First Response Pregnancy Test Faint Line – Don’t Be Panic If You Get A Very Faint Line

First Response is a wide-known brand in pregnancy testing kits. Many women from all over the world rely on their testing kits. Because it can tell you if you are pregnant sooner, 6 days before your next period. Due to the manufacture and other users, it is believed to provide more than 99% accurate results in less than 3 minutes.

However, sometimes it still falls into the rest one percent. You take the test and look forward to the second line but it just shows up really faint. You might try to wait a bit more or even pee on it again, but you are still wondering. Should I be excited now or not? Because the First Response pregnancy test faint line is so confusing and you don’t want to be disappointed later.

Does The Faint Line Means You Are Pregnant Or Not?

Every woman knows how to use the pregnancy test kit but not fully understand how to read the result. The first darker line let you know the test is working correctly. And the second one for the main effect can be truly different in strength of the line for each woman. It is very common.

The true is, if you can see the second line, even a First Response pregnancy test faint line, you are probably pregnant. In case the second line is strong, then go ahead to celebrate with your partner for this exciting news.

But What Can Make The Test Go Wrong?

Normally, the most common mistake is you have missed the instruction of the manufacturer. Some testing kits might be a bit different of tricky to get the right result. So always read the instruction carefully.

Sometimes, the result could be changed by the effect of other products like detergent or soap when you wash your hand, the cup or the test. Remember, you don’t have to wash the test before use because it’s already sterile.

Another clumsy reason is the test could be expired so that it leads to a wrong result. You might store some pregnancy test at home, and after a long time, it can be expired or broken easily if you don’t keep it right.

Otherwise, the test is also influenced by alcohol, medicine or some special treatments you are using.

Things You Should Do When Getting Faint Lines On First Response Test

As I mentioned before, even a faint line still have a chance that you are pregnant. So a few more days to wait and take a good care is worth before you take another test.

During these longest days of your life, following some pregnancy rules is necessary and makes the time go faster. You can check some of these below:

  • Careful eating and stay away from negative food such as raw food, caffeine, and smoking.
  • Gentle exercise for pregnant woman
  • Take some extra prenatal vitamins
  • Consult your doctor if you are using any medicine to make sure it doesn’t affect to your pregnant
  • Rest and careful in activities, don’t take it too hard

Then after a few days, take another test. You can change another model or brand to make sure it right. In case you still get a faint line or even a first response pregnancy test positive, don’t hesitate to check with your doctor for the proper result.

An Easy And Trusted Testing Kit For You – First Response Early Result Pregnancy Test 3 Ct

When you think you might be pregnant, the sooner you know, the better for you and your child. With this thought in mind, First Response has introduced a new pregnancy detected technology in their testing kits. The test is believed to let you know if you are pregnant 6 days sooner than your regular period.

It’s also designed for better handle and grip when taking the test. The tip also bigger to target and the shape are curved to make the test the most comfortable. You don’t have to use a cup and avoid the mess after that.

Within 3 minutes, you can see the result in a big window and easy to read. They also packed 3 tests in a package so you can always take another one if you are not confident.


  • Easy and comfortable to use
  • 3 tests included
  • Quick and pretty accurate


  • The faint line happens quite frequently

Some Tips To Make Sure Your Test Is More Reliable

  • Take the pregnancy test after your menstrual period is due.
  • Always take the test in the morning.
  • ​Read and follow the instruction of manufacture
  • ​Make sure the test is still useable
  • ​Do not clean or wash the test in the package before use
  • Wait the precise amount of time suggested by the test. The result after that time is not recommended to trust.
  • Try another test on 2-3 days later to confirm.


Get pregnant is a magical thing and you can only understand once you have it. So if you are planning to be a mother, then don’t be worried about a first response pregnancy test faint line. You can always make it right, and your lovely child will come to you when you unexpected the most.


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