22 Most Creative Ways to Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant in the World

To have the third, or so on, member in your little family is always a big milestone that worth remembered for a lifetime. For you, to realize that you are going to become a mom must be the scariest, but also the most exciting moment you will ever have. For your partner? Just double it all the way up (especially when the baby is your first child) – we guarantee that. So how to tell your husband you are pregnant in a creative and fun way to make the experience remarkable? Mom-to-be, don’t worry. We don’t know about you, but we feeling these 22 ways below will help you get some ideas. Everything will be alright if you keep us next to you!

Sorry TS for the parody…

1. Propose to him

Yes, you heard it right! Remember that moment when he kneeled down on his one foot, opened that little box with the little shiny thing inside and popped the questions? Now it is time for you to surprise him. Make an unforgettable proposal of fatherhood: head back to the place where he proposed, only instead of a ring in a box, you hand him a box with a positive pregnancy test inside.

2. Make him do some Math

Let’s be honest, many of us don’t like Math and anything related to it. However, this lovely subtraction “You + Me = Three” won’t trigger anyone. How can someone angry toward such a cutie-pie like this?

3. Give him parenting books

If you are expecting the first child, you will have to buy tons of parenting books sooner or later, so why don’t you choose to tell your partner that you are pregnant with these books? Hand him over some books with “how to” or “dad” keywords as a gift, and you will see his priceless reaction.

4. “Final drops bring the surprise” – the coffee cup hidden message

Oh, there he is, finishing the last drops of coffee while letting his mind wandering around, thinking of the business and daily to-dos. Boom, the important message appear! However, we have been reported that some guys even spilled out the coffee, so just in case, make sure that you can clean up or erase the coffee wherever it falls on 😉

5. Get your child(ren) in the game

Mom and photographer Danielle Hark enlisted Photoshop and her daughter to share the news. She sends her husband the photo of their first child holding a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting, but she Photoshopped it to say What to Expect When You’re A Big Sister – Coming July 2015.

Or, you can get your kid the shirt that said “Oops, they did it again. I am going to be a big brother Month Day, Year.” – it’s Britney’s style. From this suggestion, you can make up other quotes as you like; just let your mind go wild.

6. And also your dog (or pet in general)

Send him a picture of your dog with a book like this:

Chloe Lerner

Or get your dog new toys:

Image Credit: neighborfoodblog.com

The “four-leg knight/guard” also worth trying idea:

7. Simple as the pregnancy test

Image Credit: littlebabyedmonds

Giving him a present box on no occasion with a positive pregnancy test result and some loving note is a good idea to consider. The more layers it contains, the more curiosity it brings.

8. Puzzle’s time

No more puzzling over how to tell your husband that you are pregnant, the puzzle is here to the rescue! Let your partner find out everything on his own by having him assemble a cute little jigsaw puzzle with the news like the one below.

9. Funny card

Your partner’s eyes will pop out and end up laughing happily after seeing these hilarious cards:

– “Sh*t just got real” with a cute drawing of a pregnancy test:

Image Credit: JulieAnnArt

The other version:

Image Credit: fitmommydiaries

– Or “the surprising answer to a simple question” style:

– And this too. “May the force be ever in your favor!”

Image Credit: Pinterest

10. Wow him in the morning

Image Credit: TheCritterNest

Nonchalantly settle down at the breakfast table eating your cereal in a “Eating for two” bowl, then watch his jaw drop. Bet that he can’t be sleepy anymore!

11. Play to his hobby

Your partner surely will love to share his hobby with your children, that is why we suggest you buy the mini version of his everyday’s stuff, for example, a mini fishing rod or a mini golf club.

If you don’t like that idea and consider it is too costly, then a bib that said “Little fishing buddy” (and so on) will do the job.

12. Give him a foretelling

With some fortune cookies of course. Just drop by your favorite Chinese restaurant and order some of them to slip in your own, personalized foretelling. They are never so right like this before hah?

13. Have a photo shoot together (or at least that is what he thinks it is)

Book a photo session and ask him to write something he loves about you on an oversized card. Tell him you will do the same, except that you’ll write down the pregnancy announcement. On the count of 1, 2 and 3, when you reveal the surprise, the photo will be right there to capture his reaction.

14. “You are not alone. I am here with you.”

When you are pregnant, your body will change, and somehow it makes you feel like you are getting fatter. However, you don’t have to get fat alone.

To make it a little more obvious, you could hand it over with the pregnancy stick together as well.

15. Write on your belly

You can share the news by using some lipstick or another skin-safe writing utensil. Furthermore, it would be best if you draw the loading bar, you know, just for him to now when will it be “fully downloaded” and is ready to “use”. (Sorry, lame joke again!).

16. Make a poem

You might be not good at poem, but we believe this familiar poem is something that you can parody easily to tell your husband that you are pregnant.

17. The ultimate proof – Ultrasound, sealed, delivered

Download any picture of the ultrasound and send it to your spouse, either online or directly hand him the card. Nothing speak more than clear evidence!

18. “You are now eligible for Father’s Day cards.”

Do you have a Father’s Day card at home? Then now it is the time to use it. Just give it to him and signed “Mommy & Baby” and your work has done perfectly.

19. Special coupon

Give him a coupon-look-alike that said ‘Redeemable for One (1) Baby—Available Month, Year.’, and the rest is watching his precious reaction.

Or you can make a dinner reservation – book a table and text him “Dinner at venue. Reservations made for three, you, me, and the one arriving after nine months.” The dinner now is for celebrating purposes only!

20. Gifts from a future bookworm

Let the books on Amazon and the authors say the news with you. Purchased children’s books and signed them ‘Please read this to me in Month (or Month+ if I’m late). Love Baby (last name).’ and hand them over to him. Just like parenting books, you will have to buy children’s books eventually. So this idea is quite convenient eh?

21. Make me a room

Before your husband reaches home at the end of a long day, empty his drawer or shelf and stick a note in it, which reads – “Make some room for me Daddy”. He would be thrilled and excited about sharing such great news.

22. “But first, let’s me take a selfie!” (Thanks The Chainsmokers for this)

Last but not least, ask your husband to take a selfie with you and say “Okay, 1, 2, 3 ‘I’m pregnant!’”. The main point is, you will “take a video” instead of “to take a selfie” to catch all of his reactions as his mind process the words he just heard. Make sure to say it out loud, or he won’t notice it!


We are sure that you have known the answer to “How to tell my husband I’m pregnant in a creative and fun way?”, so don’t hesitate anymore and start preparing to announce the important message right now. Please also kindly share with us your story too; we’d love to know how was your partner’s reaction to the news. Good luck!


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