Best White Noise Machines for Babies in 2017

best white noise machine reviews

With a broad range to pick up from, it is considered necessary to select one device which can strike your fair balance between fitting the budget and sound quality. Therefore, in some white noise machine reviews, people will give you general ideas of the best one. In my opinion, there are three categories of this machine: low-cost product, recorded sounds, and natural generators of white noise. With such points kept in mind, let’s look at my recommended product in 2017 and simply take the most suitable for yourself.

5 Best White Noise Machines In 2017

Marpac Dohm-DS All-Natural White Noise Sound Machine

White noise can promote relaxation before your sleep by offering a soothing, constant sound so that your brain may settle on. By this way, best sleep sound machine helps quiet your mind as well as keeps you to focus more on other disruptive sounds that interfere with your falling asleep process. The Marpac Dohm-DS may get the pleasant and soothing fan sound without the cold air blast or other applicable irritations.

With its Constant, unobtrusive, and natural Sound, it is the best sound machine for baby. In fact, such sound fades directly into your background and masks noises which might wake you in some ways. And Dohm helps your kids stay and fall asleep. Furthermore, this product may customize the Sound by using two different speeds. So, it gives the enough flexibility for you to set your needed volume for the environment. To apply the requirements of sound masking, you only need to adjust and find the most relaxing and pleasing tone to you.

Being the Official Conditioner of Sound, its’ dual motor of speed may contribute much to the Foundation of the National Sleep. The acoustic housing and asymmetrical fan are unique to create your soothing sound from the rushing air without any disturbance from the real moving air. Also, you may able to fully adjustable volume and control tone for your personalized environment of the sound. However, this 120 V white noise machines can be used for domestic only with a limited warranty of one year.

LectroFan White Noise Machine

The 2nd product you should think of is the LectroFan which is a PERSONALIZED THERAPY of SLEEP. It offers you ten distinct sounds of a fan and ten non-repeating and excellent sounds. There is your relaxing fan noise that can fit everyone. The sound of white noise or rushing air is produced gradually in ten unique variations. So, it is Excellent for masking noise and creating the comfortable sound of background in instances in some too quiet place.

What’s more? The LectroFan is OPTIMAL TIMER for your sleep. As a matter of fact, it can allow deciding the duration the fan sounds or white noise are played right in your background. You can start by simply setting this best white noise machine for one hour in the case that you want to have a nap. Furthermore, you may set the fan for your peaceful, undisturbed night. Such sound machine can be portable and compact, making it one of fantastic white noise machine to take along with you whenever you go on a business trip, family adventure, or a vacation.

There are a variety of purposes which you may use this sound therapy device. It is perfect fit baby nurseries, office spaces, daycare centers, college dorms, hotel rooms, apartments, or other environments where disruptive and unwanted noises may be present.

Cloud b On The Go Travel Sound Machine Soother, Sleep Sheep

This is the compact version belonged to the original Sleep Sheep which already won an award. Such adorable companion of your travel brings the comforting sounds for your sleep time when you were away from your hom4 soothing sounds which help your baby sleep easier. With the convenient size of 8″ height, it fits well in your luggage or diaper bag. This device is indeed helpful if you want to calm your children to fall asleep in the unfamiliar environment. Let’s soothe the child into the relaxing, restful sleep night or nap with this machine.

This compact, soft, and adorable pal of sleep time plays the calming sounds. So, it is great if you use on the go or for home, even anywhere your baby needs extra assistance of drifting into his or her dreams. The Sleep Sheep is already a winner of some industry with its very cuddly and plush feature. Therefore, it immediately provides a restless infant something calming and pleasing to hold. It creates the tranquil environment attached with 4 nature sounds as well, including harmonious whale, gentle stream, ocean waves, and spring showers sounds.

Overall, this audio pacifier kind helps take the crankiness and stress out of your rest time. In fact, this white noise machine is designed to go with you everywhere, from car trips to outdoor excursions. It comes to a stage with the Velcro strap which allows for simple and fast attachment to strollers and car seats. As you push or drive baby through some grocery stores, he can take a slow breather. And you may focus more on several handy tasks which make the running errands productive if he feels relaxed.

Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner

The Marsona TSCI-330 Travel Sound Conditioner can create the acoustic privacy, Mask the unwanted noise, and Promote better rest and sleep. Lightweight and compact, this best sleep sound machine Fits well into an overnight bag or suitcase and comprises a handy travel pouch made of nylon. This product can be ideal for all people on their move, producing the familiar and sweet sound environment when you are away from your home. So, it offers the capabilities of noise masking came from many sound conditioners with the full size.

