Best Pacifiers for Breastfed Newborn Baby 2017

Pacifier is just a very simply designed product that mimics that a mummy’s nipple. Although pacifiers are often considered as so important as other products, they are still the items that can’t be absent in the list for baby products. Also, it seems nothing to describe about these simple products even though they have been evolved over the years, the choosing task for them needs to be done with careful considerations. Keep reading to be smarter with your choice for the best pacifiers for breastfed newborns!

Does Your Baby Really Need A Pacifier?

A pacifier is an item that mimics a mummy’s nipple and it is used to let an infant suck on. Plus, a pacifier can be made of various types of material. Commonly, plastic, silicone, latex and rubber are the materials that are used. Over the years, there have been numerous models to be evolved into more complicated designs as we can see today but a pacifier basically consists of two – three parts, a teat, a mouth shield and a handle.

Also, the main purpose of a pacifier is soothing your baby when he is fussy or giving him a fake nipple to let him suck on as the way to calm him when he is crying for his mom, therefore, he can play alone and let mother free from paying attention to him. In fact, it seems there isn’t much thing to say about the convenience of having a pacifier. However, it really does. Here are things other reasons to keep using them.

In fact, finger-sucking is the normal problems that can be seen in many children and it is rarely a problem to be concerned about, but what worsens? Some still continue to suck their thumb or fingers until they start going to kindergarten, which is very bad. Therefore, teaching your baby to stop finger-sucking problem as soon as possible becomes an important job. Also, parents have different ways to stop their child sucking his thumb, and one of those is giving him a pacifier.

In addition, using pacifiers can be closely linked to the risks of SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), which sounds a bit weird. However, some researchers had done some studies on babies, which could prove the fact, and they said that babies who sucked a pacifier during bedtime and nap time could reduce the risks of SIDS.

Another benefit of using pacifers is to give your baby a substitute for mummy’s nipple when starting teaching your baby to wean from breastfeeding, so give the pacifier to calm him whenever he is crying for his mom. Althought this way can’t be used for all babies, it really works sometimes. Therefore, for those mentioned benefits that a pacifier can bring you, it proves why a baby really needs a pacifier.

How To Choose A Best Pacifier?

Like other baby products, pacifiers are available in a variety of colors, designs, materials and nipple shapes. However, the choosing for the best pacifier might not require much knowledge as other products because they are very simple in design and aren’t equipped with many parts, and here are things you need to take considerations before picking one.

Because the baby’s skin is very sensitive, which is prone to be allergic to chemicals resulting in skin reaction like rash, irritation and itchiness. Therefore, safety feature should be your priority when purchasing any products, easpecially when choosing a product for your adorable baby. Hence, Whatever brands or models you choose, the pacifiers should be made of harmless materials, which are PBA, Lead, and PVC and Phthalates-free. The information of these can be easily found on the label, but check them on trusted source to ensure the truth of what you’ve read.

In addition, whatever type of material that pacifier is made of, they should be sturdy and constructed, to know this feature, you can hold the pacifier by hand, if the pacifier is quite firm, it is alright. Plus, the latex and silicone ones are the preferred ones because they are often found no any harmful chemicals. But there are a bit differences between them. You should bear in mind that silicone would offer the sturdier feature but the latex one would bring the softer feeling. Also, both of these are durable and flexible and easily to be washed.

The design is also important, because it determines whether your baby would accept the fake nipple or not. The shape of nipple shouldn’t be too big, which might not fit the baby’s mouth. Other is the nipple should be soft, so it can bring the comfortable feeling when sucking. Bear in mind, the more the design closely looks the mummy’s nipple, the more reduction the risks of refusal happens, the more “just like mummy’s nipple” feeling it brings, the more your baby would be in love with it.

Along with knowing how to choose a best pacifier for breastfed babies, you might need to know how to use it properly. The replacement with a new pacifier depends on how often your baby use it, but commonly, you shouldn’t be use a pacifier over four weeks. However, in case the pacifier has these signs, the replacement should be done as soon as possible. First, get a new one when the discolor happens. Second, when there is any cracks or breaks on the pacifier, throw it in your bin, because it can hurt your baby’s skin.

