Get to Know the Annoying Watery Discharge During Pregnancy

watery discharge during pregnancy

Watery discharge during pregnancy is natural symptoms pregnant women have. It is natural and absolutely normal. However, there is normal watery discharge (you’re absolutely fine!) as well as abnormal watery discharge (you need to see a doctor!). So, it is crucial to know which is which, or at least notice the abnormal ones to keep your and your baby’s health in check. Read on, I listed some clear and important signs below.

What Is the Watery Discharge?

The watery discharge is used to call the symptoms in which you have fluid comes out of your vagina during pregnancy. That’s why it’s also called vaginal discharge. The name is simple but it is not as simple as the name is because what comes out of your vagina may show that you’re healthy or not.

When Do You Have Normal Watery Discharge?

You’re having normal watery discharge because of hormone estrogen boost and the increase of blood flow to vagina (That’s also why your breasts grow bigger and itchy). Therefore, your watery discharge may look red in the first period of getting pregnant since there’s a little bit blood in it. When your pregnancy develops, the watery discharge changes from the red ones to the egg whites.

So, what actually comes out of you which deems to be normal?


It appears more frequently due to the estrogen boost, includes old vaginal cells, normal bacteria, etc. The appearance of leukorrhea means your woman part keeps cleaning. Leukorrhea is normal even when you’re not pregnant (between menstruations). However, your health is good just when it is transparent milky and has no foul smell. And, if you see small sticky clumps (like mucus), your body is still within normal range.


Urine often leaks while pregnancy, you check in the restroom all the time doesn’t assure it won’t leak. It will leak by just having belly laugh, cough or just sneezing.

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Mucus plug

When getting pregnant, your cervix is thin and wider which causes to the mucus plug. The plug is made of mucus and it fills the cervical canal. It will protect your baby from the bacteria. The plug completely appears in the latter stages of pregnancy, this is a signal you are ready to give birth.

When Do You Have Abnormal Watery Discharge?

Generally, when you see these signs, go check with your doctor:

  • Foul smell (even ammonia)
  • Green, yellow, gray-ish discharge
  • Redness, soreness or itchiness in vagina

The causes vary and they are sickness. They can be yeast infection, bacterial vaginosis (BV), sexually transmitted disease (STDs), etc.

Yeast Infection

Yeast infection is not a STD even though you can get that from your partner (rare occurrence). It appears when balance between yeast and bacteria in vagina breaks, then the yeast cells multiply. Many women get this, pregnant or not. When you feel rash, itchy or burning and have grayish (sometimes it’s water-like). It’s time to check for whether it is yeast infection or other cause.

Bacterial Vaginosis

It is due to the overgrowth of atypical bacteria in vagina. Thin, white vaginal discharge and fishy smell are the most common signs. They appear strongly after sexual intercourse. Pain during sex or urination is possible. BV is not severe, according to CDC, BV will sometimes go away without treatment. However, BV can cause preterm labor or low-weight birth with pregnant woman. So, go see the doctor right away if you notice the signs.

Amniotic Fluid leak

It is more likely a sign of something bad. If you’re near your due date, amniotic may leak. It will be normal because the fluid starts to increase a little in 36th week but reduces gradually until labor from 38th week. However, if you’re not, you’re less than 37 weeks, then it’s time to see a doctor. Amniotic fluid leak is absolutely not normal for pregnant women if they’re not ready for labor soon.

Amniotic leak is usually mistaken with urine leak. So be aware for the signs. If you have problems, amniotic will leak no matter what you do. It may come with a gush or may be leakage. It is transparent or with a little pink; the smell is sweet or just not foul. The color can be green, yellow, or brown and well; when that color comes, even if it’s not amniotic leak, call your doctor immediately.

The cause of amniotic leak can be spontaneous rupture of membranes (SROM) or Premature Rupture of Membrane (PROM) or something else. But one thing for sure, miscarriage, preterm labor or not well-developed child is possible if this symptom isn’t discovered and treated soon.

How to Tackle the Watery Discharge?

With normal watery discharge during pregnancy, you cannot find a treatment to avoid that. You need to train your mind to deal with this state, get used to it and make it more comfortable by:

  • Buy panty lines and sanitary pads to keep the vagina fresh.
  • Do some Kegel exercises to make your bladder and muscles stronger to avoid the urinal discharge.
  • Eat healthy.

Notice: Keep in mind that you do not use the tampons in this period because tampons may increase bad bacteria in your vagina.

With abnormal watery discharge, contact the obstetrician right away. Your only job is staying alert, recognizing the signs and picking up the phone.

If you don’t like prescription while pregnancy, you can use some home remedies (just with yeast infection, about the others, sorry you have to go to the doctor) such as vaginal cream, coconut oil, yogurt (eat or use as cream). But, you have to at least sure it is yeast infection. So, yeah, the doctor we go.

In conclusion

It is extremely crucial to notice several changes in the period of getting pregnant time, especially the watery discharge during pregnancy. Because what comes out of your vagina tells you about yours and your baby health. Just a rash or soreness or redness in vagina can affect a lot to your baby because sickness goes untreated mostly gets worse. So, be calm and stay high alert, mother.









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