Is Breastfeeding While Sick Harmful for Your Baby?

During the breastfeeding time, you and your baby usually pass many kinds of illnesses, from infections and colds to other chronic conditions such as diabetes and asthma. In fact, the infant is indeed exposed to your illness type before you are aware of. Thanks to the human milk, the antibodies which your body creates to combat your illness are passed into your breast milk. So your baby is given the protection and fighting abilities again such diseases. We will see fantastic solutions to caring for their health while continue breastfeeding.

Can You Breastfeed While Sick?

Under general circumstances, the typical answer can be yes. You can continue breastfeeding with a cold and even a stomach virus or regular flu. The reason for this is the baby is probably exposed to the illness one day before we can see symptoms. And can you breastfeed with a fever?  It is fine through. A fever is a way your body fight back to the disease. Also, with the assistance of the immune response, all fighting antibodies will be transferred to the baby via the breast milk. So, your infant will stays safe.

Every year, millions of women in the world who are nursing or pregnant are sick at the certain point of time. Most of them continue feeding their babies with breast milk, and they are still healthy then. If you are still not sure to continue breastfeeding while sick or not, read on below to know the adverse impacts of stop nursing.

However, you should visit the doctor to have the necessary treatment if a fever comes to you for three days and more. To keep your baby and yourself healthy, the health consultant also gives advice on the safe antibiotic for breastfeeding. It should be applied in the case that you have the bacterial infection which requires antibiotics.

What if You Have to Go to a Doctor?

Take a baby away after feeding

In fact, breastfeeding while sick makes you have more time to rest. You can tuck your baby into and nurse. Then, ask your husband or mothers to take her away when it is done. With the assistance of your family and relations, you could have the baby brought in for nursing every three hours. And the remaining time is for your relax.

Examine your body carefully

Each type of illnesses can result in different symptoms and require various treatment. If you only have a cold, it is quite simple as you will get better soon. However, if you get the scariest disease like cancer which causes the distress blood cells to increase rapidly without control, it can be an entirely different matter. However, many cancer types are cured completely if you can detect early as well as a treat promptly.

It is the reason why you should examine your body carefully to get the first sign. Remember to exam your breast on a monthly basis, and have the regular mammograms according to your doctor. When you suspect cancer, there are some kinds of the diagnostic tests should be used. Among them, a few tests did affect breastfeeding. But human milk cannot be affected by the x-rays. Therefore, you can nurse your baby safely and immediately afterward.

Be careful with the medicine

Furthermore, you must consider balancing the benefit and risk when deciding whether to take the medication while lactating or pregnant. For the majority of drugs, you should weigh the unlikely risk of these medications versus their real benefits which breast milk offers for the baby. The remaining drugs are usually safe for your infant. For common diseases like a cold or flu, it is not harmful at all when you use cold medicine during breastfeeding.

Dump and pump

If you only have a choice of going on the medication which is not compatible or recommended for breastfeeding while sick, you can dump and pump your milk. This way may keep the milk supply at the reasonable level while you are on that medication. So, you can give the baby stored formula or breast milk at the same time.

What Are the Effects of Stop Breastfeeding While Sick?

Weaning abruptly cannot be a good choice, especially if you are ill. When stop breastfeeding, you are at mastitis and engorgement risk along with your emotional distress regarding of the sudden weaning dedicated for both your baby and you.

5 Things a Nursing Mom Should Do When She Is Not Well

  • Continue breastfeeding while sick. In fact, withholding the breast milk increases the chance that your baby will be sick, and deprives her of the superior nutrition and comfort of nursing.
  • You may also measure in order to prevent the baby from being sick by trying some usual things, including limiting direct contact, washing hands regularly, avoid coughing or sneezing on baby, etc. All of these methods will help you much to stop the illness spread. If your infant gets sick and does not need to nurse, you should let her rest. And you may reduce the provided volume of milk until she gets better.
  • While you are ill, try to drink as much of fluids as possible. The more fluid you drink, the better the milk supply is. It means your body is getting stronger as time passes. But remember not to drink the doubted types of fluids as drinking coffee while breastfeeding can be not good for your sick body. Our advice is the same for drinking wine and beer while breastfeeding because the alcohol sometimes makes your health condition worse.
  • A breastfeeding mom should consider carefully before taking any drugs while ill. As a matter of fact, the manufacturers usually change the active ingredients. Therefore, you need always read their label carefully or consult the doctor before using any drug.
  • Finally, always wash the hands before contacting your baby or before breastfeeding. And you may spend sufficient time to take a rest. If the situation is worse than before, you should come to see a doctor for a timely advice.

The Verdict

In short, the most important thing you may do for the baby while ill is to breastfeed. Your milk may not transmit the illness to your infant. However, the breast milk has antibodies which are specifically dedicated to the disease plus other elements your baby, or you are exposed to. So, they will help prevent your infant from being sick. For all the above reason, breastfeeding while sick is not harmful to your baby in most of the general cases.


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