Will you choose to check for the most qualified gripe water product online? Bear in mind that the best gripe water usually comes in a wide variety online, which makes it much easier for every mommy to be picky with their choices. Do not mind spending more time to find the one you feel right and order it. But as compared to the traditional shopping, e-shopping can save plenty of your time for real!

Buying natural gripe water

Ensure to buy the best gripe water without alcohol, but today it’s challenging to find the one free from preservatives, coloring and other harmful substances. How about going for a brand that is 100% natural, so that you can be on the safe side. Also, don’t forget to check the kind of bottle containing the gripe water – It’s much better to get the liquid with a syringe. If so, it’s easier to apply it when breastfeeding!

Other tips on choosing the best gripe water you must know:

  • Stay away from gripe water loaded with baking soda or it can annoy the pH of your baby’s tummy.
  • Avoid gripe water packed with charcoal or vegetable carbon since it causes constipation
  • It’s best to use the water prepared from natural herbal oils as they’re the safest
  • Consult your doctor at once if the baby has any symptom like diarrhea, vomiting, difficulty in breathing, swallowing, or swelling of the tongue.

5 Best Gripe Water Parents Are Looking For

Mommy’s Bliss Gripe Water Night Time, 4 Fluid Ounce

Widely known as the No.1 selling natural gripe water in the U.S for colic, Mommy’s liquid medicine is not just safe but also effective in term of stomach relief and bloating treatment. For babies suffering heavy acid reflux, this is a good alternative to consider, especially as it works hard to help them sleep better.

Besides, this gripe water has proved its great benefit when successfully supporting the removal of teething pain as well as increasing their health through a proper boost in the digestive system. Thanks to its all natural ingredients (dill, fennel, peppermint and much more), this healthy drink brings no side effect on your babies at all.


  • 1 infant formula recommended by pediatricians as secure and natural alternative
  • Gentle and efficient liquid formula is packed with organic ginger and fennel extracts, which ideally relieve any tummy discomfort
  • 100% gluten-free vegan or vegetarian with no artificial colors and flavors
  • Non-alcohol and paraben liquid
  • No need refrigerating after opening


  • Not suitable for 1-month old infant because of their underdeveloped digestive system (it can’t deal with so many ingredients at the same time)
  • Unable to stop the babies from hiccups sometimes
  • Sour taste and available in large dosage

Little Remedies Gripe Water Herbal Supplement with Ginger and Fennel, 4 Ounce

Known as a highly effective herbal alternative that can reduce gas and ease any tummy discomfort, Little Remedies Grip Water Herbal Supplement goes best with colic and hiccup issues.

I am not going to that this is the best gripe water product you need to buy right away, but I only claim it to be the most beneficial aid to the infant digestion. It also works quite well when it comes to gas and aches due to the content of all natural ingredients which suit all ages. Feel free to use it with the full recommended dose for stopping your baby’s constant hiccups.


  • Reliable liquid medicine to ease and stop gas, incessant hiccups, and any stomach discomfort for infants
  • Based on a time-tested formula in Europe including fennel and ginger to boost the baby’s digestive system
  • 2 portable bottles are available in each package
  • Highly recommended for any gas and fussiness
  • Contains all natural ingredients and fits all ages


  • Not intended to treat or prevent any disease
  • Does not work fast but takes too long
  • Some babies might not like this flavor

Colic Calm All Natural Gripe Water Colic Relief, 2oz (3 PACK)

Unlike other common dietary supplements, Colic Calm all natural gripe water is an FDA-regulated and registered medicine that can relieve infant gas and upset stomach.

With a formula free of alcohol, simethicone, sugar, baking soda, can make the best gripe water for babies when being safe and effective at the same time. Made in the USA, the liquid is only produced with the highest-quality natural ingredients – a must-have for any family! In term of colic calm, this one is indeed a good life saver for the babies.


  • FDA Regulated and Registered Medicine, Colic Calm all Natural Gripe Water is just unlike other common dietary alternatives
  • Highly safe, natural, and effective at the same time
  • Contains no alcohol, simethicone, baking soda, sugar citric acid, soy, dairy and other animal products
  • No side effect is seen during the use
  • Able to relieve gas, colic, stomach pain, and painful reflux in infants
  • Offers a great help in fussiness and sleep induction


  • It takes quite some times to work effectively
  • Dark color easily stains clothing
  • Some babies do not like the taste
  • Price is a bit steep, but it worths every penny!

Colic Ease – Gripe Water, 7oz(200 ml)

By containing five essential oils (not flavor extracts), Colic Ease – Gripe Water is recommended from the FDA’s GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) list. Its formula is also beneficial when bringing new foods into the infant’ diet. Greater than thought, it does a great job in managing our babies’ health condition as it offers natural and quick relief without interrupting other medications’ effectiveness.

According to some positive feedbacks provided by customers, this is the best gripe water for colic relief when containing no unpleasant side effect. And why do we recommend this to your baby? It’s because the gripe water can display faster effects than its manufacturer claims (15 – 20 minutes) after the use. Also, if paying close attention, this product has the fragrance pretty much like the pickle juice.


  • Loaded with five essential oils (cinnamon bark oil, clove bud oil, dill weed oil, and cardamom seed oil)
  • A great formula free of wheat, sodium bisulfate, parabens, and sorbitol
  • None of the sodium bicarbonate, soy, gluten, dairy products, drugs, glycerin, starch, or tree nuts
  • No need for refrigeration after opening
  • Longest shelf life as compared to other gripe water items (unopened three years and opened six months)


  • Preservatives used
  • Makes your baby smell like pickles

Woodward’s Gripe Water 130ml (Pack of 4)

Woodward’s Gripe Water 130ml (Pack of 4) 

Woodward Gripe Water reviews will tell you if it’s great for your baby or not! Let’s find out: It is made from the oil of Dill herb plus Sodium Bicarbonate, which both help to relieve both wind and gripe remarkably. Furthermore, the seed oil does an excellent job of relaxing the baby’s tummy and removing all trapped air bubbles.

Its Sodium Bicarbonate also neutralizes the stomach’s acid, which results in a resounding burp. With only one teaspoon of the best gripe water from Woodward, your baby can be free from the annoying wind attacks. It’s perfect for soothing any distress and gripes, or any discomfort caused by trapped wind in the tummy. Also, it’s an alcohol-free product that leaves a pleasant aftertaste!


  • All natural ingredients in one bottle for a safe medication solution
  • Dill oil can limit popping bubbles in the tummy while Sarjikakshara serves an acid neutralizer
  • Ideally used for relaxing upset stomach
  • Great small size bottle for portability
  • Good taste so kids can enjoy drinking it
  • Homemade quality for the safest infant use
  • Appropriate dosage
  • Long-lasting reputation in the market


  • According to some research, Sodium Bicarbonate is useful for babies
  • The bottle is made of plastic
  • Contains sugar which some parents do not want to give to their infants

Like other parents, it’s very upset for you to hear your baby crying late at night due to his/her tummy pains, now worry no more when here they are again: The best gripe water products you have been always looking for. Keep reading from the top to bottom for great information before picking up the right one for your baby’s health condition.


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