Some Important Things for Switching from Breastmilk to Formula

Most of the mothers in the world must face with some difficult problem about choosing the formula. Especially, the baby is in the stage of bswitching from breastmilk to formula. As you know, most of the babies want to breastfeed more than using the formula. On the other hands, the breastmilk is not only good for the baby's development but also good for the digestive system.

There are many important factors when using the formula. But I will mention two things which they seem the most important role. They are how to choose the kind of formula and how to choose the baby bottle. Please refer to the information as follows:

Choose The Kind of Baby Formula Properly

Many parents want to choose the best formula for their babies. That is the reason why they often think about the famous formula. Normally, the formulas are imported from the foreign countries. However, this is not quite good for your infant’s needs.

In fact, all formulas will contain the essential nutrients for the baby’s development. Therefore, you must have the comparison after your baby uses some types of formula. Then you will choose the best types of formula for your baby. Here are some suggestions to choose the kind of baby formula properly:

Soy Formula

Soy formula is a food for the infant. In the soy formula, it uses the soy protein and some other components. It is also considered as a supplement which it can replace the mother milk or cow milk formula.

You also should know that in the soy-based formulas have soy protein isolate. There are several studies about the soy formula to the baby health. They give a result that soy formula is suitable for the baby under 12 months of age. Moreover, they also have some beneficial health effects for the development in the babies.

In some cases, many babies should use the formulas with the essential nutrients to meet his body. Actually, the manufacturers of the formula always base on the nutrients having in breastmilk. Both vitamins and proteins in the soy formula are the plants so they are good for the digestive system in the baby. It means your infant can avoid some risks of the food allergies.

Recommended Formulas

Now, on the market, you are not difficult to find the plenty of the baby formula. Two products of the baby formula are also popular recently which I guess that all mothers will know.

Depending on your baby’s age, you should choose the appropriate type. In the case, you have some problem about your breastmilk. You can use Enfamil infant baby formula for replacing. It will provide the important nutrients to promote the brain as well as the eye development in your baby. In addition, Enfamil formula also helps your newborn have the healthy immune system. According to the comments of many people, Enfamil formula also brings a lot of benefits for developing in the babies. They include both the physical and the mental effectively.

Why is the breastmilk good for the baby? Because they contain some important ingredients such as vitamin E, lutein, and DHA. Of course, the manufacturers also base on these ingredients to produce the formula. You will have all nutrients in Similac advance infant formula.

Also, the Similac formulas have the feature OptiGRO. So this will support to develop the immune system, brain, eyes and build the strong bone system. Especially, these are extremely important for the baby in the first stage.

Find the right bottle

Besides, you try your best to buy the formula with the high quality for your baby. You also pay attention to select the right baby bottle. With the best bottles for breastfeeding, your infant will feed easily. Even, he will love to enjoy the formula. Thus, you should have some basic criteria for choosing a baby bottle. Some following criteria will help you select a suitable one:

Firstly, the material of the baby bottle is very necessary for your consideration. Normally, the baby bottle is made from the glass and the plastic. To prevent the potential chemicals in the bottle, many people still like the glass material. You should choose the glass with the light weight. Nowadays, Comotomo Baby Bottle is very good product and is proven safe material 100%. Especially, this product is very convenient for using, washing and storing.

In the case, you want to use the glass bottle for your baby. You should choose the Philips Avent Natural Glass Baby Bottles. They are made from the premium quality, the grade borosilicate glass.

Secondly, the nipple style of the baby bottle is the next element which you should mention. You can choose the narrow nipple or the large nipple.


In short, when your baby starts to use formula, you will have a lot of questions relating this topic. This is a normal problem of many people because you want your infant to have a good health. How to choose the most suitable formula and what criteria to choose the baby bottle are two important things which I want to share with you. All of them are introduced in this article. I think this knowledge is very basic which all of the parents must know. Your infant will develop in a healthy way if he has your right support. Therefore, I believe that this writing is the valuable information to take care of the baby properly.


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