Complete Guide to Adult Coloring Supplies – How to Color?

how to color

Coloring is not only for children anymore. While kids can do the coloring with the Crayons, adults may take full advantages of other sophisticated tools. All the brush pens, watercolors, markers and so on can come along to help us explore our fantastic coloring world. So, one of the must-have gifts for you this winter should be adult coloring supplies. In fact, coloring tasks create a peaceful space for you to relax, practice mindfulness, and remove any anxieties. They are the wonderful tools to have fun and be creative as well!

However, where should you begin? Below are our professional art supplies and illustrated books to start your coloring habit.

Supplies You Will Need For Adult Coloring

Before starting the coloring journey, get yourself ready with the necessary adult coloring supplies. Nowadays, the question you should consider is not only about markers or pencils? There are lots of other things to facilitate you to do the coloring task. Let’s look at our below suggested list and choose the exact supplies you want.

Firstly, you need to select colored pencils with the high quality. It is one of the must-have items which can be designed for different expertise levels.

Secondly, coloring books should be indispensable to perform coloring.

Next, you should add a few colored markers to your collection of coloring supplies. The ones producing thin and precise lines and having the durable permanence are ideal.

How about gel pens that may let you create more vivid pictures?

Fifthly, think about buying one pencil sharpener that should be matched you’re your chosen pencils.

The most perfect clipboard should be made of sturdy metal so it can hold you do the job as the color making you to own the hands-free experience while coloring.

One desk lamp may prove its applicant when it is getting dark. It allows all of us to quickly affix the sufficient light to the clipboard for at least 10 consecutive hours.

Finally, pick up a lightweight, sturdy, and lap desk for maximum stability and comfort so you can clean it quickly?

Where To Get Coloring Supplies

Nowadays, shopping no longer means going directly to the stores, taking things, and then waiting to make payment in a long queue. To get adult coloring supplies, of course, you can go to some local and famous craft stores, find your desired tools, and self-bring them back home. To avoid the case that this shop is running out of coloring supplies and save your time, purchase online instead of.

Adult Coloring Books

When selecting the most beautiful coloring book, you may prefer to pass through some stores at first. If I cannot find what you want, the next thing is to see the YouTube reviews. This channel will assist you to see almost all the pages as well as get a general idea of its thickness. Also, you may try to have the pages filled by only one side so that you can utilize your markers.

Even though the number of coloring books offered in local bookstores indeed grow from rapidly, there is a chance that you cannot find exactly what you need. In this case, try out online shopping channel like Amazon which has the largest options of all adult coloring supplies in the world.

Downloadable Coloring Pages

Sometimes you find several beautiful coloring pages online, that you cannot see in any local bookstores. If it allows people to free download, just do it. If you have to pay a fee to own the downloadable coloring Pages, consider whether it is worth or not. As a matter of fact, the price offered by a store is usually a bit higher than online quote. So, compare with the average cost you usually pay for the similar coloring pages before making the final decision.

Art Supplies

In general, some bookstores also offer art supplies, but not all different coloring categories. So, you should choose to buy them in the store specialized this field or some online sites, like Amazon. By entering this shopping channel, you can see a variety of coloring supplies, ranging from colored pencils, gel pens to markers. Also, Amazon will show the similar products with what you need, and the related tools came from the same manufacturer, the best-selling one in a particular area. By this way, it is quicker and more convenient for you to start the coloring journey, isn’t it?

Coloring Supplies For Adult Coloring

Now, we will go directly to the ultimate collection of adult coloring supplies! As they vary with many types, this part will only focus on the best markers, colored pencils, and best gel pens for adult coloring books. There are a few of us remember doing the same task in our child and still loving it. Others may be searching for a bit stress relief. That is the reason why we are right here to help you! This guide comprises some top colored books, gel pens, and markers, which may be useful for you.

Best Markers for Adult Coloring Books

best markers for adult coloring books

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What are they good for?

This marker set is right for your coloring journey as your colors will be applied smoothly with the lines or minimal streaking from overlapping. The best Markers for Adult Coloring Books should come with the chisel tip and the brush tip. Many people prefer to use the second option as it may fill in small details. Guess what? The markers are indeed excellent for filling in some large areas of the pictures with color.

