What Does AF Mean In Pregnancy – The Best Useful And Emerging Definition

In this modern world, health becomes a crucial issue which is concerned with people in all ages. With the significant revolution in the food industry, genetically modified food is accessible which can cause many consequences for people. When it comes to health, women’ health in pregnancy evaluates as an important issue.

When women are going to have a baby, there are many changes appear which affect the emotion and health of women. By this way, it is important to understand clearly the symptoms and diagnostic of a pregnant woman. Especially, the AF is also the central point. So what does AF mean in pregnancy? In this article, we will show you the basic and necessary information about AF.

What is AF?

AF is the period of a woman. It is also called menstrual cycle. According to the typical 1-month cycle, cycle day 1 is the first day of the menstrual phase then cycle day 15 is the day of ovulation. The whole phases are separated into 10 different stages which are menstrual, postmenstrual repair, early-proliferative, mid-proliferative, late-proliferative, interval, early-secretory, mid-secretory and late-secretory.

4 Phases of AF

In other words, we can divide the process into 4 main phases. They are a menstrual stage (cycle day 1 to day 5), follicular stage (cycle day 1 to day 13), ovulation stage (cycle day 15) and luteal stage (cycle day 16 to day 30).

In the menstrual phase, blood is flown from the vagina to the outside of the body in the shape of menstrual fluid. As you may see, it is the form of preparation for the pregnancy. A woman could lose about 80ml of blood during this stage. Moreover, there are some symptoms which have the impact of the mood, behavior, and physical problems.

Early Pregnancy Symptoms And Pre-AF Symptoms

It is hard to distinguish the difference the early pregnancy symptoms between pre-AF symptoms. The premenstrual syndrome (PMS), which is the syndrome before the period begins, appears a week before the period. A woman will experience the uncomfortable feelings such as tired, back acne, and breasts tenderness. Furthermore, mood and behaviors are also changed during the PMS which makes them get angry easier.

The early pregnancy manifestations are quite the same which some women have all these AF symptoms above but the pregnancy symptoms too. A pregnant woman will witness the swollen and sore breasts which make them feel slightly heavier. Also, fatigue also appears. However, the most important symptom is the miss period element. Normally, a pregnant woman will not have the bleeding experience in the pregnancy.

But in some cases, pregnant women can witness the AF during the pregnancy. Many of women wonder why it happens and they try to search for the reasons and solution. But that is enough to get a clear and comprehension information about this issue. In “What does AF mean in pregnancy”, we collect and demonstrate the fundamental knowledge about this problem.

Is It Safe To Have AF In Pregnancy Period?

The answer is no. Some pregnant women have some bleeding while having a baby. But it is not the same as the menstrual cycle. To be more specific, the bleeding in the pregnancy is caused by other reasons, not because of the menstruation. A pregnancy woman cannot have the menstrual cycle.

What Does AF Mean In Pregnancy?

  • Implantation bleeding

For a week before the period begins, some light bleeding comes out. But it lasts only one or two days which is definitely not the AF. There is an unsolvable argument for the cause of this problem. Whereas some people say it is made by the fertilized egg going to the blood area in the uterus. Embryonic is unstable when they are delivered to the uterus. Then bleeding appears.

  • The lining uterus

The lining is shed because of the impact of other factors. Especially with women have low pregnant hormone they are easier to get this issue.

  • Sex

There will be some bleeding after sex when you are pregnant. There is more blood which is flown into your cervix. So be careful when having sex.

  • Infection

It is very easy to happen. The vaginal infection can create an uncomfortable feeling for your cervix. The infection is caused by the Pap smear or having sex.

  • Placental issue

This is a serious problem because it can lead to the placental abruption.

  • Miscarriage pregnancy

Over 25% of pregnant women have the signal of bleeding in the early months of pregnancy. But only half of them are the miscarriage. When the embryo implants are not inside the uterus, bleeding is the sign of miscarriage pregnancy.

What Need You To Do?

The safest way to make sure about this problem is to call your doctor to have an overview check. This method can reassure a pregnant woman and a baby. Make sure to do all of the tests to avoid the miscarriage pregnancy.


The bleeding problem during the pregnancy process is different from the menstruation. There are some reasons to explain which may be serious. But to keep you and your baby safe, go the doctor monthly and stay healthy.


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