What You Should Know About Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy?

cloudy urine while pregnancy

As taking a urine test is the popular way to know whether you are pregnant or not, most of the mom-to-be should pay sufficient attention to their urine. What if you witness the cloudy urine during pregnancy, what are you supposed to do? Is this a grave symptom of your weak health or does it cause any harm to your baby? Let’s figure out together in our brief yet, intensive article.

What Is Cloudy Urine During Pregnancy?

As a matter of fact, cloudy urine can be very common during pregnancy. Even though you are a nursing mom, it may happen sometimes. While cloudy urine pregnancy is the result of many reasons, you should consider some serious ones for proper actions carefully. One popular cause of dark brownish urine sign of pregnancy can be not hydrated enough. If you usually drink sufficient water during a day, you will be no longer worry about this matter.

Not many of us know about another possible reason of cloudy urine pregnancy, the diet-related one. So, it is relatively simple for you to remove by making quick changes to the diet. What’s more? The next period you go to the toilet, keep in mind to check the urine. If it looks cloudy or dark, you are somewhat suffering this particular problem.

If you are sufficiently hydrated, there is no issue of cloudy urine pregnancy may reach you. However, other symptoms during your pregnancy period also let you see the dark brownish urine after leaving the toilet. And dehydration is only one of many reasons you might or might not know. So, keep reading to figure out all by yourself.

What Is the Symptom of the Cloudy Urine While Pregnancy?

When it comes to cloudy urine, you may not leave this issue out like the way you do with hair loss during pregnancy as many moms-to-be choose to do. Among other symptoms, the most obvious one is the dark brownish color of your urine. Although it does not look right in a way or another, you only have to pay attention if having other ridiculous accompanying symptoms, such as:

  • Burning sensation or pain when urinating.
  • Cannot control the urine stream.
  • Cramps.
  • Different or more vaginal discharge compared to usual syndromes.

Potential Reasons of Cloudy Pee During Pregnancy

The dark brownish urine while pregnancy can be very popular and you may suffer from it due to a variety of reasons. Several of reasons are harmless while others can not affect you in a negative way. For easy ones, you can treat them simply at your home while the remaining will require the medication or close monitoring of the doctor for your whole pregnancy duration.  Here are six possible reasons of cloudy urine pregnancy, which mostly happen in your early pregnancy.


You will soon discover that certain drugs may alter the urine’s appearance. Our advice is to read as many instructions as possible if you are taking medications to check whether this medicine could have a typical side effect. Also, you should alert your midwife or health consultant to all of your currently used medications, including the aspirin during pregnancy. Therefore, she or he can help to look out for any side effect if applicable.

Urinary tract infections

This disease is also known as UTIs which can make your urine to be cloudy.  It may result from many different reasons. But the most common one is due to you have not peed frequently enough. For this reason, it is important to go whenever you want to. Some pregnant women have to urinate a lot but do not hesitate, or you will have to deal with UTs.  Once diagnosed, this issue can be quickly treated with the appropriate medication.


Different with the two first reasons, this condition can be more common in the third and second trimester.  Proteinuria occurs if your urine contains the high concentrations of protein.  It can be the warning sign of the preeclampsia at the early stage when accompanying by the high blood pressure. Among other listed reason, proteinuria is one serious and critical prenatal condition which will require the close monitoring dedicated for the pregnancy duration.


Not only a mom-to-be but also all of us will have the cloudy urine if we do not drink sufficient amount of water. From 8 to 10 glasses per day is required for an adult to stay away from this issue.  Dehydration usually causes your urine to stay darker apart from being cloudy. As a matter of fact, this reason is quickly rectified but underlying the medical conditions sometimes cause dehydration that requires the medical intervention.

Certain Foods

The abrupt changes in your dietary can trigger some pregnancy issues, including cloudy urine. A variety of foods, comprising dairy, asparagus, and orange juice may cause this problem.  If there are some suspected kinds like the culprit, you should maintain your food diary while noting all urinary changes. It is indeed a wonderful way to keep track of what you drink or eat. Then, conclude which one results in your cloudy urine.


The sixth cause of cloudy urine while pregnancy should be the rising hormones level.  In this case, your body starts producing hCG or pregnancy hormone, after placenta forms. The level of this hormone doubles for every two days until your 11th of pregnant week approximately before leveling off.  Some of the hormones can find their own way into your urine and make it become cloudy.  In the case hormones is your primary cause of the urinary change, let it resolve itself unit the end of your first trimester.

In fact, urine is likely to be cloudy in the early morning after keeping in your bladder throughout the night.  For the issue resulting from severe conditions like infections, you may watch out of other symptoms which can be likely to occur as well.

When Should You Start to Worry?

It does not matter what the cause is, you are recommended to be cautious while noticing any possible changes in your urine color or appearance. Furthermore, you should consult the doctor soon to avoid any regrets afterward. If you have to suffer from the cloudy urine during pregnancy, the first thing you should do can be to determine the cause of this issue. A quick visit to your doctor will find out its actual reason and then, choose your best treatment.

Antibiotics are considered the usual action course but you should not use them in all cases as some certain types of antibiotics are somewhat not safe for pregnant women. However, do not panic if you get the cloudy urine. It does not harm the baby in most of the case. You should get this issue sorted directly for the happiness and health of your own. Even though it can cure itself, you should go to your doctor if your cloudy urine persists for more than three days.


In short, normal urine can be known as the clear urine. Not only has the urine color indicated your status of health, but also does the consistency and smell. Of many common indicators of our health, urine usually exists as the fantastic gauge. So, if you have cloudy urine along with the burning sensations, foul odor, cramps, incontinence, pain in your back or abdominal region, you need to contact the healthcare professional shortly.


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