Pros and cons

As a matter of fact, there is a broad color range of one marker set. So, you may get just any element of the vivid rainbow. Having colors which range from dark and deep and dark to vibrant and bold to subtle and soft, you will let your drawings blossom with this type of coloring supplies.

The only weakness of the markers is their price. Most of them are have the professional quality so that they are offered with a matching value tag.

What makes a good marker?

To have the most beautiful pictures afterward, you should choose the high-quality one which colors may be blended well together. Otherwise, your final product will soon become a mixture of unconnected elements and lose its attractiveness. You also need to pay attention to the set when choosing this type of coloring supplies. Our advice is to the marker which is offered individually and in a package. For this reason, you can expand the collection as time passes by with ease. In the case one of the markers in the set wear out, you can quickly buy a replacement with the favorite color. It is so convenient and helps much to save your money.

Which coloring book is best suited for the marker?

With its distinctive nature, this type of coloring supplies usually limits the kinds of books you may work in. In general, you should choose at least double-sided coloring book as the marker ink is much darker than other types. However, if you still love the books with the beautiful thin page, you should always take two copies. Then, use this coloring supply to color on one-page side before turning to the other.

The large sized markers can save much of your time, but there is a higher chance of bleeding your paper. Try to choose the one won’t damage your lovely coloring books. Some books are functional enough to offer the colored pencil as the protective quality. However, you can use other quality options directly with them. Of course, you should always do one test swatch with your desired markers in the book back before heading on the go. By this way, you can know whether all colors are bright enough in the particular paper quality. Several producers take note on which marker will be suitable for their coloring book. Keep reading their instructions, and you will find the best one for yourself.

Suggested markers with the corresponding coloring books

Our below products are nominated from many users for their high quality, easy-to-use function, and durability.

To maximize its usage, the recommended coloring book is Fantastic Structures: A Coloring Book of Amazing Buildings Real and Imagined by Steve McDonald. With the unique approach, it creates beautifully detailed drawings of many amazing structures and buildings all over the world. Its great selection includes Astronomical Clock of Prague, St. Basil’s Cathedral of Russia, the Florentine bridge, the Indian Palace, the Romanian castle and so on.

Best Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books

best colored pencils for adult coloring books

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We have to affirm that colored pencils should be the most common item for who are actually addicted to the coloring books for adults. Before buying pencils, you need to decide the budget and purchase the best type you can afford. The bigger colored pencil set is, the more comfortable you feel when coloring. So, wait for the large set if you have not enough money now.

What are they good for?

There are a plenty of colored pencil types in the market nowadays. They are considered the most long-lasting product and play a critical role in your coloring journey. You can use colored pencils for almost all different purposes, from super-detailed to background coloring. It means they have a wider range of applications compared to other supplies. As pencils are handy and do not bleed ink, even your children can use them conveniently.

Pros and cons

In fact, the colored pencils are smooth, creamy, blend easily, and layer forever. So, they will provide you the impressive coloring result with patience and practice in the case that you are a newbie to this field. Depending on the number of pencils you want, you can choose the most suitable set, ranging from 24 to 120 luscious pieces. When we discovered the gorgeous colors they offer, you are indeed in the severe status with all of them.

These colored pencils are luminous and soft to provide you the entirely unique look of your pictures. However, they are usually packed in a box of about 48 pieces, and it is considered a bit small package compared to other types of coloring supplies. Sometimes, their set includes a blending pencil which seems to be useless without any effect to your final drawings. So, take your time to consider carefully before purchasing colored pencils for Adult Coloring Books.

What makes a good colored pencil?

The best Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books need to be vibrant and rich. In the case that you press these products down solid enough on paper, your finished artwork may look definitely like your painting. The good pencil set comes in the broad range of different colors which are easily blended and layer to create the new colors as well as the shading effects. With fantastic coloring supplies, shading can be an incredible way to insert dimension and add interest to your coloring page. By this way, you will make your artwork actually pop. Besides, you may consider choosing the layering type which is on the top of all colored pencils. Otherwise, you may layer the colored pencils right on the top of the markers in order to create the shading.

Which coloring book is best suited for the colored pencil?

The colored pencils are extremely hard and should be used and applied for details along with tiny spaces. However, they may not work pretty well for shading or blending. If you prefer coloring books with many small spaces, this type of coloring supplies is indeed for you. You should not choose the books with a plenty of large color parts as it will take you lots of time to fill in them with a colored pencil.

