A New Look at the Safety of Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Breastfeeding While Pregnant

If nursing mothers are somehow eager to try to avoid the unnecessary weaning, they have a rather good reason. As a matter of fact, Human milk can provide important immunological and nutritional boosts for the child nurses. So, weaning before a baby turning to two was found to increase his or her illness risk. In a recent study of about 180 mothers who breastfed for the minimum of six months, 60 % of them do this task during their subsequent pregnancy. And 38% of which have to nurse toddler postpartum and newborn, an arrangement named as the tandem nursing. Furthermore, we will discuss the most appropriate way to rest the tired body and the Safety of Breastfeeding while pregnant.

Is It Safe to Breastfeed During Pregnancy?

The answer here should be yes. There is no force to prevent a mother from breastfeeding while pregnant if she wants to perform this job. Many women, including you, can continue feeding their babies during pregnancy. In some specific cases, they can do “tandem nurse” which means breastfeed both the older child and the newborn baby.

Some pregnant women worry that they could not eat sufficiently enough to produce enough milk for her nursing and nourish her growing baby inside. However, your body is amazing, and it knows exactly the right thing to do. Let’s eat a well-balanced, healthy diet whenever you are hungry or thirsty. It is all needed requirements.

Can You Breastfeed While Pregnant?

Nursing during pregnancy can be perfectly safe. In the case that a mother eats reasonably, then her unborn baby cannot suffer from the nutrient deprivation. Even if she suffers from the morning sickness as well as find eating a bit difficult, her body may naturally come into overdrive in order to efficiently make use of all nutrients. Such accessed nutrient will prevent the baby and mom from the deficient status. Once she feels well, she may make up this state by eating many different types of nutritious food.

It can be important for all pregnant women to eat pretty well. Depending on the age of your nursing baby, you need an extra 650 calories per day if she or he is less than six months. If an infant is currently eating other types of foods, you may require about 500. This rate is on the top of your additional 350 calories for the second trimester or 450 calories for the third trimester during pregnancy. So, you do not need additional calories during your first trimester. It is considered the big relief when you cannot face other food kinds. In the malnourished populations, nursing and pregnant women should have the lower gain of weight, babies, and nursing siblings compared to weaning people.

Is the Milk of a Pregnant Mother Safe for a Child?

Human milk is indeed safe for the breastfeeding child; even that milk came from a pregnant mother. Although the small pregnancy hormone amount passes into the milk, they cannot be considered as the harmful effect. In some cases, you should pay attention not to use cold medicine while breastfeeding or do breastfeeding while sick. Overall, if you are having an ordinary pregnancy and healthy, then no medical or physical reason will be applicable not to nurse when pregnant.

Otherwise, you may be concerned more of uterine contractions stimulated by breastfeeding. These matters pose no significant risk to your unborn baby. In most general cases, they do not raise your risk of coming into the premature labor or witnessing a miscarriage. The reason for this fact is due to the oxytocin amount released when breastfeeding is not often enough to result in the opening cervix before it can be ready.

However, you should try your best to avoid sex while pregnant, especially if you are already at the early labor risk or have a rather difficult pregnancy. Then, weaning would indeed be advisable because Oxytocin is considered the released hormone during the female orgasm.

Concerns Regarding Breastfeeding While Pregnant

Here are several things you should be well aware of if you breastfeed while pregnant. All of them are perfectly ordinary:

  • The milk supply can diminish a little.
  • Your breasts and nipples can be much tenderer while pregnant.
  • Verbal toddlers can announce that the tastes of the breast milk are different. The reason is toward the pregnancy end; breast milk may change to the colostral milk type of milk. Of which, Colostrum is known as the yellowish, thick milk produced by your body while you are pregnant as well as for first some days after the baby was born.
  • Some mothers are concerned much about the nipple stimulation as it may lead to the premature labor if you breastfeed during pregnancy. This state triggers the production of your body, which not only helps you much with the milk letdown but also plays a major role in all contractions you own during labor.
  • The oxytocin release can be only your concern if you are at the early labor risk and your midwife or doctor put you right on the strict bedrest, without breast play or lovemaking activities. Fortunately, the released oxytocin amount is not enough for you to stimulate the labor under almost all normal circumstances. So, you should occasionally have some mild contractions, but it is normal and you do not have to worry at all.

If a mother suffers one of the above risks and the healthcare provider concerns that the breast stimulation may lead to the premature labor, you should discuss more this particular situation. The doctor might advise you to do weaning until giving birth or encourage you much to reduce the frequency of feedings.

Unexpected Challenges for You and Your Child

Increased fatigue

It is indeed the normal factor for all pregnancies. This status may make a mom-to-be more reluctant when breastfeeding, fearing that way is your drain physically. You should be well assured that nothing inherently is draining about your breastfeeding, and somewhat having to lie down or sit down to nurse can be an excellent way to ensure that you have to rest.

Physical discomforts

You may not or may tolerate this status as Nausea can be caused by all let-down milk which can happen at any time, especially on your empty stomach. Furthermore, the more popular complaint should be sore nipples. For almost all quarters, mothers may experience this. However, some moms think this much harder to resolve than others. The suggested methods using the distraction, such as reading some books, watching television, listening to music or the radio. These ways will assist you to focus elsewhere when you breastfeed your child.

Have you ever used techniques of pain management for coping with labor? It can be helpful so try this method.

Agitated and restless and feeling

Many mothers are agitated when nursing. Others describe this time as making the skin crawl. It doesn’t matter you select not to wean or do it. This task depends on the way you feel of nursing. Remember, such discomfort is there only when your baby is fed at your breast.

Sexual arousal

It may make a mother feel uncomfortable during her nursing session. In fact, the pregnancy is a period of more sexual feeling, the intense effect of your nipple stimulation mat provoke the unwelcome arousal. Such situation is indeed true for many women. Therefore, you need to assure that your complex feelings should not be inappropriate. Those feelings need not affect your child as well as are entirely normal. The way you choose to deal with it is your personal decision. You can distance your body mentally, wean, set nursing limits on each session, or decide to reduce ultimately.

Decreased milk supply

It is truly common during your fifth and fourth months during pregnancy. Of course, you are not the only one person in your nursing relationship. So, your plans may continue differently than your nursling. And the milk taste will change as well. At that time, your children may decide that your milk is already past the sell-by date. A mother can feel sad a little bit about your pregnancy brought the breastfeeding days to the premature end. However, your child outgrew the need in such case.

Should You Do Nursing While Pregnant?

To continue this task while pregnant can be a difficult decision for you. There is the physical reason for the idea that it cannot be a fantastic idea to do nursing, but it is extremely rare. Otherwise, the choice may depend on the way you feel much about providing your milk more to your older sibling when growing the new baby.


Only a mother know how well her older child can cope with the weaning as well as the way you feel about responding to the needs of your child at your breast. If you feel that the infant is considered ready to gently encourage for weaning. In this case, now can be you a good time to begin a completely new chapter of your lives. Also, your child is carefully attached to your breast. By this way, the weaning prospect can be much more than the amount you may able to handle during pregnancy. If you cannot sure, take every day when it comes then see where a day leads you.  Moreover, continued nursing is helpful to the adjustment of the toddler to your new baby.


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