7 Easy and Reliable Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Work

homemade pregnancy test

Pregnancy tests that are commonly sold in drugstores may vary in price, but they are all essentially the same thing. The companies that sell them attempt to make it seem as if there is a big difference between the products because they want customers to only buy their pregnancy tests. But even though the persistent marketing and commercials all attempt to influence women, the process doesn’t really change much.

A woman must urinate on a small plastic stick that contains litmus paper and chemicals in it. If there is a presence of a hormone called gonadotropin in the woman’s urine, then a plus sign will show up. If she isn’t pregnant, then there will be a minus sign instead.

Simpler versions reflect pink or blue colors or a heart to show the results. Some women want to know whether or not they should bother with spending the money for a test like this though, especially if they have struggled to get pregnant for years. That is where homemade pregnancy tests come in.

Read on for more information on why you should give them a chance and several ways how to make your own homade pregnancy test that is safe and accurate.


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Why Women Should Try Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Not everyone can just drop by a store to pick up the supplies that they need. Sometimes, there are other constraints that prevent them from getting important necessities like this, such as distance. Women who live far away from a drug store or a nearby town may not be able to get to a place that sells pregnancy testing supplies.

This can be rather inconvenient if a woman needs to know the answer right away. Sometimes, women also have health issues that can be affected by pregnancy, such as diabetes or heart disease. If they continue to take their medications, then the fetus could be harmed.

This is dangerous because many prescription medications can cause birth defects. So they might want to know a quick answer before they continue to take them. A woman who tends to smoke or drink frequently might also need a fast test because she would not want to continue her habits if she was pregnant because they could harm the baby too.

The Benefits of Natural Pregnancy Tests

If you are losing sleep because you have to know whether or not you are expecting a baby, then trying one of these tests will help you to finally get some rest. They are all safe and discreet. No one will ever know that you are taking a pregnancy test because all of the ingredients are just household supplies that look surprisingly unsuspicious.

There is no worrying about how to conceal a plastic pregnancy test and its wrapper. All you have to do is hide away with your supplies in a room that has a lock to it. A bathroom usually works the best because it is in close proximity to a toilet that makes it easier for collecting urine.

And since the ingredients are already in most homes, there is nothing that has to be purchased. So the testing is free. This is very helpful for women who might not be able to afford a pregnancy test because of financial issues.

The Natural Signs of Pregnancy

To keep both you and your baby healthy, it is best to know as soon as possible if you are pregnant. Because of this, you should know the signs of what to look for in case you are definitely expecting a child. Usually, a woman will be able to know if she is pregnant as soon as her first missed menstrual period.

However, it is common for a period to be off by a few days if a woman is under a lot of stress or she has been exercising more often lately. So it isn’t always necessary to do pregnancy testing if your period is just one or two days later than it normally is. If a week has passed by, and there is still no sign of your monthly period, then go ahead though.

Occasionally, a woman will continue to get her period even though she is pregnant. So there are other signs that show that you could possibly be pregnant that you should also look for. Morning sickness is the biggest giveaway.

As soon as you wake up you will feel sick and nauseous, and this will last until around lunch time. Certain smells or foods may make you suddenly feel ill. Ginger ale and crackers will do little to ease the vomiting and queasiness.

But not every woman gets sick this way. Some are lucky enough to not get morning sickness. Your breasts might also feel swollen and sensitive, and your clothing may seem a little tight from weight gain around your mid-section.

Pregnant women start to feel tired and weak all the time when they would normally have lots of energy to do daily tasks too.

When to Take a Pregnancy Test

The best time to take a homemade pregnancy test is first thing in the morning. The amount of gonadotropin will be the highest at this time because it has been in the bladder all through the night. Pregnancy tests that are taken shortly after a missed period at a time later in the day might not be accurate.

Waiting at least one week after you are sure that your period was supposed to happen will improve the results. However, it is alright to test if you are getting all of the other signs of pregnancy and your period happens, but it seems lighter than normal. Just be sure that you still do the testing first thing in the morning after waking up.

If you are trying to conceal the possibility of being pregnant, you might want to have all of your supplies hidden under the bathroom sink ahead of time. If you are still concerned that someone might find out, then just urinate in a clean cup in the bathroom, and take your urine with you to another room where you can do the testing in private.

Be sure to only use a glass or plastic cup that does not have any chemical or soap residue in it. Metal containers can cause a false test result.

7 Homemade Pregnancy Tests That Work

All of these tests are simple to perform and require very few ingredients. They use household items to test for the gonadotropin instead of the chemical based ones that are found in stores.

All of the tests are accurate, but feel free to perform more than one of them to be sure of the results. Just don’t use the same urine in a second test. It must be performed the next day with new morning urine.

Find out more information about how to make a homemade pregnancy test

Homemade Pregnancy Test With Sugar

Who knew that the sweet powder that you add to your morning coffee could help you be able to know if you have conceived a child? Well it can!

First, sprinkle about a tablespoon of it into the bottom of a clear glass bowl. It doesn’t have to be very big. Then, after you have urinated in a clean cup, pour some of the urine over the sugar.