The Creative Haven Creative Cats Coloring Book (Adult Coloring) and the Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs can be two of your incredible choices. Apart from its suitable papers with colored pencils, coloring enthusiasts are enchanted with the original design gallery. Both of them contains up to thirty beautiful pictures portraits of animals and structures.

Suggested pencils with the corresponding coloring books

Here are the best Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring Books you should consider to buy. All of them are popular products which were highly appreciated by coloring lovers in around the world. Of which, the Prismacolor set offers the highest amount of pencils with 150 pieces, and the Derwent one have only 36 ink pencils in one package.

These above pencils are indeed easy to use with lots of colors for you to create a marvelous picture. But you can maximize your ability by choosing the most suitable coloring book as well. Furthermore, you may add more functions to this pencil with some accessories, like erasers and sharpener. Good nominators are Value Pack of 2 Tombow Mono Zero Erasers & 4 refills and Prismacolor Scholar Pencil Sharpener. They can use for a variety of pencils and different types of coloring books.

Best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books

Most people prefer colored pencils or markers to work well with the coloring books or pages for adults. However, others also love to supplement the work with the gel pens, especially when you need to highlight the area with the metallic or glitter effect. Therefore, gel pens may smear in the case that you do not give them enough time to be dry.  So, you are sure to implement the right to left for right-handed colorists as well as the opposite side for lefties. To keep their lives longer, you may store colored pencils horizontally, so their ink stays distributed in an evenly way and has the consistent flow. You should remember to store Gel pens vertically with the pointing down tips. What’s more? Always store this type of coloring supplies with the caps on.

What are they good for?

The gold, bronze, and browns color of the gel pens are quite spectacular to utilize on the metal objects directly in the coloring as well as blend well. These gel pens are wet enough for you to hold two pens in the hand to blend them quickly. But avoid to let them smear anyway. By this way, these gel pens work spectacularly with the designed techniques. If you are an intermediate who want to advance the coloring techniques, gel pens should be your must-have items.

Pros and cons

Some crafters and colorists alike may even own some tucked into the stamping or scrapbooking supplies. If you want to diversify the coloring supplies used in the same coloring page, these gel pens can be combined harmoniously with metallic pens and glitter pens. They have the visible sheen, bright colors, and glitter effects that indeed accentuate all areas in the coloring like using metallic supply for your padlock on the old door of the cottage.  Even they are considered the priciest yet gel pens are the favorite choices of many coloring experts.

What makes a good gel pen?

For best Gel Pens for Adult Coloring Books, the ink can glide smoothly. So, they have the diversified range of styles and colors, such as vibrant Moonlight, Metallic, Pastel Souffle, and sparkly Stardust. You can quickly fall in love with their glittery appearance that is excellent for adding the eye-catching and attractive accents to the coloring page. When coloring in other areas with a marker, you can use a good gel pen to add details right on the top. You should choose a coloring supply belonged to a set of at least 36 pieces, and the ink is at the moderate level. It is indeed convenient for you to combine with other different types of pens and books.

Which coloring book is best suited for the gel pen?

In fact, using a gel pen to serve the purpose of coloring a book may not only to fill the colors in all blank space. More than that, you should apply some techniques, such as using stippling, scribbling, and cross hatching. As gel pens are indeed suitable for these methods you should use them. I believe that you will like the effect this way gives you. You can choose a coloring book which can be suitable for the Hatching technique which comprises of many parallel strokes. Also, the hatches angle can give the art a super consistent look. Try some stippling for the different effect as it is placing some dots together in order to create the texture.

Suggested gel pens with the corresponding coloring books

Ideal for Scrapbooking, Coloring, Doodling, Sketching and Craft – Includes Metallic, pastels, Neon, Glitter, Neon Color Pens – Makes a great Gift for Kids Children & Adults

These gel pens are best suited to use with some relaxing and gentle coloring books, such as Fun & Funky Coloring Book Treasury: Designs to Energize and Inspire and Animals In Forest – Adult Coloring Book By Anika’s Crafts. You can use gel pens to apply to this book with the non-uniformed and uniform dots. Such pattern tightness and the usage of some different colors may make incredible changes to the coloring. When gradually changing the dots density, you may make some fun gradations which will give the coloring a 3D effect.

How To Color Adult Coloring Books?

