7 Best Nursing Pads in 2017 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Leakage of milk seems to be an unavoidable problem of breastfeeding moms, which sometimes cause the uncomfortable feeling, even embarrassing feeling due to the leakage of milk. However, it doesn’t mean there is no solution. This collection of 7 best nursing pads will be the great help to deal with that problem.

The products are mentioned below comes in different materials and shapes, some are disposable while others are reusable, however, most importantly, all of them are good at the ability of absorbance and safe for health, which makes them become the most preferred by users, and the reviews will closely look at the dominant features of each product.


Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads

The Lansinoh nursing pad seems very good at keeping breastfeeding moms’ clothes away from being wet due to the leakage of milk. What makes it more preferred by users and become the one of best disposable nursing pads.

However, what features are built for this perfect nursing pad? That is the design of quilted honeycomb which helps to be leak-proof and breathable. However, the waterproof layer makes it lock in moisture, therefore, the liquid can’t be leaked to cause wet and your cloth is kept to be dried all day or night long.

Moreover, it can be hidden under your cloth because the nursing pad is made of moderate thickness, which allows it to absorb the liquid good enough, even with heavy flows but doesn’t cause any lumpy and bulky feeling. Plus, they are really good at keeping shape so that you won’t experience shrink or folded nursing pads.

Washable Organic Nursing Pads and Ultra Soft Reusable Bamboo Breastfeeding Pads

This nursing pad is not only good at keeping moms to stay dry but also eco-friendly because it is made of ultra-soft organic bamboo which provides softer and more effectively absorbent, therefore, the liquid is kept in the pad and there is no leakage of milk in your cloth or bra. In addition, the pad is very soft so that your nipples won’t be chafed or sore when using. Also, the hypoallergenic feature increases the comfortable feeling to breastfeeding moms because you are ensured to never feel itchy or cause rashes on the skin.

The washable feature comes as a perfect thing because it can be reusable for the next times, which means it is more economical for moms. Especially, the pack offers two types of pads, one is hearted shape used for light flows and another is round shape used for heavier flows. Plus, there are different colors available to choose, which means you have more options of types and colors to be easier hidden under your cloth. For all of those great features, does this pad deserve to be one of best reusable nursing pads?

Johnson's Nursing Pads

This pad comes from the Johnson & Johnson – a great brand for baby products but what makes this pad differ from others is the ability of absorbance. The moderate thickness of pad allows the pad to be better absorbent the liquid than others. Also, the design has a nipple which allows the pad to gather the liquid in the center, therefore, your skin can stay dry longer and there is no uncomfortable feeling. Plus, the outer part is made of waterproof layer which help to prevent better from leakage, which also means no embarrassing feeling due to the wet cloth.

Unlike other products, Johnson’s nursing pad is contoured to help itself more perfect fit. Also, it has adhesive strip to help it stay in place. However, this pad isn’t even needed the adhesive strap to keep it to stay in place. Plus, the pad is excellent at keeping its shape, therefore, there is no wrinkle and no lumpy feeling occurring when using. In addition, the material is very soft, so it increases the comfortable feeling.

Organic Bamboo Nursing Pads

Being another one of best washable nursing pads, it is made of organic bamboo material with waterproof layer which provides greater absorbance but still softness for skin, therefore, it better prevents from leakage of milk and the soft feature will help to stay away from being chafed or irritated during using. Plus, for better protection, especially sensitive skins, the pad comes with hypoallergenic feature, therefore, there is no rash on skin or itchy problem caused by using these organic bamboo nursing pads.

Although this pad is very soft but really well-constructed, bringing itself the gently care for skin and still keeping its shape as original to never be folded when putting inside your bra. Therefore, it doesn’t bring the bulky feeling to the users. Plus, the pad is quite thin to be invisible inside your bra or cloth, which increases the confidence to breastfeeding moms when using nursing pads.

Another upside is the pad can be washable for reusing, however, it doesn’t cause wrinkly and lose their shape after each washing, which means more convenient but still economical. Moreover, unlike other products, it is no need to use with nipple creams, which add another great thing for Bamboo nursing pads.

Kiddo Care nursing pads

Thanking for the organic bamboo material, the Kiddo Care nursing pad works excellently for the task of absorbance. Plus, as the dominant feature – the three layered leak-proof design offers three times ability of absorbance than other products designed with one leak-proof layer. In fact, with the same amount of liquid, the Kiddo pad seems to be absorbent better than other, which is absolutely quicker and easier. Therefore, the leakage of milk can be completely prevented in order to never experience the soggy cloth. Plus, using the other pads might cause skin chafed and sore when the skin has to rub with the rough surface of pad for long, but it no longer occurs when using the Kiddo pads because it is very soft and smooth. In addition, it is hypoallergenic, therefore, it is very friendly to any types of skin, how sensitive your skin is.

The design of the Kiddo pads comes in round shape and moderate thickness, allowing it to fit inside the bra more perfectly and doesn’t also cause any bulky feeling for users, so moms can be confident with the pads. Another nice thing is the washable feature which means it can be washed after each use but the material of the Kiddo pad is very durable, so it will not lose the original shape after washing. Plus, the Kiddo pads are available for different colors, so there are more options to go with your certain cloth’s color.

Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads

The ability of absorbance of the Bamboobies pads are unbelievable, which means you are avoided the embarrassing feeling due to the leakage of milk because with the same amount of liquid, they are better absorbent although they are thinner than others. Plus, they are really soft and smooth, which are friendly to skin. Also, they can reduce the being chafed and soreness problems while using, which commonly happens when using other pads. In addition, although there is no hypoallergenic feature mentioned in the description of the products but it is quite safe to sensitive skins, therefore, any rashes on skin might be caused by using the Bamboobies won’t happen.

Do the Bamboobies seem to own a lot of great things? What to make all mentioned positive features is the mixture of material including Ultra-soft and soothing rayon bamboo velour, cotton, and hemp fabrics. Being made of too many materials seems to make it bulky and lumpy but the design is still available for comfortable feature.

Moreover, the thin and hearted shape design allows the pads to fit inside the bra more perfectly. Plus, with this design, the pads can stay in place better, of course, also helps to less visibility, especially when users are wearing the sheer or thin clothes. Too much upside things but still being economical because it can be washable, which means they are allowed to be used for the next times. Nothing seems to complain about Bamboobies.

Washable Nursing Pads 10 Pack (Organic Bamboo)

Being made of OEKO-TEX certified organic bamboo which allows the pad to be excellently absorbent than other products. Therefore, user’s skin is kept from being wet due to the leakage of milk. Plus, it brings the users a comfortable feeling because the material is softer and smoother, therefore, all problems like soreness, being chafed and itchy are completely eliminated. In addition, there is no allergic reaction to skin caused by the using of these pads, even how sensitive your skin is, because the pads come with hypoallergenic feature.

Moreover, the pads also come with reusable feature, which means you can wash them after using. However, the well-constructed pads don’t allow them to be wrinkly after each use. In addition, the pads are available in different colors which helps you more options when needing to be invisible inside your clothes. Plus, the product comes with a storage bag which can be washed by washing machine.


Breastfeeding is encouraged because of the benefits of breast milk, however, the breastfeeding is sometimes problematic because being seen your clothes get wet due to the leakage of milk is really embarrassing and uncomfortable. However, with a small help from the best breast pads, the problems can be avoidable. Plus, the best nursing pads mentioned above are the widely used and preferred from users, therefore, inexperienced moms can get some clues in choosing the products. Hope that with this collection of nursing pads the breastfeeding will be more enjoyable.


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