How to Ease Rib Pain During Pregnancy – 12 Easy Remedies

rib pain during pregnancy

Have you ever, during your pregnancy, felt like a knife stuck in between your ribs? Or feel pesky below your bras? Yes, that’s “rib pain during pregnancy” I’m talking about. Do you know how to deal with it? Or, is it normal – you’re asking? Well, the answers are right below.

How Common and What Exactly Cause Rib Pain in Pregnancy?

Is sore ribs during pregnancy normal?

Ribs hurt during pregnancy is natural to any pregnant women. It’s totally fine. The pain usually starts to occur at week 23 in pregnancy. You will feel sore ribs at your right side below your breasts. Rib pain can be mild but sometimes can be sharp and serious, especially when you’re in the last trimester.

Why does the rib pain come to you?

Your baby, for sure, is responsible.

Since he/she grows and needs more room, the uterus becomes bigger. It gradually presses into the abdomen, and squashes your ribs. So what? Your bone and muscles in ribs area were put under pressure. In brief, to accommodate the baby, your ribs cage is expected to suffer pain. Is there anything else? Well, the bruise, “actual bruised ribs are from my daughter’s giant foot!” – said Chaunie Brusie, mom of four as well as a B.S.N (Bachelor of Science in Nursing).

But that’s not the whole thing. Think about hormones, heavier breasts, pressure in diaphragm (which also causes breathlessness), urinary tract infection and indigestion. They, combined with bigger uterus, together cause your pain in ribs. Even the tension and stress, seems hard to believe, may also increase this hurt.

12 Easy Remedies to Ease Rib Pain During Pregnancy

I guess you are feeling nervous now. But take it easy. Below are some useful ways to help you deal with rib soreness while pregnant.

#1 Wear loose fitting clothes.

Always say absolute No to tight clothes. For certain, you don’t want your ribs hurt to exacerbate. Instead, choose pregnancy clothes for every activity, from indoors to outdoors. A maternity bra is the first thing ever you should put on.

#2 Mind your posture.

It’s time to act like a real pregnant mom. Have you pulled your neck upright and your spine erect? Straighten your back up if you are slouching. Your ribs are being cramped so it needs more room to “breath”. Do maintain the habit all the time. I bet you are about to forget to do.

#3 Lean yourself back.

Don’t take this for granted. Choose a soft and straight surface to lean against. Whenever you have the chance to do that, just do so. But be careful! Don’t hold your laid-back position for too long. Pain in ribs can be reduced but requires you to be flexible.

#4 Use supportive products.

I suggest lots of body pillows and cushions. Lying down with some behind your back, in front of your chest, and between your knees. A support belt can share a helping hand with your ribs pain. They are all designed for alleviating the problem. Thus, spending a little money is worthy.

#5 Use heat packs or cold packs.

A miracle for most moms-to-be! Place it on your right rib side or soak your body in a hot or warm shower. Heat or ice is up to you. But make sure you get best relaxation. Soreness in ribs will be temporarily gone.

#6 Do yoga.

Pregnant ladies can’t exercise? That’s nonsense. Yoga, a kind of exercising, results in calm mind and physical pain relief. Tell your instructor you’re pregnant, and which trimester you’re in. A good one will know what kinds of asana that suits you.

#7 Do ball exercising.

A real torment ease like yoga, but it works best on back area. Roll out your back a few times daily on an oversized ball. Remember to do it with proper training. If not, you may make your ribs ache worsen.

#8 Visit the chiropractor.

Chiropractic care is to press joints to make them aligned. Your infant is likely to move little by little lower away from your skeletal system. The more it subsides, the less painful your ribs are. Such an effective way without drugs or surgery!

#9 Do some massages.

One of the best ways to soothe the muscles! If you can’t leave home, gently rub your rib area with circular motions. Abdominal strains are well reduced. Keep massaging regularly. Ache in your ribs won’t be something so serious.

#10 Avoid some food.

Difficulty in digesting greasy and spicy foods triggers indigestion. This symptom, as I’ve told, contributes to cause sore ribs. Also, sugar and grains should be cut out. It’s no good to eat many such foods that may lead to hard digesting.

#11 Move yourself around.

Remember to stand up and go for a walk after siting for a while. You can lift your arms up and do some gentle stretch. Slide-on shoes are something I advise you to buy. It seems that this tip is the easiest one. Not only does it allow space for your baby but it also supports to ease the ribs pain.

#12 Call the doctor.

You may need to take test first for certain safety. If you suffer unbearable pain, visit your doctor right away. He or she may offer paracetamol (known as acetaminophen) or other medications. Avoid all medicines where possible if they are not in your prescription. It’s the professional who will give you the best treatment.

Can You Prevent Aching Ribs During Pregnancy?

You are about to be a little dissatisfied. Giving birth is the one and only way. After the 36th week of your pregnant stage, the uterus drops, giving the much-needed room for relief. Until your child is born, your ribs pain will be blown away.

In conclusion

Though rib pain during pregnancy is unavoidable, there are always remedies to help ease the problem. Above tips, as I’ve shared, provide much appreciated relief. Don’t let your pregnant stage become a discomfort to your happiness. I hope you enjoy this time to be so close with your child.


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