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The oven lovers are always keen to know about the best roaster oven available in the market, and to choose the best one they usually go through the roaster oven reviews. It becomes essential first to understand the part played by the small sized roaster ovens in the kitchen and during trips as well. The roaster oven is a household appliance that can be easily placed on a kitchen counter top. It can be plugged into an electrical socket to operate. The roaster oven is used to cook vegetables and meat too. Its performance is speedier as against the conventional oven, but it occupies less space, compared to the old ovens. Therefore, the main benefits from a roaster oven are that it saves time, energy and money, which are not available when traditional ovens are used.

The portability is another important feature of the roaster ovens. You can carry the oven on occasions outside for entertaining your group. In your kitchen too, storing it is very effortless. If you need large preparations, the roaster oven can supplement the conventional oven efficiently. Besides the above, roaster oven is multi-functional. It can be used for roasting, baking, and steam cooking also. This way, the roaster oven goes a long way in facilitating cooking operations with admirable speed and without compromising on the natural qualities of the food items. Finally, the roaster ovens are inexpensive.

5 Best Roaster Ovens in the Market 2016-2017

Oyama Turbo Convection Review

The Oyama oven is very small and its portability is the biggest advantage. For outdoor trips this oven becomes very handy. The humble size of this oven encourages children to learn cooking.

Mainly, the Oyama Turbo Convection is used for preparing healthy meals. The capacity of this oven is 10.5 quart, a quart being one quarter of a gallon. With the use of dial knobs situated on top of the oven, the temperature can be controlled and timer set to suit our needs of cooking duration. The cooking pot of this oven is made of glass which is safe for dishwashing. It is equipped with a wire rack that facilitates broiling or streaming. Cooking in this oven is economical too when compared to a conventional oven. It can serve your cooking needs during your outdoor trips.

The Convection oven works exactly the way how a regular oven works. The basic difference of a convection oven is, it will be having a fan to circular air inside the chamber and helps to circulate the temperature evenly and steadily. Technically speaking in all heating oven chambers there will be a natural circulation of heat which will be moving because of the temperature differences. But in a “convection’ oven the hot air forcefully circulated in the oven chamber by the use of a fan. This will help to distribute heat evenly inside the oven and helps to cook the food much faster.

The convection oven cooks speedily even at lower temperatures, compared to the conventional ovens. This efficiency is obtained as the oven circulates hot air over the food. Also the natural characteristics of the food are maintained.

The oven is well made and works well. It cooks the food perfectly and gives a nice and tender feel of the meat cooked in this Oyama oven. It is easy to use this oven, thanks to the instructions posted above the knobs for cooking the different meats. The user can just follow these instructions.

Oster CKSTROSMK 18 Smoker Roaster Oven, 16-Quart

This oven is very useful for smoke cooking as it is of a little bigger capacity of 16 quart. It is equipped with removable pockets for keeping wood chips. The oven is excellent for slow cooking. Roasting and steaming are perfect in this oven. It is provided with a steel rack for roasting. It can handle meat up to 20 lb. The oven has detachable steel roasting pan which is enamel coated and it enables heat distribution evenly speedily.

Oster CKSTROSMK 18 Smoker can handle huge meal preparations on occasions of big gathering too, with its 16-quart capacity. Wood-smoking the meat with this oven is as easy as in the case of breads. During outdoor trips the smoking is made very simple with the use of removable pockets for holding wood chips. Wood chips for smoke can also be got together with the oven, but at extra cost. Even for a limited oven space, this oven is an ideal one. The roasting pan is removable, facilitating quick clean-up.

To summarize the above, the Oster CKSTROSMK 18 Smoker is versatile and convenient. It can handle large meals. It is very suitable for outdoor smoking. Its size suits any location. It is very simple for usage and simpler further while cleaning after usage. Especially its smoker gets a large portion of the credit given to this product. This oven is not expensive and can be got quickly. Thus, the size, usability, usage and efficiency of the Oster oven are distinct.

Nesco American Harvest 4816-25-30 Non-Stick 6-Quart Roaster Oven, Stainless Steel

This oven is much suited for large meat preparations. It is portable, and hence, convenient for storing too. The oven has an exclusive heating element and is suitable for large meal preparations. Since the oven is having a large baking and cooking capacity, it is ideal for big parties such Thanking Giving or get together parties. Baking, roasting, steaming and slow cooking become very simple with the use of its temperature control knob. It operates under 120 volts for an output of 750 Watts.

