Can I Take a Pregnancy Test at Night? Amazing Answers to Know

In general, your doctor may advise you to take this test in the morning. But the thing was you forgot and only thought of it when the sun went down. In such circumstance, can I take a pregnancy test at night or should I wait until next morning? The answer can be up to you. Nighttime is not the most suitable time to take your pregnancy test as it increases the opportunity of inaccuracy. Let’s look at the way pregnancy tests take effects then explain why your positive results may be likely accurate but the negative one is not.

What Is the Basis of the Pregnancy Test?

The Pregnancy Test basically works on the determination principle of HCG or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. The test sensitivity might not be greater than the amount of 25 m IU/ml. In fact, HCG in mom’s body starts to produce right after the embryo is able to attach to her uterus. It happens on the 20th from the beginning day of your last menstrual period. Furthermore, this hormone level rises twice every day.

You need to wait some days after your delay to take this test. In the case of your body produces the definite amount of human chorionic gonadotropin, the doctor can identify the symptom in your urine. On some packages of pregnancy test sticks, they may claim of 99% accuracy and take effects since the very first day of your delay. How it is, of course, not true.

Can I Take a Pregnancy Test at Night?

The answer here depends on your preference. It is indeed not the most suitable time to take this test as the chance of inaccuracy is higher. Being the qualitative test, it can tell you whether the hormone exist or not, yet it is unable to show you the quantity of it. In fact, it needs a particular concentration or amount of hCG in your urine so you can detect it.

The way a pregnancy test works is entirely different from beta hCG test which is the quantitative one. In such test, you will know the exact amount of hCG in the bloodstream. With 99% accuracy rate, it can help you determine details of how far you are now in the pregnancy process as well.

Are Pregnancy Tests Accurate at Night?

Now, we should jump into the main part to assess the impact of different time in a day to utilize the pregnancy test. Women can try taking a pregnancy test at night, but their primary concern is still their pregnancy hormone. As a matter of fact, urinating frequently can be a visible pregnancy sign. I also receive some recommendations regarding cloudy urine during pregnancy to prove whether I am pregnant or not.

Above all, you will be voiding your body of the necessary hormone to trigger a more accurate result of the test. In the case of the test positive, it is likely that you are expecting one or two babies. Otherwise, your found hormone levels in the urine are considered not high enough in order to trigger the positive test. That’s why doctors advise you to take the test in the morning if your nightly test shows the false result.

Impact of Different Time of a Day to Take a Pregnancy Test

Almost all of us want to quickly announce our pregnancy. However, you should comply entirely with the test instruction at your early period. It can be worth keeping that the HCG concentration is greater in your morning urine. Therefore, the result accuracy is higher. In the case of high latency, your test may show pregnancy status, both night and day.

In fact, urine dilution can occur and take effect to your urine. Drinking coffee, tea, and virtually other beverage may dilute your urine. So, it is not optimal for you to take a pregnancy test at night because there can be many variables which cause it to be false when you are really pregnant.

Some Requirements You Should Follow

There are several important notes you should pay attention regarding taking your pregnancy test, as follow:

  • You should use the fresh urine to perform this test. Prior to doing it, avoid to eat watermelon or your urine might be diluted then have the incorrect result.
  • Try not to urinate for four hours before performing the diagnostics. So, your urine has sufficient time to concentrate.
  • You also need to read all instructions carefully thereunder. The test reliability is indeed influenced by its shelf life and conditions. The proper observance will prevent you from suffering the unreliability of your result.
  • Besides, you should check the package integrity and expiration date before diagnosis. In most cases, an expired pregnancy test will generate the false result. And you should read its manual because the tests with different brands are used in various ways.
  • If you are not sure whether you are pregnant or not, stay away from all medicines like aspirin because aspirin during pregnancy may harm your baby.

What if Your Pregnancy Test Shows the Error Result?

Pregnancy tests sometimes show questionable and doubtful results. It may happen for many reasons, such as:

  • The existence of diseases which increase the HCG concentration or your application of the preparations having this hormone.
  • Too early time of diagnosis, even when your pregnancy test already shows the negative result.
  • Using the tests with low quality.
  • Violation of some rules for a test use as stated in its instructions.

In the above cases, you should purchase a new test then run diagnostics quickly on all rules. Our advice is to do several tests which can come from different manufacturers or make a natural pregnancy test. So, this way helps you much to eliminate the error possibility effectively.

It may be affirmed that the negative result should not mean that you are not pregnancy. And neither the false result of a night pregnancy test. In the case of your period does not arrive, you can repeat the diagnostics. Furthermore, you may come to your doctor for the blood test, instead of the urine base.


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