How to Treat and Prevent a Cough During Pregnancy

Cough During Pregnancy

The immune system of all women tends to change when they start their pregnancy. So, they can contract a cough, a cold or flu during pregnancy. The illness of pregnant women usually lasts longer as well. Although you may feel fatigued, its symptoms may not be dangerous to the baby. However, you should take the appropriate measures to prevent and treat a severe cough during pregnancy.

What Is a Cough?

A cough can be known as the reflex action in order to clear the airways of irritants and mucus under the NHS. This viral infection often causes this disease which will clear up during the maximum of two weeks. However, you need to go to meet your doctor if you suffer a persistent cough. Some of the women keep complaining about how frustrating and uncomfortable a cough is during their early pregnancy. As a matter of fact, the constant coughing makes your stomach sore. Sometimes it hurts and does not let you sleep during the night.

Why Do Pregnant Women Cough More?

For all pregnant women, their immune system tends to protect their developing baby more than warding their daily illnesses off. It means that you will be susceptible to different germs which cause a cold and cough during early pregnancy. If you are suffering a cough while pregnancy, it is the way that your body tries to let you rest and slow down. For this reason, the more break time you take, the faster you will get well.

Will the Unborn Infant Be Affected Negatively by a Cough?

Almost all mothers are worried about any applicable effect of a cough could have to their babies. If you were kept awake because off coughing, it means this symptom is getting more severe. When you have a cough, the tummy moves down and up, which the baby can feel. However, he or she will not be affected physically by the coughing. In the case you are uncomfortable, and as if you are straining the tummy muscles, you may use one hand to provide the lower abdomen the necessary support.

How to Prevent a Cough During Pregnancy

If you do not get a cough, your most important thing to consider is to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Ensure you eat nutritiously, have regular exercises, and get the sufficient sleeping time. Apart from these stuffs, it is critical for you to take the prenatal vitamins and probiotics. Also, wash the hands regularly. In the case there is someone suffered from a cough around you, avoid eating after or touching the hands. Take additional effort to have your hands washed more frequently in this particular situation.

You may not keep yourself entirely be protected from a cough, but you should try some ways to minimize it, like our following suggestions:

  • Drink fresh orange or lemon juice as much as possible. (They will provide vitamin C for your body).
  • Try to have sufficient rest and sleep.
  • Follow the fantastic hygiene by having your hands washed regularly with hot water and soap or by utilizing antibacterial drops for hands that are safe for even pregnant women.
  • Maintain a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Do cough into your hand or a tissue then, washes it. This way is great to avoid spreading germs.

What Are Cough Medicines While Pregnant?

Someone prefers to use Mucinex during pregnancy. Like Paracetamol, it can be fine for you to take, yet do not use Nurofen, Ibuprofen, or aspirin while pregnant. In the case you are particularly recommended by the doctor, taking Sudafed in pregnancy has not yet shown any negative impact so far.

Head to the local pharmacist in the case you have the habit of buying the medicines from some stores or supermarkets. By this way, you will be provided information about the most suitable and safest method. Ensure that you read all medication packets before using as some drugs may be dangerous for pregnant women to take. Also, several types of medicines take effects on your baby in your first trimester yet, are safe in your third and second third trimester.

Our following list of typical medications poses a small risk to the baby during your pregnancy. However, you should consult with the doctor before using any drugs to relieve the symptoms.

  • Anesthetic lozenges for a sore throat can ease any pain in the throat.
  • Acetaminophen like Tylenol is used to treat headaches, alleviate body aches, and fevers.
  • Mucinex® Bilayer Tablets provide you 12 relieving Hours of your cough.
  • TheraFlu Expressmax can be used for both night time and Daytime. In the case you are experiencing a severe cough and cold, this Syrup can be your Value Pack.
  • Bee Propolis is one typical type of spray to support your Immune and deal with Sore Throat. It is a natural medicine for a cough and excellent for kids’ usage.
  • Robitussin Lingering Cold CoughGels has the Long-Acting usage up to 8 Hours. You can use this Cough Suppressant to be entirely relieved.
  • HALLS Sugar-Free Cough Drops have the particular taste of Honey Lemon and will be suitable for both children and adults.
  • Delsym Extended Release-Suspension is recommended for all Adults with the Alcohol-free ingredients and Grape taste. This product may relieve your cough temporarily due to bronchial irritation and minor throat which usually occur with a common cold or cough.

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7 Simple Ways to Treat a Cough During Pregnancy

Let’s try treating a cough by following our below-suggested ways:

Alleviate a sore throat

You can try to Suck on the ice chips, gargle with salt water, or drink the warm tea.

Get your ample rest

Simply Take sleep, naps through the day and night while do not forget to sit down and relax. They are wonderful ways to provide your body needed break time. As a matter of fact, the clear importance of a bed rest while being pregnant was proven.

Reduce congestion

By placing one humidifier right in the room, you may keep the head elevated directly on the pillow when using the nasal strips, or resting.

Drink fluids much

Drink broth, water, or juice to add sufficient fluids back to your body.

Treat associated symptoms

For your comfort, you should treat all symptoms related to your cough.

Eat well

Even you may not be able to stomach three larger meals; you may try eating some small portions on a regular basis.

Reduce the amount of OTC medications

This way is because you are pregnant. So, many medications which a mom normally use to deal with the cough symptoms are considered not safe for her to take while your pregnancy.

When to Come to Your Doctor

A mother-to-be should visit the doctor due to her couch during pregnancy. It is necessary to call your doctor if its symptoms cause you to sleeping, or stop eating. The case can be much worse if they may last for some days without any signs of improving. Besides, consulting the physician if you are suffering a fever of 39° C or greater.

Last but not least, ensure to see your doctor in the case the cough can be accompanied by the wheezing or chest pain. You also should do that if you start to cough up the discolored mucus. For these two situations, your doctor can prescribe the antibiotic in order to kill all infections.

A Consideration of a Whooping Cough

At first, whooping cough can be the contagious infection which can be characterized by violent, excessive, and coughing accompanied with the breath intake of breath which makes the whooping sound. Therefore, pregnant women should receive the required amount of Tdap vaccine for each of the pregnancies, preferably when you are at between the 20th weeks of your pregnancy.

This way will ensure that all necessary protection against typical symptoms of your whooping cough should be passed down to your baby for several months right after he or she was born. Since your child may not receive the first vaccine for your whooping cough until they turn to 2 months old, using this vaccine during pregnancy may ensure the infant can be entirely protected.

Final word

In short, a cough can be troublesome enough to you. As you are a pregnant woman, common discomforts may become significant issues. We hope that you may answer well some questions after reading this article. What should you do to prevent and treat a cough during pregnancy? Is coughing taking harmful effects in the pregnant body? Keep in mind to put your body at rest before worrying that yourself will be sick about a cough.


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