The interior of this Nesco oven is non-stick and so, it is easy to clean the oven effectively. A fat-free roasting and quality baking is ensured by the chrome rack that comes with this product. The control function is automatic. Temperature guide is provided for various preparations. With its full capacity, it can cook items such as turkey breast, pot roast or chicken.

Moist cooking is facilitated by its unique Circle of Heat element. This is a wrap-around element, providing even heat for even cooking and moist cooking. The 6-quart capacity of the oven is so accommodative for large cooking too. The temperature knob is very simple to operate. The package of the oven contains the NESCO user manual.

This oven has been in usage since 1930s, but is strategic with modern facilities. It functions as a full size oven even though it is not bulky. Its aluminum lid is provided with holes for emanation of steam and this facilitates self-basting. Effective cleaning of the oven is made simpler with the help of its heavy gauge insert. It has multifunctional cooking features such as baking, roasting, slow cooking and steaming etc. However, this unit radiates more heat energy during the process of cooking.

Rival RO180 18-Quart Roaster Oven, White

The review rating for the Nesco American Harvest 4816-25-30 Non-stick oven is good. This oven can be placed comfortably in any place such as kitchen, cabin or covered patio. Even though small, it is rugged and hence, it is durable. The variable heat knob provided on the roaster enables adjustments to cook huge varieties of food items. It is very useful for entertaining on occasions. For regular needs also this roaster can be used with confidence on continual basis, as it is very strong. With one year limited warranty, the oven is sold with assured replacement, repair against any workmanship problems or defective manufacturing.

This oven has high capacity, enabling huge meat cooking up to 22 pounds. It is easily cleanable. Rival RO180 oven is ideal for slow and fast cooking. It is useful not only for cooking but also for baking, roasting and serving too. With the help of variable thermostat control knob, the heat setting can be arranged to the required level of cooking to have the best results. Cooking or baking will be extremely fun with this wonderful cooking companion. The oven is supported with one year limited warranty against any manufacturing defect or workmanship issues.

The Rival RO180 oven is not expensive and is priced economically. The Rival RO180 provides sufficient cooking capacity to prepare a main meal together with side dishes and also baked desserts. Large roasts such as turkeys can be cooked in this oven without losing the natural odor and taste of the meat. Especially during holiday season this oven becomes very useful while catering to need of a big group. On occasions like Christmas and Thanks Giving, it is very handy.

The oven has got a temperature setting knob with which you can set the temperature for range of 150°F to 450°F. However, the side handles provided do not get heated up during the process of cooking, thanks to its design. Than a traditional oven, it is 30% faster and consumes less around 75% energy and it is versatile. It also supplements the traditional oven. It has important features such as removable roasting rack and baking pan.

Hamilton Beach 32229 22-Quart Roaster Oven, Stainless Steel

This is a great looking oven. It is efficient in cooking large meats up to 22 pounds and is easy for cleaning. Compared to the traditional ovens, this roaster oven saves energy and time in cooking. This is an alternative to the conventional oven and also can be used as a supplement to the traditional one. Many food items can be cooked with the use of Hamilton Beach Oven at the same time.

The capacity of the oven is 22 quart. It is categorized as a medium oven only, even though it is larger in comparison with other ovens. The oven measures 64.3 cm x 45.7 cm x 28.2 cm and weighs around 10.5 kg. It is usable for cooking, baking, roasting and serving too. The variable thermostat controls knob provided on the front side allows the cooking maneuvering much easier. The oven is designed to work perfectly at a maximum temperature of 450°F hence is convenient to use for quick roasting. Various types of cooking can be easily carried out with the oven by not compromising on their natural food qualities.

The oven is supported with a detachable lid and insert pan. The product comes with a wire rack that can be taken out. The side handles are heat resistant and hence easy to handle. The housing of the oven is made of stainless steel and is designed for easy cleaning. A user manual accompanies the oven wherein you can also find varieties of recipes. The product is supported with one year limited warranty which adds up the confidence of customers and in the event of any workmanship problem or manufacturing defects the products will be either replaced or repaired. During occasions when large meals are required, it becomes very easy with this roaster oven which actually doubles the oven space. Particularly during holiday seasons, the extra space provided by this oven is an added advantage.

The Hamilton Beach 32229 22-Quart could be the biggest non-commercial roaster. When it cooks, the meat does not lose its moisture and flavor. The oven is multi-functional. Buying this 22-quart oven is inexpensive and with the help of this oven you can get more out of your kitchen. The oven has a striking look.

How to Choose Best Roaster Oven – A Consolidated Approach!

