Can You Donate Blood While Breastfeeding?

Have you donated blood to the hospital before your pregnancy? Are you going to start donating your blood again, especially when you are no longer pregnant with your newborn baby? If a mom is breastfeeding her baby, she may wonder whether it is entirely safe to donate blood. How about you? Can you donate blood while breastfeeding? While the blood donation may require your healthy and fit status, there are several rules which apply to all breastfeeding mothers.

When Is the Best Time to Donate Blood?

According to Blood Donation Eligibility Guidelines of the American Red Cross, the potential donors should:

  • Accept breastfeeding mothers
  • Defer while being pregnant
  • Delay at least 12 months in the case of delivery required the blood transfusion.
  • And defer six weeks after having a baby

Can You Donate Blood While Breastfeeding?

The typical answer should be yes. Let’s assume that you are not at the anemia risk or other different medical problems which may prohibit to donate blood. However, you still worry about suffering the infection from this action. In fact, nothing can be inserted into your body except one needle. With the sterile technique, the disease risk from the process of blood donation can be extremely low. Such risk is even less than when having your blood drawn right at the office of your doctor.

How Long After Giving Birth Can You Donate Blood?

Even though all eligible moms who may not be anemic could give blood, you should not do it in your first 6 months postpartum. Delivery, either C-section or vaginal, is indeed stressful to the body. So, you need sufficient time in order to recover as well as regain your circulating blood cells which were lost during the delivery. After six weeks since giving birth, a mother generally gets back to the standard level of the health condition.

Considerations of Donating Blood While Breastfeeding

Hydrated level

In the case that a breastfeeding mom wants to donate her blood, she should be careful to be hydrated. As a matter of fact, water is accounted for 87% of human milk. As the blood donation may take 15 ounces of the blood from your body, you need such equivalent amount of liquid immediately to replace. That is what blood donors can be offered one substantial meal prior to donating blood as well as drink large water quantities afterward.

Since the milk supply can be dependent heavily on your hydrated level, you need to drink water after and before donating blood. Besides, having a snack of 200 calories around that time can help you be good then. After the donation, mothers are advised not to carrying and heavy lifting their babies.

Milk supply

There are opposite opinions regarding donating blood while breastfeeding. In fact, this process causes a little blood loss and fluid loss, so there can be the theoretical possibility of the short-term reduction in your milk supply. Mothers with the vulnerable supplies can avoid donation if she wants. In general, if you are not currently pregnant, have reasonable iron levels, and does not take the antibiotics with the weight of more than 105 pounds, you are considered a good blood donor.


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