How to Deal With Itchy Nipples During Pregnancy

itchy nipple during pregnancy

Being pregnant, for sure, results in many huge changes to your body. And what I’m going to tell you about here is quite embarrassing and annoying as hell. It is called “itchy nipples during pregnancy”. Is it normal? How to deal with “that”? Read on.

So, How Common and What Exactly Makes Nipples Get Itchy During Pregnancy?

Itchy nipples or itchy breasts are totally normal. They drive almost any woman crazy in her pregnant stage. It can be persistent, extremely uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. Your nipples become tender, sore and itchy and tend to get sensitive even to a slight touch.

So, why do you have it?

Some said: “If you are pregnant, then your body is a circus of hormones!” In other word, your progesterone level fluctuates in pregnancy.

For what? Of course, for the breastfeeding stage, your breasts will receive more bloods to create milk producing cells and form milk ducts. There are also layers of fats accumulate under your breasts. As a result, your breasts grow bigger, which result in stretch mark, dryness and tenderness. So, progesterone fluctuation and the breast enlargement are the culprits for the itchy breasts when pregnancy. But again, itchy nipples are completely normal.

By the end of your pregnancy, your breasts will have grown by as much as two pounds, which certainly makes your nipples condition more severe.

Then What Can You Do to Get Relief From Itchy Nipples While Pregnancy?

No, no drugs. The main key is to keep your body well hydrated and your breasts moisturized as well as ensure breast hygiene (your breasts are very sensitive, right now). Check these tips below:

Apply moisturizer through the day

  • Moisturizer:

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream for Dry, Sensitive Skin

The best form of relief ever! It is to keep your nipples well hydrated to prevent dryness. You have many choices, it could be cocoa butter, almond oil, olive oil or a good moisturizer Remember to use moisturizer right after every bath as often as needed.

  • Lotion:

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly, Original

Do invest in a good lotion that contains vitamin E and Aloe Vera. Both have been known to reduce stretch marks and itchiness. I’m sure you will be satisfied with the improvement. But make sure to buy the product with no alcohol and fragrance. Best time for use is in the morning and before bed.

  • Petroleum jelly:

Milkies Nipple Nurture Balm: Organic and Lanolin-Free

Cheap as well as thick enough to extra moisture your nipples. It’s also very easy to use. Just massage your breasts a few times every day with a little dap of petroleum jelly. Keep in mind to maintain this habit for best results.

Home remedies and tips

  • Take an oatmeal bath to stop the itching. The easiest way to make you own oatmeal bath is to buy oatmeal bath preparations from local drugstores. Not bad if you also want a way to relax.
  • Always drink plenty of water and juices.

Since excessively dry skin mainly trigger itchy nipples, it’s essential to keep your body well hydrated all the time.

  • Change your clothes instantly if you’re wearing tight bras. Itching can be caused by sweat trapped in bras. Ensure that you wear loose cotton clothing. You should even go without a bra if possible. Then, you don’t have to worry about further irritation to your nipples.
  • Avoid scratching as well as hot baths or showers. I understand that it’s rather difficult. Some people don’t even realize they’re scratching. If you continue to do this, your itchy area just get worse. More severely you may suffer a skin infection in case the skin is broken.
  • Avoid using perfumes or soaps or other skin care products that have too many chemicals. These only worsen your problem. Instead, you can you pH balanced body washes and mild moisturizing soaps.
  • Maintain good hygiene and keep you breasts clean. It’s not time to be lazy about this anymore. If not, fungal and bacterial can occur at any time, threaten your nipples to get worsen itchiness and redness.

Call the doctor

After applying the above solutions for about a week with no positive results, I strongly advise you to go to the doctor. Because it’s not normal itchy nipples during pregnancy anymore.

Treatments, as I have recommended to you, mainly work out for the two causes I’ve referred at first. There are many other causes of nipples itching besides, though not common, still probably available. If you’re unluckily in these uncommon cases, ask your doctor as soon as possible.

In conclusion

Itchy nipples during pregnancy can occur to any pregnant woman. It is considered a discomfort rather than a concern. However, thanks to its commonness, people have found many ways to deal with it. Know the reasons and follow those tips will relieve the discomfort you’re having.



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