From my experience, you may require more than only a book to do the coloring. There are lots of supplies to help you with this task. Among them, you should prepare for yourself markers, colored pencils, and gel pens and store them safely. As the primary purpose of this job using the adult coloring supplies is to relax. You should choose the most comfortable area for you to color. Many of us may prefer to do coloring in their bed with the lap desk, the light, and the clipboard to make your coloring comfortable. Otherwise, maybe you own one craft room or in one stable chair, or someplace else. It does not matter where you do coloring until you have the fun.

To have more companion and ideas, you can participate in a Coloring Facebook page. There are many options for you to get support and learn. However, you should leave any inefficient one to save your time. Almost all of them can be lovely and provide a plenty of tips and techniques on the coloring task. To have a visual instruction, search tutorials from YouTube. There are many free yet useful ones you can choose from. Last but not least, look for some local groups with the coloring hobby. You can meet them in the local art club and library to share experience and ask for advice if any.

How to color with a marker

Our recommendations are indeed based on the experience of other colorists, especially one having back problems. They can or cannot be the most suitable way for you to use this coloring supplies in doing the task. Again, you may do whatever fits best to let you feel fun during your work.

  • Always test markers before using on one back page or cover sheet. So, you may see whether it leaves the shadow or bleeds through, particularly if your book owns double-sided pages.
  • Next, slip one paper piece behind the coloring page you are working only to protect pages behind from denting. This case generally happens if you are using the heavy hand as well as the bleed-through issues occur.
  • Slow down because you are not selling the pages right now. Enjoy yourself, so that you may feel happier with the colorings.
  • Fourthly, purchase several books at one time. So, you can realize which marker you like to do coloring in. Do not waste much money to buy books and markers you do not enjoy)
  • In the case you color some pages in public, you should take one more book. Maybe your friend can walk in as well as want to participate when seeing how fantastic your coloring job is.

How to color with a colored pencil

We will share with you some tips to paint conveniently and quickly by using a colored pencil.

  • At first, you should come to the largest art store of your city or go online to check your favorite products. Also, you should feel of the most convenient one, not only its beauty. Playing with colored pencils can be as great as they are usually available for you to buy only one at the particular time.
  • Before using the colored pencil in your books, test all of the items in the set. The prices given by Amazon can always be lower so take your time to select the favorite brand name.
  • Buy the largest selection of colored pencils that you may afford. You should buy a more competitive set with lots of colors rather than purchasing a tiny box of 24 or 12 before filling in the books with singles. Of which, 36 colors can be the minimum number because those sets often have three pieces of one particular color, so that you may have the base color plus shading as well as highlighting colors.
  • Sharpen the pencil regularly and more than the required frequency.
  • Print out some free coloring pages if you can find them online.

How to color with a gel pen

Do coloring with a gel pen can be slightly different with other supplies. It quickly turns your pictures less or more saturated depending much on the visible presence of your feeling and professional usage. These following tips will help you much in achieving depth and perspective coloring sheet.

  • Choose your gel pens wisely. You can quickly do it by picking out at least four shades of the same color from the online or local store. So, you have more option to make the artwork vivid.
  • Do not afraid to utilize a deep or dark shade as you will put down some color layers using the light touch before going right back to make it deeper if necessary.
  • Find the most suitable coloring books for gel pens. Also, you can use the lightest shade in combination with the darkest one to create a beautiful zone. Usually, the light touch can be put down like the soft color layer.
  • Color in its middle can be an essential tip you should keep in mind. To do this, use its medium shade before putting down the light color wash that you may go back to make it deeper later.
  • Many of us use gel pens to decorate some dark area. In this case, allow the line perspective drawing to instruct how wide you should make your strips.
  • Do blending. This task does not simple as it sounds. You should start with your lightest color and lay down your second color layer of color. When approaching your middle tone, keep blending a little lighter color to combine evenly with your darker color. You may use circular and small strokes along with one massive pressure to mix your lighter color to make it darker. Finally, use your white pencil gently to go gradually over your artwork to create fantastic effects. It will melt all layers of the wax underneath as well as redistribute its pigments until all of them are entirely blended.


Using these above techniques, you can be now equipped well to paint different types of creative and unique coloring books. Furthermore, you already know a complete list of some best supplies, ranging from markers, colored pencils to gen pens. All of them will help you to have fun, relax, and color outside your lines. How wonderful it is!


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