How to Have a Safe Hair Dyeing During Pregnancy?

“You are not a bad mother for wanting to feel good about yourself.” – a member of a motherhood forum teaches me. These motivational words help me keep writing this article about dying hair while pregnant. Some doctors will tell you not to do this, but they are definitely wrong. Pregnant women can have a safe hair dyeing as any other people in the world.

Can I Really Dye My Hair When I’m Pregnant?

Here we get to know the myth about dying hair while pregnant.

Unless you are eating the dyes, it is safe as always. Even when you are pregnant, there is hardly a chance these chemicals can affect your body.

Researchers have found that our scalp keeps the majority of the dyes out of our body. So, the chemicals cannot reach our internal organs. Just a very small amount of the dyes is absorbed through our skin. But the number is too little to actually harm anything, including your fetus. Therefore, there aren’t many threats from hair dyes for both normal people and pregnant women.

Moreover, researchers admit that most of the previous studies which show negative results are taken before the late 1970s. In that period of time, hair dyes were made from ingredients which cause cancer and other diseases. Now everything’s changed. Hair product manufacturers always use chemicals that are licensed and proved be healthy and friendly.

If you still don’t believe me, let’s take a look at the 1994 studies of Bunin, which observed on 321 cases of childhood astrocytic glioma or primitive neuroectodermal tumors of the brain. He confirmed that “Maternal use of hair-coloring products during pregnancy was not associated to with childhood development of astrocytoma.” It was a population-based study, so you can trust its credit and reliability.

So, with all the evidence above, can I dye my hair during pregnancy? Actually, the hair product is safe, but it’s only 70% of the whole process. The remaining 30% is up to you. If you have proper usage and precautions, you can feel free to have colored hair.

7 Precautions to Guarantee a Safe Hair Dyeing During Pregnancy

1.  Dye hair only after the 1st trimester

I disagree with doctors who stop you from dyeing your hair. But I have to say that you shouldn’t do it too soon in your pregnancy. For the sake of the child, you shouldn’t do anything related to chemicals in your first trimester, the first 3 months.

This is a very important stage of the baby development. Muscles, hair follicles or nail beds just be formed. They are still weak and vulnerable. Even a tiny damage can destroy them and results in further conditions. So you need to let go of your joy and wait for the baby to become stronger. You can start dyeing your hair in the fourth month of the pregnancy.

2.  Have a partial dyeing

Although the ingredients are proved to be safe, it’s better if you can minimize the direct exposure to them. Moreover, for pregnant women, you may have less hair due to hormonal changes, and thus have more exposure to the dyes. So, it’s safer if you dye only part of your hair during pregnancy. That means you should try some partial dyeing techniques, instead of having the entire hair colored such as: Highlighting, lowlighting, streaking or frosting

3.  Wash your hair soon after the necessary time for dying

The longer you’re exposed to the dyes, the higher chance your health will be affected. On its package, you can look for the needed time for the dyes to bend to your hair. It is often 1 to 2 hours after putting them on the strands. After that period of time, you must take a shower immediately. Or if you can’t manage, just wash your head with clean water.

4.  Avoid as much direct exposure as possible

When you’re pregnant, hair dyeing should be taken carefully. Not only the head, you should avoid direct exposure to hair products as much as possible. Carrying out the hair dyeing in a large and well-ventilated room. If you go to a spa, select a big and professional one. They usually have special rooms and treatments for pregnant women.

If you’re dyeing yourself, remember to put on the disposable gloves. They will protect your hands. Make sure that you don’t breathe in a poisonous air by opening the windows. Also, turning the air-conditioner on to remove toxic fumes. Wearing a gauze mask is also a good idea. It prevents you from inhaling the toxic and even unintentionally eating the chemicals.

5.  Read and follow instructions

Whether you have experience with hair dyeing or not, try to read the instructions. Some kinds of hair products have different usage and safety notices. If you are careless, you may pay for such a little mistake.

Some of my friends left the dyes on their hair overnight. In the following morning, they woke up and got an itching head with a bunch of rashes. More serious, they had a risk of getting inflammation as the chemicals stay too long on their hair. It’s lucky that none of them are pregnant, or the results would be worse.

6.  Try with a small area of hair before actual dyeing

During the pregnancy, your hormones will change and it changes everything. You may become allergic to a substance that you’ve never been before. This is why dyeing while pregnant is more difficult than normal. So, make an experiment with a small amount of your hair before actually dyeing is necessary.

7.  Use healthy or natural dyes

It’s better if you use healthier hair dyes, either you’re pregnant or not. You should choose a gentler, ammoniac-free color for your hair (Ammonia is considered toxic which affect your health in long-term exposure). Semi-permanent hair dye is an excellent idea. These types of dyes fade away easier and quicker, result in less exposure to your scalp.

Another option is to use vegetables or henna dyeing. Vegetable dyes are natural hair products that contain the same synthetic compound ingredients as of normal dyes. But they have less side-effect and are somewhat cleaner.

Henna dyeing uses henna powder to produce the same results as traditional methods. It is more messy, harder to clean and expensive, but it’s worth trying. Because it uses natural ingredients that prove safer for human than any other kinds of dyes.

Recommended Products for Vegetable and Henna Dyeing

If you want to know some good vegetable and henna dyes, I can help you. Here are some of the most approved products and brands in the market.

  1. Herbatint Permanent Herbal Hair Colours
  2. Rainbow Henna
  3. The Henna Guys Pure & Natural Henna Powder
  4. Morrocco Method Int’l

What if I’m a Cosmetologist? Is It Safe to Continue My Work?

Studies show that women who work in cosmetology have higher risk of getting a miscarriage. These people are exposure to bleaches and hair products too much and too long. They work for more than 40 hours a week in poisonous conditions and become prone to diseases. They can face skin eruption, breathing issues or miscarriage, the worst situation.

So if you are a cosmetologist, consider lessening your workload at the time of pregnancy. It helps you secure your life and your beloved baby.


The next time someone ask you “Is it safe for dying hair while pregnant?” Just give them a big fat “Yes”. “Remember, the happier you are, the happier your family will be” Another great saying from the one that inspires me to complete this article. And I hope it can inspire you on your way, too.



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