Is White Discharge A Sign Of Pregnancy? A Helpful Answer For You

In such a modern society where humans are completely open-minded, many people have sex without using protection that leads to unexpected pregnancies. Literally, having a “surprise” baby give your family endless happiness. However, for many unmarried women, even worse, for teenage girls who are not ready to be a parent, it is possibly a terrifying news.

The earlier you know about signs of pregnancy, the more time you have to plan. Many women have experienced white discharge and wondered: “Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?” Keep reading to find the answer for it!

What is a Discharge?

Vaginal discharge is produced from the cervix; it helps keep the vagina moist, clean and protects it from infection. Many causes lead to the changing level of hormones in your body. Discharge is designed to maintain the pH balance besides of keeping the vagina healthy. It typically begins around a year or so before puberty and ends after menopause. The amount of discharge not only varies among women but also based on the stage of life. It’s a reflection of the body’s normal cleaning process.

What Does Vaginal Discharge Tell You?

Obviously, clear or white discharge is perfectly normal, but accompanied by either odorless or has a very mild odor. Without knowing this, the change into whitish of discharge seems like being one of the most frequent concerns.

Back to our big concern: Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy and what is it trying to tell you?

The answer is: “Not really”. Due to hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, the increase levels of estrogen in the blood and the increase in blood flow to the vagina, white discharge, as known as leukorrhea, occurs to do its work: prevent urinary infections, ensure your body has a healthy environment where good bacteria thrive. Doctors consider white discharge of early pregnancy that has a different texture to a yeast infection. It is much smoother and almost seems stretchy.

However, white discharge doesn’t tell: “Hey! You’re pregnant!” whenever your discharge become whitelist. It also reflects different states of your health that your case is typical or it’s your time to see a doctor.

Let’s take a closer look at some common causes of white discharge that women could experience at least once in a lifetime:

  • Pregnancy: As we said before, being pregnant may cause some changes in your body, including turning mucus into white color. By the way, don’t worry if your cervix secretes an excessive amount of discharge in the early stage of pregnancy, it is completely normal. The vagina produces more mucus to keep sealed, moist, clean and healthy. Furthermore, it plays a major role in keep lubricating the birth canal.
  • Ovulation: White discharge is also an early sign when you’re ovulating. During this time, your body’s progesterone levels are high, which lead to a continuous or heavy discharge.
  • Sexual activity: During the sexual activity, the vaginal secretion plays as a natural lubricant that allows the intercourse gentle and smooth. Now you know the miracle of your body, each organ has its own job to do.
  • Stress: Your vaginal must secrete excessive creamy white discharge due to hormonal imbalances.

What Type Of Discharge Is Abnormal?

Some vaginal discharge is normal. However, in some cases, unusual discharge might be the result of an infection.

Still white discharge, but you need come to see a doctor right away if you notice it’s clumpy and foul odor. Even worse, it secretes froth, green, or yellow color, accompanied by a fishy or unpleasant smelling. Get a treatment as soon as possible to minimize the risk of illness.

How To Cope With It?

Here are some of the tips to handle it to avoid being uncomfortable and irritated.

  • Wearing a pad or unscented panty liner to soak up the excess discharge.
  • Keep your outer genital area clean and dry to prevent some of the unpleasant odours.
  • Do not wear a tampon or douche. Tampons can introduce some germs to the vagina, and douching can lead to vaginal infections.
  • Use unscented soap with water when you wash.


Summary, your vagina secretes a white discharge not only in the early pregnancy but also a sign of different standard cases. So, do not see it as an answer to your question of “Is white discharge a sign of pregnancy?”. Take a pregnancy test pronto to find out if you are in fact pregnant. The important thing is you need to keep calm and understand that an increase in white discharge is normal and temporary.


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