If it forms into clumps at the bottom of the bowl, then you are pregnant. If the sugar dissolves quickly, then you are not pregnant. Be sure to only use fresh granulated white sugar from the store when performing this test.

Any other type of sugar will not be accurate. Honey or artificial sweeteners are not an acceptable substitute.

Homemade Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste

This test requires plain toothpaste that has no color to it. Added dyes can have an impact on the results.

Squirt the same amount of toothpaste into a clear glass cup or bowl that you would normally brush your teeth with. Then, pour some of your fresh urine collected in the morning over it. It only takes about a tablespoon of it.
If you are pregnant, an instant reaction will occur. The mixture will turn blue, and it should look a little bit frothy. If it stays white, then there is no pregnancy hormone present.

Urine mixed with toothpaste usually gets frothy if they are kept together in a container for a while, so be sure to only go with the color change to determine if you are pregnant.

Pregnancy Test With Mustard Powder

This test works a little bit differently, since no urine testing is required. Simply soak in a tub full of warm bath water that has ground up mustard seeds in it. Relax in the water for 30 minutes to an hour before getting out and following your usual bath time routine.

The next part is the hardest part. You have to wait two more days for the results. If your period does not come within the next 48 hours, then you are definitely pregnant.

Mustard from the condiment section at a supermarket won’t work for this test. Only use powdered mustard seeds that have no other ingredients or sweeteners added to them.
Be sure to stick with the allotted amount of soaking time too. Staying in the water for too long or too little can affect the results.

Pregnancy Test With Tylenol and Peroxide

Use only brand name Tylenol capsules for this test. Off brands won’t have the same ingredients in them, so they might cause inaccurate results.

Crush up about two capsules of Tylenol in a clear glass bowl. Don’t use the liquid gel type of capsules. They have to be the regular hard white capsules.

Then, pour just enough peroxide over them to make the powder fizz. It will only take a small amount of it. Add a spoonful of your urine to the mixture.

After a couple of minutes, it will turn blue if you are pregnant. If not, it will remain colorless.

Vinegar Pregnancy Test

vinegar pregnancy test

When urine and vinegar that is from a woman combine, a chemical reaction occurs that will change the liquid’s color. So to perform this test, all you have to do is put equal parts of each liquid in a bowl then watch to see what happens. The results will be instant.
Only white distilled vinegar is used for this test. It doesn’t matter what brand of it that you have because all types of household vinegar have the same amount of acetic acid in them. They are usually standardized by the vinegar industry.

Apple cider vinegar and balsamic vinegar are both dark, so they would minimize the ability to see the change in color of the solution. That is why they are not acceptable for this pregnancy test.

Homemade Pregnancy Test With Bleach

Although this test is accurate, it does have some cautions regarding it because it requires such as strong chemical.

Always urinate in a separate clean container. Never attempt to urinate directly into the bleach because it could splash or spill and get on your body, and this could cause serious injuries. Also, never attempt to breathe in the bleach because it has dangerous fumes that could hurt you or your fetus if you are pregnant.

To perform the test, first put a spoonful of bleach in a clear glass container. Make sure that it has no residue from any cleaning products. Bleach should never be combined with anything that has chemicals because a dangerous chemical reaction can occur.

Add a few drops of your urine to the bleach. There will be an instant visual change in color if you are pregnant. If it stays clear, then you are not.

Pine Sol Pregnancy Test

There are two variations of this test that can be performed, which is helpful if you are some distance away from civilization and in need of a fast pregnancy test.

The first way is simple. Just pour a little Pine Sol cleaning solution into a clear glass container. Add an equal amount of fresh urine to it. A color change will occur if you are pregnant.

If you don’t happen to have any Pine Sol cleaning solution in your house, then you can gather pine cones and pine needles from trees instead. Soak them in your urine, and if you see a change in the color of the liquid, it is a positive test result.

This secondary test can only be used with pine needles or pine cones that have been freshly picked from pine trees. Those that are on the ground won’t work because wild animals or dogs in the vicinity might have urinated on them to mark their territory. This could throw off the test results.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are many ways to make an at home pregnancy test. They are all simple and safe to do in the comfort of your home. They are also discreet, so prying eyes won’t find out. And best of all, they are accurate.

It might seem silly to do pregnancy testing based on what some people think are just a bunch of old wives tales, but these tests actually have a scientific approach to them. The substances in the required ingredients all cause noticeable chemical reactions that can be seen by the naked eye. So in a way, they are using the exact same testing methods that the pregnancy tests sold in the stores are.

It is important to mention that a person should use these tests as only a baseline for the determination of pregnancy. If one or more of these tests come out as positive, then you should schedule an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. They are not meant to be a substitute for real medical care that you and your baby will need.

If you are concerned about someone finding out that you are pregnant, then consider going to a pregnancy clinic. They often do free pregnancy testing, and they will keep all of your information confidential. Pregnancy clinics can even give you more information about what to expect if this is your first pregnancy.


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