Before embarking to how choose best roaster oven, let us see why a roaster oven is more preferable than a conventional baking oven. Roaster oven is a friendly oven, powered with electricity, compact in size and hence easy to locate from one place to another place. It is also called a table top oven because of its convenience to use anywhere on top of a table. Albeit, these ovens can be operated anywhere, indoor or outdoor, you need to have a power plug connection to use. It does not matter how windy or cold outside but you can use it without having a protective shield to cover the oven as the way how normally we cover the flame of a gas or charcoal oven. It is simple, easy to clean and helps to relieve the traditional baking oven and you can engage the traditional oven to cover other cooking requirements.

Types of ovens

The types of ovens include earth oven, ceramic oven, gas oven, masonry oven microwave oven, wall oven and roaster oven. Earth oven is just a pit in the ground. Ceramic oven is a structure of clay. Gas oven, also known as gas stove, is a significant deviation from the ancestral models. Masonry ovens use gas or power for generation of heat, for making pizza and bread. The further improvement in technology is the micro oven in which micro waves generate heat. Wall ovens, usually mounted on the wall, have large pans for roasting. The ultimate invention in the food cooking technology is the roaster oven. The roaster ovens do away with all the hardships encountered with the old versions of ovens mentioned above and are the most recommended residential roaster oven.


Since the oven technology has reached to its optimum level, there is nothing much to worry about the technical specification of roaster ovens. Most of the ovens are working on electrical element heating technologies. The elements convert electrical energy in to heat energy and thus help to cook the food.


The most important thing before you decided to buy a roaster oven is the size what exactly you want for your family. The average standard size is 18 to 22 quarts. By the by quarts is the American standard of measurement of volume. The bigger the quart size means you can cook bigger meat/Turkey or vegetable stuff in the oven. The size of the oven must meet your family cooking requirements. The oven should not be extra large than the food or Turkey that you want to cook. Over space will let the juice accumulate on the bottom surface of the oven and burn easier. Little bit extra space is good which can be used to pool up other vegetable item along with the main roasting food and get baked.

Oven Metal

Preferable oven metal is stainless steel. Neither coated cast Iron or aluminum ovens are not ideal for roaster oven. Aluminum oven shall react with acidic ingredients and can warp easily hence should be avoided. The most preferred metals either stainless steel or copper. My personal choice is stainless steel as it is easy to clean.

Thermo controllers

The roaster oven should have variable manual thermal control or automatic thermal control system. In the event manual variable thermal control knob is in use, the heating segments have to be clearly printed on the panel near to the regulator. Normally the regulator panel carries the marking from 150° to 450° F. Also for automatic setting, led indicators or timer setting must be there which will allow the oven to shut down once the set heat timing is over.


Choose the right shape from square, round or oval shape. Buy an oven that does not have sharp interior corners. Interior with round shapes are easy to clean.

Style and color

Depending on your personal interest you can choose the right color that can match with your kitchen interior. Also make sure that oven is having good heat resistant coating and the heat is not getting radiated out.

Handle and rack

The roaster oven should have heat resistant handle and cooking racks. The design of the handle is your personal choice. As long as the handle is heat resistant and enough holding space then the oven is safe to use. Rack can prevent the Turkey’s underside getting dry or too wet and sloppy. If the Turkey is kept in a rack, there will have enough air space to circulate and dipping go down easily and make a better spicy smell. The juice also can be collected and used for making sauce.

Lid cover

Lid cover must strong with proper seating so that it can hold the heat and steam inside the cooking chamber. The lids should have inner coating that can maintain the heat inside the chamber and does not radiate the heat. Holding the steam inside the chamber will helps to keep the softness of the roasted Turkey.

Selecting a brand is always your personal choice, but there must be a good and satisfactory reason before you stick with a particular brand. If the product specification, sales and service terms can meet your requirement, and of course if the roaster oven is suitable for your budget then that will be the best oven and you can certainly decide how to choose best roaster oven!


This is an era of energy crisis and conventional energy sources are also depleting. So there is a need for an efficient oven in the kitchen, which could be the roaster oven only. Roaster oven saves energy, time and cost also. With the help of roaster oven, many items can be cooked in one go, without losing the original taste of the food. The roaster ovens are durable. Like in the conventional ovens, large meals can be cooked in roaster ovens too. Cleaning and handling the roaster oven is easier.

The merits of the roaster oven overweight as against a traditional oven. The customer reviews reveal that roaster oven is an indispensable item. Therefore, to choose the best roaster oven suiting ones requirements, it is imperative to peruse roaster oven reviews published by reputed neutral online forums or bloggers!


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