Is It Ok to Get a Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

As a matter of fact, “is it ok to get a tattoo while breastfeeding?” is a common question, so you are right to consider carefully about it. Getting the tattoo means having ink injected right below your skin, and it may find a way into the supply of the breast milk. If you do not know whether there is the direct risk resulting from the tattoo, let’s read our article.

Is There Any Risk to the Baby if Mom Gets Tattoos During Breastfeeding?

The Food and Drug Administration or FDA regulates that ink should not be used under your skin. So, you should face the following risks if you does getting a tattoo affect breastfeeding:

Rejection risk of a tattoo

Your body tends to reject the improperly cared tattoo in some cases. In the case you are nursing, this risk may increase as your body is recovering. Also, it can lead to the infection risk.

Reduction risk of milk supply

There is a chance that the milk supply by the mother’s body will reduce because of the injury of having the tattoo. Recent research shows that milk bank may refuse the donation from a mother who had the tattoo done during the last 12 months because of the blood-borne pathogens.

Infection risk

Even ordinary people can get the infection after having a tattoo, and it may compromise the immune system of the breastfeeding mom as well. Besides, you should consider other things, such as hepatitis or HIV through the unclean needles. In the case you decide to get a tattoo, remember to select a reputable parlor with the sterilized gloves and equipment.

Allergic reaction risk

The potential for allergic reaction may happen to you when contacting the used ink. Then, it could disrupt the ability to nurse your baby.

Is It Ok to Get a Tattoo While Breastfeeding?

It is hard to answer this question. Some people think that ink molecules can be too big to make the way into your milk supply. Therefore, your baby is not exposed to that ink. If you believe in this thought, it can be your only reassurance you get. However, in the case that you have already had a tattoo, it is fine to breastfeed your baby. In fact, you have to balance between the impact due to stop nursing the infant unexpected and these potential risks.

Breastfeeding and getting a tattoo

It is critical to follow all care instructions after getting a tattoo, like utilizing antibiotic gels and cleaning the tattoo area. You also should look for all infection signs, such as pain or redness. So, is it ok to get a tattoo while breastfeeding? As a matter of fact, the skin infection is indeed not the risk to the baby.

However, it may require antibiotics for healing, and you should report all symptoms to the doctor promptly. If you need the antibiotics for getting a tattoo, keep the doctor that you are breastfeeding as well as request the safe medication for nursing mothers. Also, ensure that you were screened for hepatitis and HIV, which should be done in your pregnancy. Furthermore, tattoo removal that is implemented with the laser can be safe for all nursing moms.


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