The Best Travel High Chairs For Baby Care 2017 Review

Taking care of your baby during a traveling on vacation seems to be a hard task while creating a comfortable place available anywhere for your baby is always essential.

But do not worry, a travel high chair will work well whenever you are. If you are wondering which high chair is suitable for you and your little children, find it easy with our review on the best travel high chair for baby care as below.

Why Should You Choose The Best Travel High Chair For Baby Care?

A travel high chair is one of the most important equipment for baby in addition to car seats, strollers, etc. First, let’s discover how you can benefit from using amazing model for your little children.

Firstly, this type of chair offers a comfortable and convenient area for baby to stay anytime. It is used as an ideal storage place, a good tray, a relaxing seating area or simply an amazing safety insurance for your baby.

More importantly, the travel high chair is normally portable, so you can use it wherever you want. At home or during a long vacation trip, your children always have a separate area available for their favor and safety as well as the best portable high chair.

The most amazing thing is its ability to improve the feeding activities for children. With a high chair, your baby will be kept in a standard position, so not only is it easier for the parents to feed children but it also enhances the baby to eat more.

How To Choose A Right Travel High Chair For Your Little Children?

Naturally, you can easily find several portable high chair reviews available on the Internet. However, they perhaps don’t bring necessary information on how to choose a right travel high chair for your little children. Remember to consider these following factors before you go to a store for a purchasing.


Even at home or during a vacation trip, you can always take full advantages of a portable and foldable travel chair. Pay high attention to some parts like booster seats, hook-on ( including wraps and carry bags) to identify whether they are foldable or not.


Stability and security are huge requirements when you select a right item for your kids. Little children always need more support and safety, so it is important to ensure a stable seat for them with an essential harness.

Ease of cleaning

While you feed their children, food is easily stuck into any crevices and cracks. Check out all of the separate parts like a tray, seat, or harness, frame to make sure that they are simple for a clean.


To increase safety for your kids while they are sitting, a handy adjustment in chair height will take this role.


A high travel chair is often available in various sizes for different ages. See what type of size is suitable for your children’s age and size.

If you are dealing with picking up the right travel high chair for your little children, check out carefully the list as below.

Top 3 Best Travel High Chair For Your Babies

Fisher-Price Healthy Care Booster Seat

Feeding your baby sometimes challenges you a lot. Do not worry, find it easy with a model of Fisher-Price Healthy Care . Unlike most models on the market, this chair comes with a feeding tray, but more importantly, this tray includes a snap-on lid to ensure to stay clean anytime.

Furthermore, made of stable and high-quality plastic, the unit is built to last longer. It also has three levels of height that allow you to adjust for your preference. It can become messy when feeding and it will be hard for busy parents. That’s why the model is very functional for its easy-clean design.

A wrap can offer the advantages of being portable and lightweight, too. Because of its easy foldability, the Fisher-Price Healthy Care Deluxe Booster is ideal for any trips, restaurants, etc. Put your worry away; this unit can fit with almost types of chairs.

Due to its light weight, some people may be afraid of the safety it brings to your children. Keep peace in mind; its security is highly appreciated by a variety of parents when they purchase this chair for their little children. The great thing comes from 5 safety points which are built with durability and harness.


  • Ideal for feeding your children
  • Stable and sturdy construction for its safe insurance
  • Allow height adjustment
  • Include removable parts, so it helps to increase the convenience for the users
  • Easy to clean and Lightweight
  • Portable and easily foldable
  • Fit with almost types of chairs
  • Five safety points ensure durability and security


  • Some users say that it is unreliable in some cases
  • Cannot fit with some chairs

Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat

The Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat, Slate is one of the perfect ways to take your little kids to the table in anywhere, even at home or on travel. The installation is fast and easy while the foldable and carry strap makes it possible for any parents bring along to your friends’ house, or on vacation, etc.

One amazing feature of the Ingenuity Baby Base 2-in-1 Booster Seat is its ability to a right harness and security to your little children.  Moreover, you can also adjust the chair height to three positions by its removable tray and stable metal legs. The anti-slipping feet also contributes to making it more sturdiness and durability.

One selling point is that it includes five different points for harness and safety, so this unit is ideal for playful kids who like climbing. Plus, you can also clean that model within minutes with ease and convenience, especially for people who are too busy to take care of the chair, they can take full advantages of using it.


  • Very reasonable price for this high quality
  • Fast and simple to set up
  • Foldable and portable design makes it perfect for any short vacations and trips
  • Include five-point harness for a strong durability
  • Offer harness, so ensure safety for your children
  • Allow the users to adjust the chair height
  • Non-slipping feet makes it more sturdiness


  • The foam may not last for a long time
  • Maybe tippy for squirmy kids

Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD

If you do not want to get any hassles for a baby high chair when going out, this compact and lightweight model will meet your needs and demands. The Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD is easy to use, set up and also carry while you want to take your baby out. The design is light, neat and compact as well.

Made of non-stick plastic which is extremely easy to clean, any food and stains no longer become annoyment to you. This model also includes some small pouches in which you can put one or two needed bottles for your baby when going out and this feature makes it different from most regular chairs.

The Prince Lionheart BoosterPOD is a great selection of short vacations away. This model provides all convenience and comfort for your children while it is very portable without any legs. For any trips and vacations, you can easily fold, store in a bag, and then bring along with you. As a result, your kids always have a comfortable and relaxing place to sit, play and eat as well.


  • Affordable price
  • Lightweight, so you can easy to bring along
  • Ideal for playful kids
  • Easy to set up and clean
  • Keep your baby versatile
  • Easy to carry while going out
  • Non-sticky plastic makes it easy to clean
  • Small pouches included for bottles storage.


  • Cannot offer enough support and safety for children, so it is not for too small babies
  • The height is not enough to allow your children to sit next to you when taking meals on the table.


A well-manufactured travel high chair for your baby is undoubtedly a smart investment for any parents. Even you are on vacation or at home; your little children are always kept safe and comfortable in a right and separate place.

Instead of hurriedly picking up any models available on the current market, first, let’s think about your mind your needs and purpose. Then consider numerous essential factors and weigh the pros and cons of each unit to choose the most suitable one. Hope that our review on the best travel high chair for baby care will be helpful for your upcoming selection.


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