Of course, the cleaning task always requires, you should be done it regularly and it is better to sterilized the pacifier every day by placing it in the hot water, this task would ensure there is no bacteria and germ contained in the pacifier.

3 Best Pacifiers For Breastfed Babies

Philips Avent Soothie Pacifier

Whatever you are looking for the best pacifiers for breastfed newborns or for older babies, the pacifier you choose should be made of the material that is safe for health. This should be also considered the priority when choosing any baby products. Luckily, the problem becomes nothing because the pacifier of Philips Avent is BPA-free and latex free. Also, the hospital-grade silicone makes it more durable and comfortable. In addition, there isn’t any odors found in the products, which enhances the comfortable feeling when using.

The shape is designed in moderation, which means it isn’t too big or too small, therefore, it provides more perfect fit to even newborn’s small mouth and also has the ‘like mummy’ feeling.

The final great thing about this product is it can be easily washed both by hand and washing machine, even sterilized job or boiled in hot water is done easily without being damaged or discoloured.

WubbaNub Infant Pacifier

Unlike other pacifiers, the product of WubbaNub looks simple but very adorable when it is included two parts, the nipple and a stuffed animal which can be a cute giraffe, which makes it more unique. Most importantly, this feature would attract the fussy babies and make them calm easier.

Whatever the material the pacifier is made of, a best pacifer should be harmless for baby’s health, and the nice thing is WubbaNub is BPA, PVC and Phthalates-free. Plus, the design is similar to the mummy’s nipple, which isn’t too big in shape but soft when touching and sucking, therefore, it can increase the comfortable feeling and minimize the baby’s refusal. Of course, the washable feature with washing machine also comes with this pacifier.

MAM Glow in the Dark Night Orthodontic Pacifier

The MAM pacifier is designed with a unique shape, especially the glow feature comes as a nice thing which can help the users easily find it in the dark, which means your soothing job would be done easier. Plus, the silicone material – a best-known for softness and flexibility is another great feature, which helps the pacifier not only more durable but also brings the comfortable feeling to the baby because it feels like mummy’s nipple.

The larger symmetrical orthodontic nipple design allows the natural growth of baby’s teeth and gums. In addition, there is no problem when needing to soak it in the microwave or hot water as way for sterilization. Plus, cleaning with a damp cloth or throwing it in washing machine is absolutely alright.

Tired of Asking, “Where’s Baby’s Pacifier?” These Best Pacifier Clips for Babies

Premium Pacifier Clips by KiddosArt

To help your job to soothe your fussy babies within easy reach, you might need the pacifier clips from the KiddosArt, which helps you hold the pacifier better to never let them drop on the floor or lost somewhere. They are just a very simply designed products but offer great convenience for the users.

What are great things about the clips of KiddosArt? These clips are designed with adorable patterns, which looks vivid in colors and cute with the tropical forest animals. With the jungle theme design, these pacifiers would attract the babies and helps them develop their brain, how creative they are!

The clips are made of durable and hard plastic and there is no harmful chemical like BPA, Latex, Lead, and Phthalate found in the product, which means they are absolutely safe for users, especially newborns who are prone to be allergic to chemicals. In addition, the clips also come with grip and latch feature, which increases the strength to the clasp.

Ulubulu Universal Pacifier Clip

The Ulubulu clip is the great choice to hold your baby’s pacifier in order to never make it lost when you are in need. The clip are designed with simple parts, cotton strap and metal clip which is tight enough to be securely fastened. Plus, the nylon loop makes it fit better any brands of paciffier. In addition, all of parts are made of durable material, which increases the quality of product.

The product comes with European safety standards, which means no harmful chemicals like BPA, Phthalate, Latex, and Lead can be found in the products. Therefore, any concern about the harm can cause when using the product becomes absolute nothing. Also, the products comes with various modes to choose, which means there are 30 models available.

In conclusion

Taking care of a baby has never-ending stories, the stories can even comes from a very small and humble product like a pacifier, which owns a lot of simple information but no guarantee that you are knowledgeable about it, therefore, hopefully the reviews of the best pacifiers for breastfed newborn baby can partially help you choose the right one for your baby, and then find that being a parent more enjoyable.


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