Things to Know for Mixing Breastmilk And Formula

The breastmilk is the best development for infants. However, sometimes with many different reasons, the mothers are not enough milk for the baby. At this time, many people must combine breastmilk and formula. Thus, can you mix breastmilk and formula? Has your baby tried already? To know more information about this mixing, you need some basic knowledge relating it. This is really effective for your baby health as well as his development. In addition, the combination has the important meaning. All of them will be shown in this article. Please take your time to refer to three following suggestions.

When Should You Mix Breastmilk And Formula?

Your Body Does Not Produce Enough Milk

This case becomes very popular with a lot of mothers who must apply the method of mixing breastmilk and formula. Normally, the mother’s body is not made enough milk for the newborn with some typical causes as follows:

  • Generally, to give your baby the breast more, your body will produce more milk. After birth, your baby has a problem about his health. Thus, both the mother and the baby must be separated in the hospital. Of course, your baby does not have a chance to suck the breast. This will affect too much to lactate of the mother.
  • Besides, with the women who spend a surgery relating to the breast, this is one of the reasons to limit the lactation of the woman.

To improve these causes, some tips for you are very important at this time. You will apply the safe methods to stimulate your breast to lactate the milk. For example:

  • Nursing is an effective way for your milk production. Even this method is more effective than pumping.
  • You should pay attention to your daily diet. It is extremely important. The foods will contribute to producing milk of your body significantly. You should choose more nutritious foods which they will stimulate for the lactation.

Choosing The Suitable Time for Mixing

In the first month, you try to give your baby the breast. If your body can not make enough milk you can give your baby to the infant formula when he is two month of age. In this stage, your baby has a habit of breastfeeding. And sometimes he feeds the formula so this will not affect the breastmilk a lot. But you should remember that the nutrition experts recommend that all infants should be breastfed within 6 months of his age.

How Will Combining or Mixing Breastmilk with Formula Affect Your Baby?

Many people agree to combine breastmilk with formula in the baby. This will make some people be curious that what effect will mix breastmilk with formula. To explain this inquiry, you can look at some things below:

Affect The Feeding Habit of The Baby

Mixing breastmilk with formula can affect the feeding needs frequently of you baby. Normally, you will make the right of infant formula as in the instruction of the infant formula. Your baby will breastfeed less. From there, the milk in your body will lactate less.

Affect The Digestive System of The Baby

Surely, the breastmilk will have a lot of benefits for the baby. When combining the infant formula, the baby’s immune system can against some infection. Most of the babies meet the intestinal infection.

On the other hands, when having the combination between the breastmilk and formula, there are some health implications in the baby. It is called the changes of the intestinal bacteria. This is very important. Therefore, before deciding to use the infant formula, you should discuss the professional breastfeeding counselor who has a lot of experience about this.

How Can You Combine Formula with Breastmilk?

You know that it can combine formula with breastmilk. But how you can mix them properly is a big problem. To help you find out the most suitable methods, you should note some basic things such as:

  • You want to combine the breastmilk and formula. You should cut down the number of breastfeeding gradually. At this time, you will introduce the infant formula. In the first time, you should not reduce the breastmilk a lot. It is better to reduce slowly.
  • Depending on each baby, you can offer the formula before or after breastfeeding. Even, the mother can give the formula in the middle of the breastfeed. By anyway, you must ensure that your baby has a comfortable feeling to have this mixing.
  • Can you mix breastmilk and formula together in a bottle? This question is very common. Some mothers said that the baby is not familiar with formula taste. Mixing breastmilk and formula each other in a bottle is a great idea. However, it is wrong thinking. This is explained that you are wasting the breastmilk because your baby can not finish this bottle. So you should suck the breastmilk and pour into the bottle. After drinking the breastmilk completely, your baby can drink more. At this time, you will add formula for feeding.
  • Especially, with the breastmilk, you can keep in the fridge for a short time. But you can apply this way for the formula. To ensure the baby’s health, if your baby does not drink all you should not use again for the next times. This will avoid the growth of bacteria.

With four things above, they are very good to help you know how to mix the breastmilk with formula. However, you should consider your baby’s health and your body’s milk situation.


There are a lot of reasons that many mothers want to combine the breastmilk with the formula for their babies. Whatever the cause, this combination is quite safe and appropriate. In addition, you do not think that in the formula, there are some essential nutrients like the breastmilk. You will encourage him to drink formula as soon as possible. But the breastmilk will bring a lot of benefits for the digestive system as well as the baby’s health. I think this article just provides the necessary things for mixing breastmilk and formula in the baby. Hope this information be really useful for all young mothers.


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