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Hair Loss During Pregnancy: Causes and Treatments

During pregnancy, women’s conditions change a lot. One of these changes is hair loss very much. Let’s find the causes of hair loss during pregnancy! Why Is the Hair Loss Common in Pregnant Women? The main culprit is the increase in progesterone and estrogen hormones. Although hair becomes thinner and thinner, it cannot cause the […]

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How to Escape From Toothache During Pregnancy?

Along with the joy as you have set out on the most wonderful journey ever, you must be suffering some undesirable symptoms as well. These annoying signs come from the physical and hormonal changes of pregnancy and are unavoidable. Among these, there is a common “gift” that many women get – yes, that is toothache. […]

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Is It Safe to Take Aspirin During Pregnancy?

As far as I know, raised maternal bleeding may occur during your delivery when you use aspirin within 1 week during or prior to that time. Prolonged Labor and gestation were reported because of its prostaglandin inhibition. But in some common aspects, is it safe to take aspirin during pregnancy? In fact, aspirin with a […]

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