Its solid technology helps you much to create the white noise to emulate Rain, Surf, and Waterfall to efficiently mask unwanted noise and sounds. It also can be your top choice among other options of the lower range of price. There are several different made for such price kind. However, if you do not choose carefully, you may waste the money. What you may like about such sound machine can be the surprisingly good sound quality for its price. But this machine produces an excellent sound so you can mask low and reach the external noise, of mid volume. I do hope it can help you much in sleeping better.

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies Projection and Melodies Soother, Eddie the Elephant

Slumber Buddies can be your perfect companion and you may use it to ease the little one so he or she can sleep well at night. For this reason, this plush, soft toy is great for all children. It can project the calming sky which was displayed on ceiling and walls and plays the peaceful sounds selection to help soothe and relax babies before their sleep. It also helps your older children to overcome their darkness fear. Children may love such plush buddy while their parents will enjoy the extra bedtime peace.

With 5 nature sounds and meditative songs, you may select from its relaxing colors, such as amber, blue, rhythmic, or green light show. With three shut-off mode for automation of 45, 30, 15 minutes. 3 level volume control Rest Easy can get your newborn to fall asleep through the whole night. Now, no more challenging and daunting issues to face. You can see that Slumber Buddies offers you calming sky display to make some older children love this fun, soft buddy who acts as your nightlight.

One more thing to appreciate this device is its Calming Sound. This machine play the peaceful sound selection to help soothe and relax baby. Five soothing sounds and songs include Heart Beats, Brahm’s Lullaby, Babbling Brook, Hush Little Baby, and Frolic Rhodes. Calming sounds right at your bedtime can provide the relaxing environment no matter what the outside noise is.

Why Do You Need to Use a White Noise Machine?

In the case that you cannot sleep due to the noise going from outside and inside of the house, there are 3 primary ways to resolve your problematic sound, as follows:

  • Mask the noise by simply creating the relaxing sound and take the advantages of the white noise machine.
  • Wear earplugs can be your effective yet advisable option which is not recommended every night.
  • Try before stopping this product at its source. Let’s try to ask your family to turn down the television, but you cannot stop traffic anyway.

In the time of modern and updated technology, you may get more than the simple generator of white noise if you prefer your gadgets designed with some extra features. From our suggested 5 best sound machines for baby, let’s find their nifty features, such as realistic soundscapes of nature and responsive control of volume.

Who Will Benefit From Using One?

Imagine that you cannot work or sleep due to the noise beyond the control, like a TV in your neighbor’s house, the weather or traffic. If you are a night or shift worker and need to sleep well in the day with lots of different noises. In the case that you realized of the usage of the nature sounds or white noise which help you relaxed and calm. This product is also useful if you own tinnitus. Besides, small children and babies benefit much from them. They are accustomed entirely to noise while being in their womb and can be woken by some sudden sounds, such as a phone call or doorbell.

Which Style for You to Choose?

You may pick up from 2 primary options as follow:

  • A machine has white noise recordings, and possibly the soundscapes range like forest, ocean, river, or rain.
  • A pure machine of white noise generates the natural sound with air.

Within the first category, you may have many broad choices which vary by their price. If you only spend a little money, you are likely disappointed when your device does not block out the sound and the soundscape was on the loop of 2 minutes. But you may find one with clever features to make the possible difference between blocking sound and being irritating noise if you are willing to pay more.

My top pick is usually based on the high-quality production of white noise and sleek design. It does not have to own a wide range of characteristics, but it should perform its basic function very well. From white noise machine reviews, it should have the clean and simple design that is streamlined entirely to perform its job, apart from having many playing buttons. Its aim should give the user the standard white noise sound or the fan sound, which people find much more relaxing than the static sound of white noise.

Within such choices, you may have ten different settings and you will find a volume and pitch that suits your mind and ear. Add to the fact that its sound is generated dynamically to avoid looping; you can block the external sound while do not have to replace with the annoying one.

Here Are the Key Points to Consider:

  • You have the wide range of fan sounds along with the deeper white noise sounds than other devices provide.
  • The volume of a white noise machine is turned up easily and surprisingly high. If you own a bedroom space which is large enough to fill, your sound will not get lost directly in its corner.
  • The timer feature can run whole night if you do not want to utilize it.
  • The best white noise machine is indeed compact and light, so it is a great choice for travelling.
  • Try to search for the fan or white noise sounds soothing with the minimalist design and excellent sound blockers.
  • You may plug the device into the computer or mains with one USB cable.
  • The downside can be that it lacks the additional soundscapes compared to other similar machines. If you prefer oceans and birdsong, you might love the Technologies of Adaptive Sound.

Final world

Once you are asleep, the white noise can work for all night to drown completely the random sounds which would wake you up. Whether you are partial or completely awakened, you will not remember of this matter in the next morning. It means that your sleep can be more deeply and solidly, and rise more restored and rested feeling.


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