Tips for Reheating Breast Milk

You are a mother of your baby. So how do you handle the leftover breast milk? Many mothers will choose the way to reheating breast milk. All of us know that the baby is better for the direct breastfeeding. However, in some cases, you must continue your jobs after a period of maternity. Thus, you can not stay at home all your time to take care of him. At this time, you must know how to store the breast milk which you keep it in the breast milk storage bags.

Some people store the breast milk in the fridge. Then, they will make the step for reheating breast milk. They think that this will keep all nutrients and prevent the harmful bacteria for the breast milk. To do this, this article will provide some important things about the reheating breast milk to you.

How to Store the Breast Milk Properly

Choosing The Right Types of Breast Milk Storage Appliances

According to the experience of many mothers, after pumping breast milk from the mother’s body, it should be kept in the fridge immediately. You can store the expressed breast milk in the storage bags or bottles. In addition, they must have the sealed lid.

In the case, you use the storage bags. You should choose the special designs which they only apply for the expressed breast milk. Why do you note this? Because on the market, there are many different types of the storage bags using in the kitchen. These types are not only less durable but also leading to some risks for the contamination. Of course, it will affect your baby’s health.

When you use the plastic bottles to store the breast milk you should pay attention to the criteria as follows:

  • Should not avoid selecting the plastic boxes which they have BPA. It is abbreviated by the bisphenol A. These containers are detected for recycled 3 to 7 times. Therefore, they are not encouraged to use in all products using for the baby
  • Instead, you can choose the plastic containers with the ingredients of polypropylene. You will see the letter PP on the products. At that time, you can choose them
  • If you still worry about the potential chemical in the plastic bottle you can choose glass bottle.

Some Necessary Notes for Pumping the Breast Milk

Also, you should remember to clean the container which you will put the breast milk in it. After rinse carefully, you should let it be dry before using it.

In addition, you never use the bottle which it looks damaged. It is necessary to discard the breast milk which it is stored in the damaged bottle.

On the other hands, you must ensure to pump the breast milk with the clean hands. Thus, you have to clean your hands before handling the breast milk, right!

Storing the Breast Milk in the Right Way

If you do not have some tips to store the breast milk in the right way this can increase the risk of contamination. You can look at some small suggestions for you:

  • Keep your breast milk containers in the freezer after pumping as soon as possible. This place is always to have the coolest temperature in the fridge. Do not forget to seal the lid carefully.
  • Write the name of your baby on the breast milk bottle. You do it if your baby is caring for many different babies.
  • Beyond that, you should make some labels and paste them on each milk bottle. On the labels, they will show the expressed date and how much the breast milk.

How to Reheat Breast Milk

Basic Steps to Reheat Breast Milk

There are a lot of questions that can breast milk be reheated? Surely, it can. However, it is better to get some essential knowledge to reheat breast milk properly. You can base on these elements to reheat breast milk.

Firstly, you should choose the oldest expressed breast milk in the freezer to thaw. All frozen milk should be thawed overnight. It is still thawed in the refrigerator. You remove it from the freezing compartment to the cooler compartment. To reheat the breast milk, you should increase the temperature slowly until it reaches the feeding temperature.

Then, you use the warm running water to reduce the temperature in the fridge. Besides, you can cook a pot of water on the stove. You will put the expressed breast milk container into the hot water. It is a silly way to heat the breast milk on the stove directly. Moreover, it should not be too hot to boil the breast milk.

In some special situations, you can give your baby to enjoy the newest refrigerated milk before warming. Perhaps, the baby will like with the cool milk. Do not worry to try it because it is not harmful to your baby.

Things to Avoid During Reheating Breast Milk

You should reheat breast milk before feeding to your child. It is right. Actually, many people have the mistakes during reheating breast milk. So you need to avoid the following things below:

  • Do not use the microwave to heat the milk. In stead, use the bottle warmer. It can destroy the nutrients in the breast milk. Also, the microwave sometimes can not heat unevenly the milk. At that time, there are some hot spots for the container. They can make your baby burn.
  • When keeping in the fridge, the breast milk will be divided into two layers. There are a thin cream layer and the watery milk layer beneath. You will see this after taking the breast milk. It is normal. The milk can use when you shake the bottle to redistribute the breast milk.

In conclusion​

Reheating breast milk is widely applied because many people must start their work again. It is considered the safe for the baby when you reheat it properly. I believe that this writing is a great introduction for you.


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