Is Expired Pregnancy Test Still Working? #5 Will Make You Surprised

Most women prefer taking a pregnancy test at home. However, statistics show that approximately 15% pregnancy tests give them unconvincing results. As the reasons for such inaccurate outcome vary, we should pay more attention to one actual cause, the expired pregnancy test. Let’s first get to know this issue which people do not give much thought about an expired date of the pregnancy test stick. Then, you may have sufficient knowledge to choose the most suitable pregnancy kit for you among a plenty of available types in the pregnancy test market.

Are You Acutely Aware That All Pregnancy Tests Have the Expiration Date?

The primary working purpose of Pregnancy tests is to detect the level of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or hCG in your body, especially the urine. With the huge amount of hCG, you are likely pregnant. The test stick has chemicals to detect the hCG level. Like other products, it has a shelf life. If you do not use them, the chemical will become inactive.

Its expiration date is often indicated the certain month and year. However, some women confuse whether they should use the pregnancy test stick on the first or last day of that month. It somehow increases your difficulties to determine if you are pregnant or not.

When Do Your Pregnancy Tests Typically Expire?

The reason for the pregnancy test turns to be obsolete varies. However, test sticks usually last a maximum of 3 years. As a matter of fact, the more expensive a pregnancy test is, the longer periods it will be sufficient. So, cheaper ones tend to own a shorter life. Also, some low-priced pregnancy tests likely expire a bit earlier than their indicated date on their packaging.

Are Early Pregnancy Tests Out of Date?

Early pregnancy tests may have the higher sensitivity in detecting the particular hormone of the mom-to-be. So, those tests can detect the low hCG levels which are the cases early in the pregnancy. Sometimes, it may give the accurate results prior to the time you realizes of missing your period. How soon this type of test may predict your pregnant status? Usually, 4 days before your missed period comes. Just like other kinds of pregnancy tests, it also expires.

Are Expired Pregnancy Tests Accurate?

Sometimes, your concern comes up as to whether or not the expired pregnancy test accuracy and the final answer to the question are controversial.

Right after a pregnancy test stick leaves the production premise, the chemical for hCG testing starts to break slowly. It means this particular chemical may be almost depleted at the expiry date. The results a woman gets from an expired pregnancy test can be inconsistent as well as disappointing. So, do not waste your time with an out-of-date stick? As its price is not that high, buy a new pregnancy test for the correct result or make your own a homemade pregnancy test.

Other Circumstances Which Give False Positive/Negative Results

Although the results of pregnancy tests may be reliable in most of the case, they are sometimes inaccurate and provide false results. How will you feel if expired pregnancy test false negative? Try other certain conditions to determine your exact result. But, well, you should take a look at the below situations and avoid them if applicable.

#1: Irregular Cycles

Any woman who has the irregular cycle may not be able to predict the next period. These women could not make sure the exact time they miss their period. In such circumstance, you can retest after some days.

#2: Incorrect Technique While Testing

You should read the user instructions from the manufacturer carefully to make sure using the pregnancy test correctly. The time to take the test may affect its result. Taking a pregnancy test at night is not recommended as it can deviate the actual hCG level in your body. You should place the stick in the first urine passing in the morning right after you wake up because it is time you have the highest hCG concentration.

Take detailed note of whether you have one midstream or standard test which you need to dip your pregnancy test stick into your urine. It will take a maximum of 3 minutes, and you can read its results in the next 7 minutes. After that, the result will be invalid.

#3: Miscarriage

In some particular case, HCG levels can still be found in your urine after your pregnancy ended in the miscarriage. And you have to wait several weeks until the level of HCG drops.

#4: Ectopic Pregnancy

When your fertilized egg did not implant into your uterus, the action of such egg implanted in your fallopian tubes is called the ectopic pregnancy. Frankly, this pregnancy type is indeed not viable so the embryo may not develop. The ectopic pregnancy still shows regular hCG rise which may lead to the false positive.

#5: Being Too Avid to Test

You may get the wrong answer if taking the pregnancy test too soon. In this situation, there is not enough HCG produced in the urine so the pregnancy test strip cannot detect them entirely. A few pregnant women still show the false negative right after her first missed period due to this reason.

If you fall into this circumstance, you should repeat the test after a few days to create the sufficient time for the levels of HCG to increase. Due to such rapidly rising hCG concentrations in a pregnant woman, the negative result two week after your missed period can be fairly accurate.

#6: Misreading the Test

When the urine actually evaporates from your test strip, only 1 colorless line may appear on your strip window which is mistaken as the positive result. As the pregnancy tests are indeed designed to change the color for the positive result, you should wait until the required time to read the exact results. You also should discard the stick as well as never reuse, regardless of your result.


Apart from the accuracy, sensitivity level, and price of the pregnancy test, the expiry date can be the critical factor after selecting your correct test. You may not be sure of your final result if using the expired pregnancy test. The most important thing you may look at while buying the pregnancy test can be to check the expiration date. After that, you can get your pregnancy test to get right results.


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